Ori Gotlieb from Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.
Ori Gotlieb מחברת Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.

Ori Gotlieb


Year of Birth: 1974
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Securities Law and Commercial Law.
Position: Partner
Additional Positions: Partner, Capital Market Department, Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.
Past positions: Adv., Shnitzer, Gotlieb, Samet & Co.
Seniority in position: 16 years
Education: LL.B. Tel Aviv University, B.A. Economics Tel Aviv University.
Member in: Israel Bar Association.

Adv. Ori Gotlieb acts for and supports many public companies. Adv. Ori Gotlieb has published many prospectuses including IPOs, secondary offerings and debt raising. In addition, he provides routine consultancy to the firm's clients in areas of specialization including achieving the necessary regulations to which public companies are subjected to, and conducting talks between them and between the regulatory authorities and bodies.