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Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co., Law Firm and Notary Public
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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Real Estate, Urban Renewal
Address: 8 HaSadna St., Ra’anana
Phone: 972-77-3429508, 972-9-7740016
Fax: 972-9-7710269
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ilan Shlomovitz, Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co., Law Firm and Notary Public

    Adv. Ilan Shlomovitz

    Founding Partner

    Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co., Law Firm and Notary Public

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    Ilan Shlomovitz
  • Yaron Shlomovitz, Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co., Law Firm and Notary Public

    Adv. Yaron Shlomovitz


    Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co., Law Firm and Notary Public

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    Yaron Shlomovitz
  • Adam Sorkine, Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co., Law Firm and Notary Public

    Adv. Adam Sorkine


    Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co., Law Firm and Notary Public

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    Adam Sorkine
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About Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co., Law Firm and Notary Public

Shlomovitz, Sorkine & Co. is a veteran leading law firm and notary public, specializing in urban renewal and real es-tate.

The firm was founded in 1995 by Adv. Ilan Shlomovitz, a seasoned lawyer with wide experience in real estate and family law. He was later joined by his son, Advs. Yaron Shlomovitz, and Adam Sorkin, both of whom are partners.

The firm is distinguished by its combination of young and veteran jurists, which merges extensive legal knowledge and wide-ranging professional experience with youthful energy and a keen service orientation.

Profound Knowledge in Urban Renewal

The firm entered urban renewal law in 2007, when this segment was yet undeveloped.  Since then, it has handled close to ninety Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui projects, accumulating vast experience and enormous legal proficiency as it pro-motes renewal projects and protects the interests of its clients. Focusing primarily on Israel’s Sharon Region, it has in-depth familiarity with the region, with its needs and with the bodies responsible, enabling it to reach advanta-geous agreements for its clients and quickly carry them through.

Advocating for Residents

With transparency and loyalty to its clients at its core, the firm represents solely owners.  Working with them from the moment that renewal is mooted, it accompanies, guides and guards their interests at every stage of the project — from the planning committee, public tender, drafting of contracts, monitoring of construction and fulfilling of con-tractual obligations, to registering multi-occupancy housing, as well as counseling and support which are beyond legal aspects.

The Team

Adv. Ilan Shlomovitz, Founding Partner
Adv. Ilan Shlomovitz began his professional life as an educator, before moving into law, where he first specialized in family law and marital status, and then in urban renewal. His positioned his firm both to understand the true needs of its clients, who are at the heart of the process, giving them an attentive ear at every stage, and proposing innovative and creative solutions. His LL.B. is from the College of Management, and he also serves as a mediator and arbitrator. He directs the Ra’anana Chevrah Kadishah Burial Society, and represents the public on the Ra’anana Municipality’s Man-power Public Tenders Committee.

Adv. Yaron Shlomovitz, Partner
Adv. Yaron Shlomovitz drives the firm’s business development, responsible for initial contacts with the owners and urban renewers. He has an LL.B. from the She’arei Mishpat College and, while interning in the family firm, he attended a unique and comprehensive training program in owner representa-tion in urban renewal frameworks. Before joining the firm, he was sales manager in a large real es-tate company.

Adv. Adam Sorkine, Partner
Adv. Adam Sorkine’s specialty is civil and commercial law, and his responsibility is accompanying own-ers in their dealings with renewers in every aspect of the process, from initial negotiations to mul-ti-occupancy house registration. He is a graduate of the College of Management &Antitrust Studies at Oxford University’s Law Faculty, interned with Ziv, Lev & Co., and was a Real Estate and Commer-cial Law associate at Goldman, Erlich, Edelstein,Avigad & Co.  He chairs the Lahav Executive Educa-tion’s section for self-employed French-speaking professionals.

Mentors and Guides

The firm is characterized by its collegial and respectful relations between partners, an atmosphere which infuses its relationships with its clients. Rather than working as a contracted expert, the firm sees itself as a close and dedicated mentor, who guiding clients along the entire length of their path. The tools and insights which the firm gained during its decade in family law and marital sta-tus, prior to entering urban renewal law, are today key in understanding the needs of owners and helping them toward optimal solutions. This is evidenced in that in none of the buildings which the firm has handled to date has it ever needed to counter owner objections by bringing in the Housing Inspectorate.

Success in Opening Bottlenecks

The firm’s reputation as a legal urban renewal expert has grown steadily, and it now represents an increasing number of owners whose renewal projects have been bogged down or halted altogether, mid-construction. Our team takes on these complex situations, and succeeds in restarting and completing them.

Israel’s National Renewal Administration

Because of its far-reaching expertise in the urban renewal segment and all its concealed landmines, the firm has cofounded the organizing body, National Renewal of Israel (NRI) with the Yigal Alon Project Management Company.  NRI’s purpose is to accompany projects from their conceptual stage until residency permits (Form 4) are issued, ensuring that every step of process is totally transparent. The practical lessons learned by the firm learned over the years have ensured that NRI is a true success.

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