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Established: 1979
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 30 Ha’arba’a St. (HaArba’a Towers, Southern Tower, 24th floor) Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-4-6048121
Fax: 972-3-5466898
Email: [email protected]
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  • Yaakov Sidi, Sidi Law Firm

    Yaakov Sidi

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    Sidi Law Firm

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    Roy Sidi
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About Sidi Law Firm

Sidi Law Firm is a boutique law firm that, time after time and for many years, has been ranked as one of Israel’s top ten family and inheritance law firms. The firm was founded by Adv. Jacob Sidi in 1975 and has managed thousands of complex cases over the years, in all areas of family and inheritance law: divorce, property division, custody, financing agreements, custodianship, and more as well as inheritance law – wills and estates. In 1997, Adv. Roy Sidi joined the firm bringing about continued growth. Among others, the firm acts in cases with complex international aspects through cooperation with law firms in Israel and abroad engaged in commercial and corporate law, and family law. The firm also handles the planning of economic matters for the client through the extensive experience it has acquired. Over the years, the firm has won a number of major legal precedents and gained a reputation for conducting complex divorce cases involving money and property.

Service Approach

The firm’s guidelines include supporting its clients with great sensitivity while protecting their interests. Deep knowledge of financial matters, the capital market, economics and business management allows the firm to conduct cases for upper class clients.

Practice Areas

Litigation - The firm’s staff, headed by Adv. Roy Sidi, represents clients in all instances including the Magistrate’s Courts, the District Courts, the Labor Courts, the Supreme Court, Family Affairs Court and the Rabbinical Court. Adv. Jacob Sidi has appeared in court for over 5 decade and Adv. Roy Sidi, Above the Jubilee, representing their clients in a clear and considered way, paying attention to details and being assisted by professionals – expert consultants in the fields of economics, finance, the capital market, real estate and more. 

Family Law - The firm’s practice in family law touches all legal aspects: spouse and child support, custody, prenuptial agreements, divorce and family reconciliation suits, power struggles between the rabbinical and family affairs courts, common law spouses, etc. The firm handles divorce cases guided by the attempt to reach an agreement and save unnecessary struggles. However, in the absence of any agreement from the opposing party, the firm undertakes an aggressive approach in the various courts to maximize the client’s rights.  The firm’s clients are typically involved in complex disputes stemming from the division of property belonging to companies, shareholders, company valuations, asset and real estate ownership and more. In addition, the firm is permanently at the forefront of the legal innovations, maximizing the results for the customer, also vis a vis the new court rulings.

Inheritance Law - The firm is engaged in drawing up wills, filing contesting of wills, inheritance disputes, and managing estates. The firm specializes in, filing requests to fulfill wills and/or grant an inheritance order by law and well as filing will contests. The leading guideline in inheritance law is realizing the possible procedures to maximize the financial rights of the firm’s clients, sometimes in protracted legal proceedings, with the full knowledge that such a process results in many cases in a compromise.

Child Immigration and Abduction - The firm handles the sensitive area of child immigration and abduction. The firm renders legal consultancy to avoid child immigration and abduction, consultancy and modes of operation in case of actual immigration and abduction and legal handling on issues related to the Hague Convention, dealing in the civil aspects of international abduction of children and habeas corpus orders in cases where the convention does not apply.

The Firm’s Outstanding Precedents and Achievements

  1. Family Court Appeal 1279/07 Party A v Party B – A legal precedent for Sidi in which the court ruled in favor of the financially weaker party regarding the unfair distribution of property amassed during the marriage.
  2. Supreme Court File 2123/08 – A legal precedent for Sidi; a Jewish man who is a foreign resident was detained in Israel until he finally agreed to grant his wife a divorce, which he had initially made dependent on her giving up her rights in the division of their joint property.
  3. Family Appeal Court 9361/17 - The Supreme Court confirmed the decision of the Disrtrict Court in favor of the Sidi law firm which overturned the decision of the Family Court which removed lawyer-client confidentiality in family cases.
  4. Family file 60266-01-13 – A legal precedent for Sidi; The date for assessing the value of shares in a startup company will be the date of the shares sale, even if this occurs years after the date of the split determined by the court.
  5. File 1141711/2 – A legal precedent for Sidi; The Supreme Rabbinical Court in a decision concerning monies that were held in a bank account in the husband’s name at the time of the marriage between the parties and to which the husband attached the wife on their marriage. The court ruled that the husband will waive his rights and that the money will not be divided between the parties despite that recorded.
  6. File 1070855/4 – A legal precedent for Sidi; The Rabbinical Court ruled on the payment of rental fees to the wife for an asset held in the husband’s name and before the wife’s rights to the asset had been determined.
  7. Family Case 12994-09-18 – A legal precedent for Sidi; The courted handed down decree which required the husband to remove a tenant from a property registered in his name and allowing his wife to live in said property.
  8. Last Will and Testament file 6840-07-12 – A case in which a Last Will and Testament was nullified at the request of one of the firm’s clients. The original will had been signed in the presence of lawyers and despite a medical opinion at the time of signing.
  9. Family Case 60266-01-13 – A legal precedent for Sidi; A case in which, at the request of Advocate Sidi, a trustee was appointed prior to resource leveling due to fears of assets being hidden. The court ruled that the husband must transfer assets held in his name and which have not yet been determined as shared, to the management of the trustee, At a later stage, shares and real estate that had been purchased after the date of the spilt were confiscated from the couple and transferred to the trustee. This followed after it had been proven that there was a fear of the husband transferring the assets and after additional steps had been unable to assist.
  10. Family Case 2304-02-15 – A case in which an urgent Habeas Corpus request was rejected. The request related to a 16-year-old minor who had returned to Israel despite a District Court ruling that he must emigrate with his mother until an expert opinion had been received. The ruling was given despite the fact that the child had already been registered for school. Eventually, the minor’s father was awarded custody according to rulings of the District Court and the Supreme Court that he must emigrate.
  11. Family Care 6574-02-16 – A rabbinical court decision that it has the authority to hear a case regarding child support and a court decision affirming this decision.
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