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Libel law, commercial civil litigation, labor law, land and real estate, tort and insurance

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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Libel law, commercial civil litigation, labor law, land and real estate, tort and insurance
Address: 35 Jabotinsky St., 2 Twin Tower, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-6002829
Fax: 972-3-5757001
Email: [email protected]
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About Shlomi Weinberg Law Office

Shlomi Weinberg Law Office specializes in law counseling and representation in libel law and privacy protection, as well as in the area of commercial-civil litigation, focusing on the fields of real estate, torts and labor law.
Adv. Weinberg, the firm’s founder, has appeared in most law instances and jurisdictional tribunals in the State of Israel and has represented his clients in hundreds of commercial, civil and administrative cases. Adv. Weinberg also conducted, over the years, a variety of procedures in the civil and commercial areas, including interim proceeds such as investigation of witnesses in provisional remedies, e.g. provisional injunctions, mandatory injunctions, confiscation proceeds, etc.
Among his clients are contractors, developers, industrial plants, importers, retailers, technological and services companies, public figures, elected officials, journalists, businessmen and individuals.
The firm believes in setting real targets regarding the final result of a case, as well as the quality handling entire legal proceeding on the one hand, and being focused and quick on the other, which will allow the client / corporate / business to return to their normal routine as soon as possible. 

Areas of Expertise

Libel Law

The firm is ranked as one of Israel’s top firms in this area. The firm represents client in both complex and routine legal proceedings and offers support with day-to-day legal activities.
Adv. Weinberg is one of the most known & leading representing lawyers in the area of libel. Part of the files represented by Adv. Weinberg were largely discussed in the press and the media. Due to his reputation, Adv. Weinberg was appointed Chairman of the Israel Bar Association’s National Libel Committee.
The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants in libel related cases, including in claims involving substantial financial scopes.
Adv. Weinberg is the writer of the prestigious book “Guide to Libel Lawsuits”, which was published in March 2015, and quoted by judges in verdict in various courts of law. The book is the most comprehensive and updated academic essay on libel.
Adv. Weinberg regularly lectures in the framework of conventions, seminars and courses in various forums, including lawyers, organizations and the general public.
In the last few years, Adv. Weinberg wrote and published many significant in depth researches, which were recognized in the sector, on the issue of compensation due to the libel prohibition law.
The counseling and representation provided by the firm in the field of libel focuses on representation of elected officials, civil servants, websites and media outlets, publishers, corporations, businesses, employers and employees. Among the firm’s many successes one may find, representations of clients in libel lawsuits resulting from employee-employer relations, claims at the social networks and the Internet including forums, blogs, WhatsApp, e-mail, etc. The firm regularly represents clients in libel cases involving very wealthy corporations which are involved in fierce business disputes with their competitors, municipalities, local councils, mayors and heads of local councils, security companies, employers and employees, in libel cases deriving from labor relations, elected representatives and civil servants, lawyers involved in legal disputes (as both plaintiffs and defendants), professionals (physicians, architects, engineers), senior businessmen, senior officials in NPOs and various  organizations, members of the Knesset, and journalists.

Commercial-Civil Litigation

The commercial-civil litigation area (appearing in court in the commercial and civil fields) is one of the central occupations on which the firm is based on. Over the years, Adv. Weinberg appeared in various law instances countrywide and has represented a wide variety of clients in different cases. The firm represents claimants and defendants in financial and tort lawsuits as well as partners, shareholders and directors in business lawsuits, both as claimants and defendants.

Labor Law

Over the years, the firm has represented many organizations in a wide scope of cases dealing in labor law. The office represents employers and employees in the area of private labor law. 

Land and Real Estate

The firm represents claimants and defendants in various contractual lawsuits in the real estate line, as well as contractors and developers in different agreement lawsuits.

Torts and Insurance

The firm represents employees and employers in lawsuits in accordance with the Tort Order and in various types of negligence lawsuits and in business disputes.

Retainer Services for Companies

The firm provides retainer services to private companies and businessmen who require regular accompaniment and consultancy.

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