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Established: 2018(2010)
Line of Business: White Collar
Address: 1 King David St. Tel-Aviv 6495301
Phone: 972-3-6932044
Fax: 972-3-6932043
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  • Yinnon  Sartel, Sartel, Lazar Law Office

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    Sartel, Lazar Law Office

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    Sartel, Lazar Law Office

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About Sartel, Lazar Law Office

Sartel, Lazar Law Office practices mainly criminal litigation (white collar) and also civil and administrative litigation. The firm’s partners have extensive experience (more than 20 years) in the firm’s main practice area. Adv. Yinnon Sartel was formerly V. State Attorney in the Criminal and Economic Department of the State Attorney, where he represented the state in criminal proceedings concerning economic offences.
The firm specializes in the representation of suspects and defendants (in all of the courts) in white collar offences (Money Laundering, fraud, theft, bribery, forgery, tax, gambling, corporate executives, securities, antitrust, negligence and construction offences and more), and in disciplinary offences before disciplinary courts (Israeli Bar Association, Civil Service Commission, The Israeli Police, the Ministry of Health and others).

The firm has experience and expertise in extradition proceedings to and from Israel
The representation includes counsel, support and comprehensive legal representation, both in accompanying the police (or any other investigative authority) investigation, court representation in detention hearings and hearings concerning seized properties, representation in hearings before enforcement authority (usually the prosecution) and court representation after the indictment was filed, if at all. The firm emphasizes full availability for the clients from an understanding of their situation and their needs for solutions in any matter. The firm espouses legal innovation and creativity in order to assist the clients and lead them to a safe harbor in their darkest hours.
The Investigation Stage: in this stage, the firm emphasizes the legal counsel to the clients, including informing them of their rights during the investigation, from the experience that proper investigation conduct greatly contributes to the following case management, occasionally to the degree of closing the case by the investigating authority. In this stage, the firm also supports the clients in detention hearings and hearings concerning asset confiscation or seizures under the AML Law or the Criminal Proceedings Code (if any). The firm makes every effort to maintain discreetness in order to minimize harm to the clients’ reputation.
The Hearing Stage: When the investigation is completed, the case is transferred to the prosecution. At this stage, the prosecution decides whether to file an indictment against the client of close the case. In the case of an intended indictment for a crime, the firm receives a letter with the details of the allegations and the client is invited to plead before the prosecutor.
At this stage, the firm receives, for the first time, materials that were collected during the investigation. The firm emphasizes, uncompromisingly, an in-depth and through study of all of the investigation materials that were delivered to it, from the recognition that only a thorough and complete familiarity with the investigation materials and the legal situation can assist the client. The firm has in-depth familiarity with the prosecution authorities and their decision making processes. The combination of thorough familiarity with the case with longstanding experience of working vis-a-vis prosecutors and with legal creativity and innovation always lead to optimal results to the benefit of the clients.
The trial stage: The firm has longstanding experience in defending clients in criminal court proceedings, including witness examination, intermediary proceedings and the presentation of legal and factual claims. As in previous stages, the firm’s guideline is in-depth and thorough familiarity with all of the cases layers (factual and legal) and an understanding of the client’s needs. The firm manages the case in the court professionally and accurately and dedicates deep thought to protecting the client’s interests. Over the years, the firm’s partners represented in most of Israel’s major white collar offences cases, including public and elected officials, businessmen and professionals.
The firm represents clients in civil lawsuits in courts, arbitrations (contractual and monetary claims and others) and in administrative appeals.

Public Activity

Adv. Yinnon Sartel lectures in directors’ training courses on the legal and civil responsibility of directors and directorates, in safety advisors courses on negligence offences and serves as a prosecutor in disciplinary courts for academic staff members.

Practice Areas

White Collar Offences
The firm is highly experienced in representing clients in white collar cases (bribery, fraud, breach of trust, theft, forgery, gambling and more) from the investigation stage and afterwards.
Money Laundering
The firm has a particular specialization in the AML field and is considered to be a trailblazer in this practice area. The firm’s partners appeared before the Supreme Court in several precedential cases in this field, and achieved extensive properties return to its clients.
Negligence Offences
The firm has extensive experience in negligence cases and it gained a lot of success in it, both in support in investigations that ended with no indictment and in acquittal following criminal proceedings (negligent homicide and other negligence offences).
Tax Offences
The firm represents clients in breaches of the income tax code, the VAT Law and other tax offences (underreporting income, false invoices, customs, purchasing tax and more) and also works with the civil tax authorities to reduce the tax assessments.
Antitrust Offences
The firm’s lawyers are very experienced in representing suspects and defendants in breaches of The Antitrust Law.
Planning and Building Offences
The firm is highly experienced in representing defendants in planning and building offences, including city engineers and leading construction companies.
Disciplinary Proceedings
The firm represents defendants in disciplinary proceedings in the disciplinary courts of the Israeli Police, the Civil Service Commission, the Israeli Bar Association and the Ministry of Health. The firm also serves as a disciplinary prosecutor in various academic institutions.
Voluntary Penalty/Sanctions Committees
The firm represents clients before the tax authority’s voluntary penalty committee and before sanction committees under the AML Law.

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