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Real Estate, Planning and Construction, Urban Renewal; Mergers & Acquisitions; Maritime, Aviation & Transportation; Litigation & Class Action; Commercial and Corporate; International Transactions; Labor Law; Banking & Finance; High-Tech; Capital Markets & Securities; Intellectual Property and Trademarks; Energy and Infrastructure; Antitrust & Competition; Communication and Media; Administrative and Public Law; Tenders; Israeli and Global Taxation; Real Estate Taxation; Higher Education; Health Care; Torts and Insurance; Associations and Non-Profits Organizations

S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.
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Established: 1939
Line of Business: Real Estate, Planning and Construction, Urban Renewal; Mergers & Acquisitions; Maritime, Aviation & Transportation; Litigation & Class Action; Commercial and Corporate; International Transactions; Labor Law; Banking & Finance; High-Tech; Capital Markets & Securities; Intellectual Property and Trademarks; Energy and Infrastructure; Antitrust & Competition; Communication and Media; Administrative and Public Law; Tenders; Israeli and Global Taxation; Real Estate Taxation; Higher Education; Health Care; Torts and Insurance; Associations and Non-Profits Organizations
Address: Tel Aviv Office: 146 Menachem Begin Rd., Azrieli Town Tower, Tel Aviv 6492103
Tel: 972-3-6931931 Fax: 972-3-6931930
[email protected]
Haifa Office: 9 Andrei Sakharov St., 1 Matam Towers, Haifa 3508409
Tel:972-4-8546666 Fax: 972-4-8546677
[email protected]
Jerusalem Office: 2 Beitar St., Beit HaTaylat, Jerusalem 9338601
Tel: 972-2-5654000
Phone: 972-3-6931931
Fax: 972-3-6931930
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.sfa.law
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  • Amir Cohen-Dor, S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

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    S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

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    Amir Cohen-Dor
  • Hadar Tal, S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

    Hadar Tal

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    S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

  • Ephraim Abramson, S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

    Ephraim Abramson

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    S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

  • Avraham Aberman, S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

    Avraham Aberman

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    S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

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About S. Friedman, Abramson & Co.

S.Friedman, Abramson & Co. is one of the most prominent and esteemed firms in Israel, particularly in the field of commercial law. The firm is well known in the legal, business and entrepreneurial fields, primarily for its ambitious, efficient and innovative approach to issues, commitment to maintaining the highest possible standard of professionalism, and unique personal devotion and relationship with each and every client, since its establishment in 1939.

In addition to our work in Israel, SFA operates globally, for inbound and outbound transactions, in its representation of clients from nearly every continent, with an emphasis on the USA, Europe, Japan, Thailand, China, Canada, South Africa and Australia. SFA’s services are provided at the highest level, stemming from decades of experience including, for several of our attorneys, practicing law in leading international law firms abroad, and long-standing connections with business communities worldwide.

Practice Areas

Real Estate, Planning and Construction, Urban Renewal - SFA’s Real Estate department is considered among the most experienced and highly regarded departments in their field in Israel. The department’s wide range of services includes: sales and purchases of real estate for commercial, residential and industrial purposes, infrastructure projects, complex planning and construction processes, rezoning, urban renewal, TAMA 38 and Pinui Binui (vacating -construction), financing, project banking advice, construction agreements, ongoing management of profitable real estate, entrepreneurship, development, marketing, expropriations, etc.

Mergers & Acquisitions - SFA is frequently involved in all aspects of Israeli and worldwide merger and acquisition transactions, including due diligence processes, complex negotiations, drafting, closing and pre-closing procedures, obtaining approvals (governmental or other third party types), and ongoing integration processes following a successful transaction.

Maritime, Aviation & Transportation - SFA is the leading Israeli law firm in this field. The firm represents international corporations in all things related to building, leasing, and selling of vessels and aircraft, joint ventures, consortia agreements, logistic agreements, maritime insurance, and international shipping. In the aerospace sector, the firm advises manufacturers, owners, and financial institutions in Israel and abroad, on matters of purchasing, financing, sales, and leasing of aircrafts.

Litigation & Class Action - SFA represents clients in all Israeli courts, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings, local and international. The firm specializes in a wide range of fields, including expertise in liquidation, receivership, and dissolution procedures. In addition, the firm has many years of experience in the field of class actions, including involvement in significant precedents and court rulings on the matter, and specializes in representing defendants in class actions.

Commercial and Corporate - SFA is regularly involved in a wide range of commercial transactions, in Israel and internationally, after years of gaining thorough expertise in Israeli corporate law. The firm provides a complete, practical and effective response to the full range of our clients’ corporate and commercial needs, from day-to-day matters to the most complex challenges.

International Transactions - SFA has maintained a fruitful, longstanding practice in the field of international law and business transactions. The firm represents Israeli clients in their business endeavors abroad, as well as clients from all around the world in their Israeli and cross-border matters, offering a wide range of counsel on all topics relating to international transactions.

Labor Law - SFA has extensive experience advising large corporations and employers, including some of the largest companies in Israel, academic institutions, and hi-tech companies, on matters of labor relations and labor disputes, both private and collective.

