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Established: 1993
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Ha’Arba’ah Towers, (south tower) 34th Floor,
30 Ha’Arba’a St., Tel Aviv 6473926
Phone: 972-3-6111000
Fax: 972-3-6133355
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  • Israel Shimonov, Shimonov & Co.

    Israel Shimonov

    Founding Partner

    Shimonov & Co.

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    Israel Shimonov
  • Amir  Bartov, Shimonov & Co.

    Amir Bartov

    Senior Partner

    Shimonov & Co.

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    Dudi Berland Senior Partner
    Nir Cohen Sasson Senior Partner
    Oren Elkabetz
    Jonathan Robinson
    Ayana Wechsler
    Corinne Bitton
    Liron Azriel
    Benjamin Ben Zimra
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About Shimonov & Co.

Shimonov & Co. leads the practice of securities law in Israel, being the most active law firm in the field of capital market and securities, and widely regarded as one of the finest boutique firms in the country. The firm represents many dozens of public companies, including some of Israel’s most prominent and important companies, and some of the largest real estate companies in North America, which securities are traded on the TASE.

The firm was founded in 1993 by Adv. Israel Shimonov, a leading expert in capital markets and se-curities law. The firm supports its clients with the full range of legal services that are provided for public companies and companies going public, including prospectuses and public offerings, mer-gers and acquisitions, securities law and corporate law.

In 2017, Adv. Amir Bartov joined the firm’s team and Head of the Insolvency Department. Adv. Bartov is one of the foremost lawyers in Israel in the field of insolvency and debt restructuring, has led all the major debt restructuring arrangements of Israeli public companies in recent years, and is currently leading this practice area of the firm in natural synergy with its capital markets practice, thus enabling the firm to provide excellent counsel also to distressed companies or companies facing complex financing transactions and debt restructurings.

Adv. Bartov and his joining to the firm expanded the range of services that Shimonov & Co. offers, The firm’s team has unique exper-tise in representing foreign corporations seeking to offer securities to the public in Israel, and par-ticularly North American companies. The firm has been involved in most of the security offerings by American companies to the Israeli public.

Shimonov & Co. is consistently ranked in the Top Tier of law firms for capital markets and securities law, both by local and international legal guides, including references to the firm’s pivotal role in hundreds of prospectuses and public offerings in Israel, having represented clients in the most significant and complex transactions in Israel in recent years, and is also ranked among the lead-ing law firms for insolvency and debt restructuring, with a track record of facilitating some of the most complex and challenging proceedings in Israel and abroad.

Fields of Expertise

Prospectuses and Public Offerings
The firm’s team has supported hundreds of IPOs and secondary market offerings securities market of Israel, as well as hundreds of private placements valued at more than a hundred billion shekels overall. Shimonov & Co. boasts the largest number of facilitated public offerings on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, including the IPO of Fattal Group, the largest Issuance in Israel in recent years.

Unique Expertise Representing Foreign Companies in Israel
Shimonov & Co. brings to bear unique expertise in representing foreign companies seeking to offer securities to the public in Israel and U.S.-based real estate companies that issued bonds in Israel.
The firm has an experienced and professional dedicated team with about 24 lawyers who handle only this practice area and have been representing the vast majority of large real estate corpora-tions from the U.S. and renown owners of controlling interests who are included in Forbes’ World Billionaires List. In 2019, the firm’s team facilitated the proceeding for the drafting of a unique, trail-blazing and first-of-its-kind (in the Israeli capital market) IPO prospectus, where for the first time an American REIT (in an UPREIT format) was brought to the TASE to offer shares only to the Is-raeli public.

Ongoing Counsel for Public Companies
Shimonov & Co. provides ongoing counsel to some of the most important publicly held companies in Israel with respect to their activities and obligations as reporting corporations. The firm’s impres-sive portfolio of clients, coupled with long-term representation, enables the firm to acquire pro-found knowledge with respect to the legal needs of such companies.

This complex counsel includes assistance in preparing immediate reports, reports on transactions with the controlling shareholders and private placements, assistance in drafting annual reports (Barnea), along with participation at meetings of the companies’ institutions (board and commit-tees).

The firm’s team also assists clients with the preparation of legal opinions, applications to the Israel Securities Authority, matters related to compensation policy and capital market aspects of employ-ee stock option plans.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
Shimonov & Co. handles M&A transactions, with an emphasis on public companies - a complex field that requires in-depth understanding and proficiency both in corporate law and in securities law.

Throughout the years, the firm’s team has handled hundreds of mergers and acquisitions of public companies in Israel, dozens of tender offers and numerous complex reorganization pro-cesses, such as spin-offs, stock dividends and similar actions resulting from the Concentration Law for reducing layers.

