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Family and Inheritance Law, Family Mediation, Real Estate Law, and Torts

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Established: 1997
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law, Family Mediation, Real Estate Law, and Torts
Address: Bet Gazit, 148 Menachem Begin Road, Tel Aviv 6492104
Phone: 972-3-6076221
Fax: 972-3-6952351
Email: [email protected]
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  • Shlomi Bashi, Shlomi Bashi Law Offices

    Shlomi Bashi

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    Shlomi Bashi Law Offices

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    Shlomi Bashi


    Shlomi Bashi
    Moshe Bashi
    Tehila Bar-Hen
    Shir moty abu
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About Shlomi Bashi Law Offices

Shlomi Bashi Law Firm specializes in family law and personal status including divorce, inheritance, a division of property, divorce and prenuptial agreements, drawing up wills and handling the most complex divorce and estates cases. The firm also specializes in all aspects of real estate including combination contracts, representing contractors, and in torts – physical injury, road accidents, and medical malpractice.
The firm was founded by Shlomi Bashi in 1997 in Tel Aviv and comprises several lawyers and an experienced administrative staff. The firm provides clients with a professional and experienced team to handle every case effectively. Each lawyer brings expertise and know-how and creates synergy when forming decisions regarding the ideal solution for every instance, providing clients with added-value.
The firm operates in the most advanced computer environment and is continually updated about all legal changes, putting it in the forefront regarding the legal know-how required to best represent clients. The firm’s services include legal advice, support, and representation in family law and personal status, road accidents and torts, and real estate law. The firm represents clients in all courts, handles claims for money and property, draws up contracts, etc. The firm represents individual clients and institutions, municipalities and contractors.

Family Law Bar Activities

Shlomi Bashi has served, for many years, as Chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s Family Law Forum and as representative of the Knesset Forum for Family matters regarding enacting family and estate legislation.
In this role, he organized conferences and lectures on family law including hosting important panel discussions with the most eminent lecturers and judges. He provides 40 hours of lectures on family law at the Israel Bar, the Institute of Law and Certificate Training.

Uncompromising Professional Integrity

The professional integrity required for excellence in legal representation guides all the firm’s activities. The firm strives incessantly to provide clients with the most effective legal services and emphasizes full availability to clients and personally focused legal services.

Firm’s Practice Areas

Family Law and Personal Status
Shlomi Bashi Law Firm has over 28 years of experience in all aspects of personal status. The firm provides legal representation, and support in divorce agreements, wife and child support, dividing property, prenuptial and divorce agreements, custody, all aspects of wills and inheritances, visitation rights, breaking up partnerships, domestic violence, common-law spouses, paternity claims, and guardianship. The firm invests major efforts to achieve the best results, swiftly and effectively for those involved while taking into account family stability. The firm has accomplished many successes in mediation by bringing both sides to an agreement.

Real Estate

Real Estate & Land
The firm specializes in real estate deals including sale and purchase contracts, buying apartments from contractors, all types of rental and leasing contracts, combination agreements, home building agreements, conducting talks to enter an agreement, close and comprehensive legal support throughout the deal, handling matters with the Israel Lands Administration (ILA) (agreement fees, leasing fees, permit fees, sales fees, and capitalization fees), deals with the ILA, registering rights in the land registry and ILA, joint homes, real estate partnerships and liquidations, real estate suits, suits involving realtors, caveats, liens, neighbor disputes and mortgages, property law and commercial law.

Planning & Building
The firm is involved in rezoning, clearing, and building, betterment levy suits, development fees, building irregularities, demolition orders, planning, and building lawsuits, planning and building requests and objections, land requisitions and contesting requisitions and checking land rights.

Real Estate Taxes
The firm has extensive experience in betterment tax, sales tax, purchase tax, capital gains tax, VAT, supporting and examining direct and indirect tax implications of real estate deals, tax planning in a wide range of deals, handling objections, petitions and appeals to tax authorities and courts, amending appraisals, tax refunds from cancelled deals and calculating expenses and deductions.

Road Accidents and Torts
The firm has many years of experience in road accidents and torts and provides legal support and representation on all topics related to road accidents, National Insurance suits, and representation in prosecutions.

Overseas Activities

The firm has extensive experience in handling family cases conducted outside Israel especially in the US, UK, where several inheritance paternity and family support cases were conducted. Overseas activities are carried out in cooperation and close contact with leading firms in the relevant country.


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