Banking & Finance - SFA has extensive experience with complex and cross-border transactions, including in the fields of banking and finance.

High-Tech - SFA’s High-Tech department is considered one of the most prominent and distinguished in its field in Israel. The firm accompanies technology companies in all stages of their development and growth, ranging from young start-up companies in their early stages to companies on the verge of a full or partial exit. We also represent investors of all sorts, including qualified individual (and family) investors and venture capital and other private equity and investment funds, both in structuring the establishment of those funds and in later stages accompanying their investment strategies.

Capital Markets & Securities – SFA provides ongoing legal advice to public and private companies (Israeli or foreign, traded on the TASE, foreign markets, or both), including disclosure and corporate governance and compliance guidance, private placements, and issuing equity and debt securities to the public.

Intellectual Property and Trademarks – SFA’s IP department has gained over the years crucial experience and a deep understanding of the IP world, with a professional team that handles copyright, designs, trade secrets and ideas, trademarks, developers’ rights, commercial torts and more.

Energy and Infrastructure - SFA clientele in the transportation and energy fields includes a long list of government and private companies. The firm offers its clients legal advice on various matters, including large-scale projects, regulation, planning and construction, drafting tenders and agreements, and representation in complex litigation procedures.

Antitrust & Competition - SFA’s antitrust department represents companies and offers them a large range of services in the field, including ongoing advice and legal opinions on antitrust matters, and representing parties before the Director-General of the Israeli Competition Authority and in antitrust-related litigation proceedings.

Communication and Media - SFA has vast experience and knowledge on all matters regarding media organizations and their workings. For many years, the firm has offered legal consultation on a wide range of topics relating to television and radio, including partaking in legislation, regulation and tender processes in the field; advising cellular companies on matters of licensing, frequencies and regulation; and representing market players in significant Israeli Supreme Court cases.

Administrative and Public Law - SFA is one of the leading law firms in Israel in this field, and has extensive experience working with government ministries, statutory authorities, public sector institutions and dual-essence institutions, in matters of administrative and public law, regulation, legislation and structural reform issues.

Tenders - SFA has unique expertise in the tenders field, which includes conducting tenders, accompanying tender committees, and representing in court proceedings on behalf of all types of parties involved in tenders issues (the tenderer, the winner, and those contesting the validity of the tender award).

Israeli and Global Taxation - SFA provides first rate tax advice to domestic and international corporations and individuals, in relation to direct, indirect, real estate and municipal taxes. The firm represents clients in all dealings with taxation authorities, committees and courts. It also has a unique specialization in planning multi-national tax, including optimizing tax planning, investments in joint international transactions, international aspects of VAT, transfer prices, and so forth.

Real Estate Taxation – SFA’s real estate and taxation departments work closely together to ensure the best possible service in this field. The advice provided includes complex tax planning, ongoing legal advice in projects, representation in proceedings before real estate taxation authorities, appeal committees and the courts, preparation of opinions, pre-rulings, and representation in municipal proceedings.

Higher Education - SFA has an active role in this field in Israel and serves as the exclusive legal counsel to a large university in Israel. The firm also provides ongoing legal counsel to the Council for Higher Education in Israel, and offers various legal services to other universities and institutes of higher education.

Health Care - SFA represents health funds and hospitals in their various operations.

Torts and Insurance - The torts and insurance department represents local and foreign insurers, as well as various companies, in diverse tort claims. Stemming from SFA’s leading position in maritime law, the firm’s tort and insurance law department represents P&I clubs, lessees, and owners of vessels, in tort litigation cases involving injuries of sailors and cruise ships vacationers.

For the Benefit of the Community

S. Friedman, Abramson & Co. values community contribution, and regularly donates to non-profit organizations that support and promote education, technological development and culture. In addition, within this capacity the firm represents said organizations pro-bono.


The firm’s clients include leading entities in the economy, private and public companies and multinational corporations, such as: ZIM Integrated Shipping Services, IKEA, Azrieli Group, Israel Electricity Company, Tnuva, Clalit Health Services, Mega Or Holdings Ltd., Pai Siam, Bronfman-Fisher Group, Kyocera Corporation, Sekisui Corporation, The Independent Education, Minrav Real Estate, Omer Construction & Engineering, KAN - Israeli Broadcasting Corp, McCann Tel Aviv, “Mishpacha” newspaper and magazine, Bank of Israel, Council for Higher Education, NTA, Ayalon Highways, Energy Infrastructures, MER GROUP, Museum of the Biblical Lands, AccuBeat, Maersk Line, MSC, JTLV, The Chamber of Shipping, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haifa and the North, Israel Natural Gas Lines, Haifa University, Tel Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, The jewelry exchange, Ramada Jerusalem Hotel, Leonardo Plaza Hotel Jerusalem, Chromagen, Gav-Yam, Paz, Klil, Plasson, Super-Pharm, Ha-mashbir Lezarchan, Eldan, Luzon Group, Israel Railways, DRS RADA Technologies, Poalim I.B.I.-Managing & Underwriting Ltd., Ralco Agencies Ltd., Plastopil Hazorea Ltd., Adidas Israel Ltd., Rekah Pharmaceutical Industries & Co., Taro, and many more.

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