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Address: 101 Hebron road st. Jerusalem
Phone: 972-2-6507770, 972-50-5777079
Fax: 972-0-6507771
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.rivalaw.co.il
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  • Rival Adika, Rival Adika, Law Office and Notary

    Adv. Rival Adika

    Rival Adika, Law Office and Notary

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About Rival Adika, Law Office and Notary

Rival Adika, Law Office and Notary, is a boutique firm which is active in all aspects of tort – bodily harm claims following road accidents or workplace accidents, medical malpractice lawsuits, sidewalk and public place slip and fall lawsuits, insurance claims, students personal accidents lawsuits, athletes personal accident lawsuits, life insurance claims, National Insurance claims and more.

The firm is distinct among Israeli law firms and puts its heart and soul into the legal counsel and representation services that it provides, with a high and uncompromising professional level. The firm provides a services package that covers all of the client’s legal needs. These services include court litigation, representation before quasi-judicial entities (such as committees) and representation in mediation and arbitration meetings, negotiating efficiently and promoting processes and also providing legal opinions, including on complex matters.

Adv. Rival Adika, the firm’s owner, believes in working in a high and uncompromising professional level and providing a high level of service, and in every lawsuit case, a thorough analysis is conducted in order to understand how to achieve a maximal and optimal result for the client, and choose the most suitable strategy for each case.

The Firm’s Founder, Adv. Rival Adika
The lively and energetic Adv. Rival Adika has extensive professional experience (she is practicing since 2008) in her practice areas, and over her almost 15 years of practice she accumulated numerous legal successes.

As someone with vast experience and knowledge in the field of bodily harm, Adv. Rival Adika is well aware of the terrifying forces and the exhausting bureaucracy that her clients face and the determined war that is required in order to obtain a fair and appropriate compensation for them.

Her mission is to cross all of the bureaucracy and hurdles that the insurance companies and government agencies set, and she is the one who faces these challenging forces and directs the case towards achievements, in order to enable her clients to focus on helping and rehabilitating themselves in their darkest hour, without having to worry about the legal proceedings.

Adv. and Notary Rival Adika is certified to prepare a lasting power of attorney on behalf of the Ministry of Justice – The Guardian General – and volunteers as a member of the Israel Bar Association Jerusalem District Ethics Committee. Prior to establishing her private firm, she worked for many years in a longstanding and leading law firm in Jerusalem in the fields of tort, medical malpractice and insurance.

She also worked as a lawyer and jurist in the public service in the Consumer Protection Authority, in the field of administrative and criminal enforcement and in the Ministry of Justice – The Equal Rights for the Disabled Commissioner. Furthermore, in her military service she served as an officer in the Advocate General Corps and a Reserves Officer. By education she has an LL.M. from the Hebrew University.

Fighter for Justice
Above all else, Adv. Rival Adika sees herself as a justice fighter. She believes that with the legal tools at her disposal, the vast experience that she accumulated over the years and the ambition that drives her forward, she can achieve justice for each and every one of her clients.

Adv. Rival Adika knows how to maneuver between war when war is required and compromise and peace in cases where they are appropriate, and she works to fully exercise, in each and every case, all of the proceedings and rights to the benefit of her clients.

The Ultimate Goal – Helping People in Distress
In should be noted that the legal fees in cases of road accidents, work accidents, slip and fall accidents etc., are derived as a percent of the final compensation to be received, and therefore also those who can’t afford it can apply for legal representation in such accidents. This results from Adv. Rival Adika’s motto – to help victims and achieve their full rights, with devoted and professional work on each and every case.

The firm’s clients benefit from legal representation and assistance of the highest standards with personal attention, integrity, professionalism, tolerance and empathy.

Adv. Rival Adika applies the knowledge and experience that she accumulated in her many years of working in the private and public sector to create advanced and customized legal strategies.

Full Transparency to Every Person who Comes Through the Firm’s Door
Adv. Rival Adika chooses the cases that she manages with great care and doesn’t review the cases through a monetary prism, rather through a humane prism, and fights heroically for each client. She champions the principles of fairness, professionalism and integrity and they guide her fight for her client’s interests.

Adv. Rival is fully available and accessible to her existing and new clients, all of whom can find an attentive ear and professional legal service of the highest level in her firm.

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