In recent years, our firm’s team has been facilitating some of the central acquisition transactions in the Israeli capital market, including the representation of the buyer in the mega-transaction for ac-quiring control in Shikun & Binui.

Adv. Israel Shimonov, the firm’s founder, is personally involved and leads the handling of every material transaction. His unique and longstanding experience in the securities field and his abso-lute proficiency in every aspect and derivative of the Israeli capital market create a winning formula for leading complex cases.

Capital Market Regulation
Over the years and in light of its uncompromising professionalism and its massive practice in the field of Israel’s capital market and securities, the firm’s team has become an authority also in the area of capital market regulation in Israel, and it is frequently called upon by clients who are not among the firm’s regular clients. The firm has a professional department headed by a senior asso-ciate who also holds a degree in accounting.
The department’s team is responsible for preparing legal opinions and analyzing special cases, and is involved in legislative amendments in the field, including changes to the guidelines of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on issues at the core of the firm’s activities.

Shimonov & Co. ‘s Insolvency Department is managed by Adv. Amir Bartov – one of Israel’s fore-most experts in this field, who has led most of the major debt restructurings in the Israeli economy in recent years.
Adv. Bartov’s joining to the firm expanded the spectrum of services that Shimonov & Co. offers, enabling the firm to provide supreme counsel also for distressed companies, and to be involved complex financing transactions and debt restructurings. Insolvency practice requires extensive experience and proficiency in numerous legal areas such as civil law, corporate law and securities law, alongside with a broad economic-accounting understanding and perspective.
Adv. Bartov has longstanding experience in accompanying distressed companies and insolvency, from representing companies vis-à-vis their creditors, accompanying companies towards debt restruc-turings and representing them in the various courts, and up to appointments as a court-appointed officer.

The Firm’s Clients

The firm’s clients include many dozens of public companies having listed securities on the Tel Aviv Stock Ex-change. Our clients include leading Israeli conglomerates, foreign companies that are leaders in their field, and numerous businesspeople and stakeholders from Israel and around the world. Moreover, the firm’s team accompanies corporations from diverse fields, such as domestic and international real estate, hospitality, industry, aviation, medical devices, retail, food and beverage, fuel and oil, investments and finance, Biomed, high-tech, venture capital, automotive, and leasing.

The Firm’s Staff

Shimonov & Co. boasts a renowned, high-quality and experienced legal team, providing clients with the highest level of professional service. The firm wisely integrates uncompromising quality with exceptional creative thinking, and strong business acumen. Most of the firm’s associates and partners started out as interns at the firm, and have been practicing only capital market and securi-ties issues for many years, while accumulating invaluable organizational experience.

Adv. Israel Shimonov

Adv. Israel Shimonov is one of the foremost lawyers in Israel in the field of capital markets, with more than two decades of experience in commercial law, and is recognized as a leader in his field by both colleagues and various entities and by Israeli and international legal guides. Drawing on the extensive experience and unique knowledge that he gained over many years of legal practice, Adv. Shimonov is considered an authority in his field and is respected and held in high esteem within his practice area and in general.
Adv. Shimonov is the founder of Shimonov & Co.
Adv. Shimonov, a renowned expert in his field, advises his clients on a wide range of matters in corporate and securities law and represents them before the Israel Securities Authority and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Over the years, Adv. Shimonov has represented a large variety of clients in hundreds of public offerings and hundreds of capital investment and private placement transac-tions in the private and institutional markets, with an overall value of tens of billions of shekels, and throughout his career, he has played a role in numerous precedent-setting cases and ground-breaking transactions in the Israeli capital market, such as extremely intricate M&A transactions involving publicly held companies and has also acted on the most significant power struggles in the Israeli capital market in the last two decades.

Adv. Amir Bartov

Adv. Amir Bartov is a senior partner at the firm and recognized as an authority on corporate rehabilita-tion, debt restructuring, representing distressed companies and managing companies undergoing insolvency proceedings as a court-appointed officer. In addition, Adv. Bartov has extensive experi-ence representing companies and investors in acquisition and financing agreements.
Adv. Bartov has more than two decades of expertise, during which he accumulated achievements in some of the notable debt restructuring cases in Israel, including Africa Israel, Delek Real Estate, IDB Development, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Israel Postal Company, Scailex, Kardan and Mega Retail. Such a reputation has positioned him as one of the top practitioners in Israel in this field.
Adv. Bartov also specializes in corporate litigation, M&A, and complex financing transactions, and in such capacity provides ongoing counsel to public and private companies on complex legal mat-ters.

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