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Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices
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Established: 1993
Line of Business: Real-estate, litigation and administrative law
Address: Haifa Branch: 26 HaMeginim Av.
Tel Aviv Branch: 46-48 Menachem Begin Rd.
Tel: 972-3-6392225 Fax: 972-3-6392226
[email protected]
Phone: 972-4-8660777
Fax: 972-4-8660776
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ron Berant, Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices

    Ron Berant

    Founding & Managing Partner

    Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices

  • Shalom Alon, Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices

    Shalom Alon


    Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices

  • Miri  Zohar, Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices

    Miri Zohar


    Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices

  • Itay Fried, Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices

    Itay Fried


    Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices


    Sigal Borochof
    Noga Eylon
    Ofir Klempner
    Tiffany Altonian
    Shani Shtampeter
    Ma’ayan Tshuva Natan
    Prof. Israel Doron
    Carmit Shai
    Ziv Halfon
    Maxim Leusski
    Rachel Sade
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About Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices

Ron Berant & Co., Law Offices is a leading firm in the fields of real-estate, civil-commercial law, administrative law and litigation, located at the north of Israel. The firm achieved its positions thanks to its professional excellence, and it benefits from the longstanding loyalty of its clients.

The firm’s staff, headed by Ron Berant, Shalom Alon, Miri Zohar and Faraha Jubran Miller, brings together lawyers and a professional, experienced and dedicated administrative team, which prioritizes the client. Throughout all of its years of operations, the firm provided its clients with professional, efficient and fast service. The firm attributes great importance to maintaining the personal attention, open atmosphere, support and involvement in accordance with the unique needs of each client. The firm, which was establishes in January 1993 as a partnership, is fully owned by Adv. Ron Brent since 1997, and located in Haifa near the courts and government offices. The firm has a Tel-Aviv branch that is managed as a partnership with Adv. Shalom Alon. In 2009, Adv. Miri Zohar, who was employed as a lawyer in the firm, joined the partners’ list, and she currently heads the firm’s Real-estate department. Adv. Faraha Jubran Miller heads the litigation and local authorities department. Adv. Fried, Partner, heads the firm’s urban renewal department. In addition to the partners, the firm employs 10 lawyers, including a senior advisor for planning, building and administrative law – Adv. Prof. Israel Doron (former legal counsel of the Haifa District Planning and Building Committee). The firm has broad, experienced and professional administrative staff, which supports the lawyers’ work and provides immediate response to the clients’ needs. The administrative staff has longstanding experience and excellent work relationships with the various institutes.
The firm handles the various segments of civil-commercial law and specializes in real-estate and real-estate tax, Pinui-Binui / Ibui-Binui / Tama 38 and planning and building. In addition, the firm specializes in the representation of local authorities in court proceedings in various judiciaries on a broad range of topics, representation before the planning committees, assistance in the preparation of tenders, agreements, responding to objections and appeals, participation in meetings at the local authority’s request, etc. The firm also represents municipal corporations in issues relating to the corporation’s operations, in proceedings in the various courts, on a broad range of topics, including support in the preparation of tenders, agreements and general legal counsel. The firm also handles commercial law, administrative and public law, municipal taxation, appropriations and the support of entrepreneurs in investments, in Israel and abroad.

Practice Areas

Real-Estate and Planning and Building
The firm has comprehensive experience in the representation of initiators and constructors, private initiators and purchasing group in the real-estate segment. The firm supports its clients from the transactions feasibility checks, through the planning proceedings in the planning authorities including appeals, negotiations, bank financing, accompanying the project’s professionals such as land appraisers, surveyors etc., signing agreements, reporting to the tax authorities including objections and appeals where necessary, representation in sale and rent to third parties agreements, real-estate registration (including multi-occupancy houses). The firm handles a wide variety of real-estate transactions, from simple sale and purchase transactions, to combination, Pinui-Binui, Tama 38 seismic-retrofitting and demolition and reconstruction transactions, and supports its clients in any transaction-related legal proceeding including contractual and commercial disputes etc. The firm’s staff includes layers with extensive experience and vast knowledge in the representation of institutes, commercial companies, family companies and individuals in complex real-estate transactions, and an experienced and devoted administrative staff, that provides efficient and successful service, and assists its clients with optimizing their benefit from properties and transactions.

Civil-Commercial Litigation and Dispute Settlement
The firm’s staff has proven experience in handling large and complex litigation cases in a variety of fields. The firm’s litigation department provides ongoing legal counsel to clients in their commercial operations, including in drafting and negotiating a broad spectrum of commercial agreements and projects, and supports its clients in any emerging legal disputes before all of the existing courts.

The department’s team has extensive experience in accompanying legal disputes in the various courts, from the magistrate courts, up to complex appeal proceeding before the Supreme Court.
The firm’s staff has skill and experience in litigation in contractual and commercial disputes, class actions, family courts, The Multi-Occupancy Houses Commissioner, and quasi-judicial authorities such as betterment tax appeal committees and planning and building appeal committees.
The firm’s litigation clientele includes private and commercial entities from Israel and abroad, local authorities and municipal corporations in a variety of issues including property law, contracts, planning and building, administrative law, tender law, municipal tax, environment and more.

Local Authorities and Administrative Law
The firm represents and supports local authorities in all of the areas of interest required for their proper legal and municipal management. In the framework of the representation and support, the firm provides ongoing legal counsel, participates in the authority’s/corporation’s board meetings, reviews and prepares contracts and/or other relevant documents.
The firm supports local authorities and corporations in legal proceedings in the courts, the labor courts and all of the judiciaries and quasi-judicial authorities, petitions, administrative disputes, class actions, appeals and appeal permissions, Bagatz and more. The firm’s staff has skill and experience in supporting complex municipal projects concerning the environment, infrastructures and more, including the enactment of by-laws, including the necessary coordination with the relevant government ministries, tenders, including tender preparation and supporting tender procedures, counsel on municipal tax and tax orders, supporting officials in personal liability proceedings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and more.

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