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Real-estate law, urban renewal, wills and inheritance, administrative law and the representation of accidents and work victims

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Established: 1986
Line of Business: Real-estate law, urban renewal, wills and inheritance, administrative law and the representation of accidents and work victims
Address: 11 Radak St. Haifa, 3502430
Phone: 972-4-8539111
Fax: 972-4-8539222
Email: [email protected]
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  • Eliyahu  Roloff, Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Eliyahu Roloff

    Founding Partner

    Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary

  • Moshe  Yonay, Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Moshe Yonay

    Founding Partner

    Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary

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    Moshe Yonay
  • Liat Marian Tamari, Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Liat Marian Tamari


    Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary

  • Hila  Solomon Moogilevski, Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary

    Adv. Hila Solomon Moogilevski


    Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary


    Eli Roloff
    Moshe Yonay
    Liat Marian Tamary
    Hilla Salomon Mogilevsky
    Irena Kravtsov
    Ronen Ben-Oro Moskovitch
    Ariel Danieli
    Saray Borenshtin
    Maayan Ktuvim
    Adam Rahman
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About Roloff & Yonay - Law Office & Notary

Roloff & Yonay, Law Office and Notary is one of Haifa’s longstanding and leading law firms. During its 37 years of operations, the firm gained extensive professional knowledge in the civil-commercial law field, and it is a leader in the urban renewal and real-estate law segment and in inheritance laws – wills and estate management. The firm is an expert and specializes in the various aspects of the real-estate segment. It represents a broad spectrum of clients, including construction companies on one side and private clients on the other, and have a broad, comprehensive perspective of all of the field’s aspects. The firm’s partners are popular lecturers in various forums including higher education institutes, seminar of the Israeli Bar Association and private entities. In order to provide the clients with the most professional service, most of the firm’s work is conducted in teams, while each member contributes his share for the success of the case/ the professionalism of the service to the clients results from the stability of the firm’s staff, all of which grew in the firm and has been working in it for many years. Such stability also characterizes the clientele, which includes many regular and loyal clients which are supported by the firm for many years and receive professional, reliable, devoted and creative service. The firm’s clientele includes the “Real-Estate Participation” company (assets manager of the Jewish Agency, Keren HaYesod and more), Yaakov Gilboa Development and Construction Company, initiators, commercial and industrial companies and individuals. The firm also has international relationships and operations.

Practice Areas

Real-estate: The firm’s core practice is real-estate: representation of parties in front of all of the courts and authorities, planning and construction laws, real-estate tax and charges, negotiations, drafting purchase, sale, rent, development, construction, combination, contractual works agreements, etc.
Urban renewal: The firm pioneered this field in Northern Israel, practicing it for over 13 years and became the leading firm in Haifa and the North. The firm represents both apartment owners and initiator and constructors in Tama 38, seismic-retrofitting and demolition, and in Pinui-Binui project with hundreds of units. The firm is currently supporting about 280 projects throughout Israel, from Bat-Yam to Ma’alot. The occupation in this field is done, among others, out of sense of mission, and out of the realization it is about life-saving projects, as well as the understanding that these projects are able to help populations of low socio-economic status improve significantly their quality of life and raise their assets’ value.
Litigation: The firm provides legal representation to business and private clients in all levels of the courts, in the various practice areas in which it has broad and in- depth professional knowledge. The firm’s capabilities are demonstrated by the precedents and rulings it achieved in the Supreme Court. The firm serves as a
“School” for legal skills. It is no coincidence that five of the firm’s graduates serve as judges in various courts.
Wills and Inheritance: The firm’s staff has extensive expertise and experience in the field of wills, inheritance, estate management, and guardianship. The service includes both the drafting of wills and the representation in legal proceedings concerning wills and inheritance. Among judges whom the ministry chose - 3 were appointed to the family court, whose inheritance issue comes to their door. It should be noted that the Register of Inheritance Affairs in Haifa has also worked in the firm.
Lasting power of attorney: The office’s lawyers are trained to provide this important service. Adv. Yonay, that serves for many years as a member of Helsinki committee of Fliman hospital, and also heads Shilo association – learned over the years of the elderlies’ needs and the problematics when people’s clarity is damaged, and this brings on the field of lasting power of attorney.
Administrative Law: The firm practices administrative law and representation of citizens before authorities, with a specialization in municipal tax (city tax and various charge).
Commercial Law: The firm’s staff provides legal services for commercial and industrial entities for years and protects them with a complete “legal umbrella”.

The Partners

The firm’s founding partners are some of the most senior and tenured lawyers in northern Israel, and each of them also contributes his time for significant
volunteering operations.
Adv. and Notary Eliyahu Roloff – Founding Partner
LL.B., Hebrew University. Has about 53 years of experience as a lawyer. Adv. Roloff is a sharp and experienced litigator, with extensive experience in all
aspects of real estate development, planning and building, and land tax. Adv. Roloff has been serving as Legal Counsel of the Acre Development Company for many years. Adv. Roloff was also the Chairman of “Paz Investments”. In the framework of his public
activities, he serves as member of the global management of the Maccabi movement, executive member of Maccabi Israel, V. Chairman of the Maccabi Haifa
Trustee Association, is a member of the international committee that organizes the Maccabiah, and is the head of several committees on behalf of these organizations.
Adv. and Notary Moshe Yonay – Founding Partner
LL.B., Hebrew University. Member of the Israeli Bar Association for 43 years. Adv. Yonay has extensive experience in the management of intricate legal cases and even led to the creation of several rules from the Supreme Court. He serves as a popular arbitrator in many commercial disputes. Adv. Yonay served as a member of the Kiryat Motzkin city council for two terms, as a member of the Krayot Planning and building committee and as a member of Kiryat Motzkin’s City Tax Appeal Committee. He is an active member of Israeli Bar’s chambers - a member of the real-estate committee, Co-Chair of the planning and zoning committee as well as the administrative law committee, and a member in the private international law committee. He lectures on tenders law in Haifa University and is a popular lecturer in Israeli Bar Association conventions and seminars. Adv. Yonay is a member of the international organization “Rotary” for many years, and served as the Rotary Israel Governor. In addition, Adv. Yonai serves as the chairman of the board of the Shilo Association, which cares for 4,000 elderly people.
Adv. and Notary Liat Marian Tamari – Partner
LL.B., Haifa University, Lawyer for about 26 years.
Adv. Tamari serves as the director of the litigation department in the firm and represents, together with the department’s staff, public and private companies as well as private individuals in various and diverse litigation files, some of them complex, in the firm’s areas of specialization and also provides them with extensive and ongoing legal service, including providing continuous legal advice. In addition, she represents an apartment owner in various urban renewal projects handles all aspects of real estate transactions.
Adv. Hila Solomon Moogilevski – Partner
LL.B., Haifa University, and Lawyer for about 16 years. Adv. Solomon is the manager of the firm’s urban renewal department and provides legal support to
apartment owners, initiators, and contractors in Tama 38, seismic-retrofitting and demolition, and in Pinui-Binui project with hundreds of units, so much that she is nicknamed “The princess of urban renewal”. Adv. Solomon is a popular lecture on real-estate related matters, for lawyers and the public.

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