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Established: 1999
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law
Address: 36 Ha-Namal St. 4th floor gate 3, Haifa
Phone: 972-4-8661919
Fax: 972-4-8664599
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.itkintal.co.il
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    Tal Itkin Law Office

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    Dikla Aberman
    Tehila Garbawi
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About Tal Itkin Law Office

The Tal Itkin Law Office is northern Israel’s leading family and inheritance law firm. The firm was founded in 1999 by Adv. Tal Itkin, and gained extensive experience in all aspects of family and inheritance laws. It represents clients in complex family and inheritance cases in front of all tribunals and jurisdictions, including appearances and litigation in the rabbinical courts, the district courts, The Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of Justice (Bagatz), and also in mediation and arbitration processes, from a long-standing and vast experience in litigation and representation and a unique and broad legal perspective.

The firm won many innovative rulings and significant precedents for its clients, including:
• An extraordinary precedent in a Hague Convention case in which the Supreme Court ruled that the best interests of a minor is to remain in her mother’s custody in Israel and not to be returned to her previous residency; • Winning the Bagatz which set the determining time rankings in the jurisdiction race; • A case which is currently discussed in the Supreme Court (extended panel) concerning the authority of the rabbinical court to force a divorce on a person who escaped abroad; • An innovative and publicized ruling that required, for the first time in Israel, the mother to pay child support for a child in the father’s custody. • An appeal in the supreme court concerning the applicable jurisdiction in the case of spouses who divorced in Israel and have assets abroad.

Adv. Tal Itkin, Founder and Owner

The firm’s founder, Adv. Tal Itkin, licensed lawyer since 1999, has been a certified mediator and notary for about 21 years. These days, Tal is working on her doctoral dissertation, with the guidance of Dr. Mirian Markowitz, on the changing family structure in the technological world and the global era, and its relation to intellectual property rights in the family. She graduated with an LL.B., from the University of Sheffield, England, as well as an LL.M. (Commercial Law), from the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center.

Broad, Multi-disciplinary Approach with a Personal, Tailored Perspective

The firm combines extensive knowledge in family law with profound understanding of adjacent and complementary issues. Since family law naturally involves both personal and individual topics along-side a wide variety of complex assets, which are often difficult to understand, price and divide; and due to the overlap of several separate jurisdictions, including the civil courts, the rabbinical courts and foreign jurisdictions, lawyers in the field are required to master a large number topics, and to have the ability to move from a broad strategic perspective to personal distinctions and legal nuances. The firm’s strength and exceptionality is in its ability to execute this ability, with the implementation of the most suitable strategy for the clients in order to achieve the best and most just result for them.

Practice Areas

The firm has a unique expertise in the interfaces between family law and IP rights, patents and copyrights, rights in shares and start-ups, and how to divide these rights between spouses or heirs in separation proceedings or death. The first questions that come to mind when addressing our firm for representation in a divorce proceeding where the couple has IP rights, patents, copyrights, shares and startups are: “How will the patent be distributed? How will the rewards be distributed? How will the rights be distributed in the company, if at all on the day after the divorce?”. Our firm has a great deal of experience in managing complex cases and handling the distribution and balance of these non-tangible assets, with an emphasis on building a proper and just strategy for the client and his family.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements - Nowadays, people often get married while possessing considerable assets. In spite of the unromantic feeling it might invoke, it is very important to pre-arrange the division of property in the case of a divorce, which may save unnecessary legal struggles. The firm specializes in the preparation of complex agreements, which are based on a thorough understanding of the spouses’ assets, the ability to predict a variety of future scenarios, and deep familiarity with the property division rulings, and are aimed at creating a fair and protective situation for the couple.

Divorce - This field requires extreme sensitivity due to its consequences that involves children and minors. The firm specializes in assisting the achievement of a desired solution, with minimal impact on the children. Due to the personal and unique nature of every family situation, the firm believes in operating from close attention to its clients, in order to find the best practical and legal path for everyone involved, and boldly guide and lead them through all of the various emotional, financial and legal aspects into a strong opening position in their new way. The firm helps its clients manage all of the divorce procedure’s aspects, including reaching an optimal child support and custody situation and division of property from the client’s perspective, also for complex and intangible assets.

Mediation - The firm manages mediation processes based on the belief that before taking legal action, it is best to try and mediate, thus enabling the parties to move-on with their lives and leave the dispute behind. The firm is highly experienced in successful mediations, while using all available tools to better resolve each situation, thus protecting clients’ and children’s interests with law-compatible agreements and without unnecessary legal struggles. Its legal experience and assistance in numerous complex cases provide the firm with the required professional maturity for the mediation process, including the ability to predict potential situations into which the client might enter, and that may be avoided or better handled with preparation.

Inheritance - The firm has profound understandings of inheritance laws, and has handled some of the most complex cases in Israel. The firm has the required legal and financial knowledge for handling the multi-dimensional and multi-party struggles of complex inheritance cases, with numerous wills, heirs and assets in Israel and abroad, including testamentary defects and unmarketable international assets. The firm analyzes every case to its finest details, with all of the associated nuances and planning and predicting the possible moves of the client and the other parties, in order to achieve the best result for the client.

Pro Bono - Adv. Itkin serves as the legal counsellor of the “Second Childhood” for children at risk, and the firm handles Pro Bono cases from the Bar.


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Years of Operation 22 Since 1999

Years of Operation


Since 1999

20 Years of Volunteering for "Second Childhood" NPO


Years of Volunteering for "Second Childhood" NPO

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