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Established: 2015
Line of Business: Taxes
Address: 12 Abba Hillel St., Ayalon Insurance House, 14th floor, Ramat Gan
Phone: 972-3-5301070
Fax: 972-3-6878797
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.sassontax.co.il
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  • Tehila Sasson, Tehila Sasson & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. and CPA Tehila Sasson

    Founder and Owner

    Tehila Sasson & Co., Law Firm

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    Tehila Sasson
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About Tehila Sasson & Co., Law Firm

Tehila Sasson & Co., Law Firm is a boutique firm that specializes in providing solutions for a wide variety of taxation issues. The firm provides its clients with personally-tailored service, while utilizing its legal knowledge in combination with its understanding of accounting matters and its ability to analyze the implications on the financial statements, all in order to create optimal tax solutions which are adjusted to the specific needs of the client and to its business operations. Experience and familiarity with the tax authorities and an out-of-the-box thinking enable to offer the clients comprehensive planning and an optimization of their tax liabilities, while maximizing their financial performance.

Since the Israeli tax environment is characterized by reforms that change often in light of the dynamic legislation and rulings, a comprehensive planning of the tax policy is required. This requires professional and applicable knowledge, from both the legal and the accounting aspects, familiarity with the tax authorities and creative thinking. The firm provides clients with inspired and visionary services in order to respond to the complex tax legislation and ease their tax burden. The firm provides services for all tax aspects, including income tax, encouragement laws, international taxation, real estate tax and indirect tax.

The firm’s sees its clients’ benefit as the core of its operations. The synergy between the legal expertise and the accounting perspective, while analyzing the impact on the financial statements, leads to the creation of optimal solutions which are customized for the firm’s clients and their business activity. The firm excels in creating practical solutions, including arrangements with the tax authorities, in order to guarantee certainty for its clients. The firm is renowned for its professional excellence, creative thinking and personal service from which the clients benefit. The firm, which was founded by Adv. (CPA) Tehila Sasson, cooperates with lawyers, accountants and tax advisors who turn to it when they require creative solutions for complex taxation problems. Some of the firm’s clients over the years include holding companies, contractors, insurance companies, banks, Hi-Tech and Bio-Tech companies, industrial companies and individuals.

Adv. and CPA Tehila Sasson

Adv. (CPA) Tehila Sasson has a B.A., Business Administration and Accounting, and LL.M. for Accountants and an LL.B. She formerly worked for 5 years in the Tax Authority as a Senior Inspector in the Large Factories Assessments. She was also employed in KPMG Somekh as a senior manager in the tax department, and in her last position she founded and managed KPMG’s Haifa Branch’s Tax Department. In addition, she is a member of the Institute of CPAs in Israel’s Tax Committee and lectures in several academic institutes.

Practice Areas

Income Tax - The firm accompanies its clients, companies and individuals in Israel and abroad, in all of the income tax aspects, including counsel, planning the business outline, opinions on tax issues, accompanying in assessment meetings vis-à-vis the tax authorities, writing objections, and pre-ruling applications. The firm specializes in planning transactions as to reduce the tax burden while implementing “out-of-the-box” thinking, in combination with legal knowledge and the understanding of accounting and financial statements, and maintains correspondence with the tax authorities to receive pre-rulings for suggested outlines. The firm practices taxation of high-net-worth individuals, including taxation of foreign investments abroad, personally-owned intangible assets, non-compete agreements, goodwill sales and transferring family assets to the next generation. The tax planning is fully coordinated with the clients’ local and foreign lawyers, in order to enable the firm’s international clients to conduct productive business activities in Israel. The firm handles the advisory, preparation and planning of transactions and projects, provides legal opinions, represents clients vis-à-vis the tax authorities in assessment proceedings, special arrangement, obtaining pre-rulings and establishing trusts.

International Taxation - The firm provides holistic solutions for the activities of foreign residents (companies and individuals) that operate in Israel, including the taxation of trusts, planning residency terminations, assisting new immigrants and returning residents, international tax planning, building international holding structures, accompanying activities outside of Israel, M&A, pre-rulings, arrangements with the tax authorities and legal opinions.

The firm provides tax counsel and planning in international transactions and ventures, while applying bilateral tax treaties, establishing and reporting trusts, facilitating the benefits for new immigrants and returning residents, providing legal opinions, representing clients vis-à-vis the tax authorities in all assessment proceedings, special arrangement, and obtaining pre-rulings from the international taxation unit.

Voluntary Disclosure - In light of the complexity of the matter, it is recommended to open voluntary disclosure proceedings while you are being accompanied by professionals and when necessary lawyers, as the information that they receive in the framework of the voluntary disclosure is protected by lawyer-client privilege. The firm has vast experience in managing voluntary disclosure proceedings, including in proceedings with significant tax amounts, where an optimization of the civil taxation is achieved on the one hand, while close attention is paid to the criminal aspects solution on the other hand. The firm’s legal services are completely discreet and our protected by the lawyer-client privilege.

Encouragement Laws - The firm works to maximize the tax benefits and incentives for its clients by reviewing the entitlement to tax benefits in a variety of situations, tax solutions for meeting the eligibility thresholds, and supporting the applications for approvals from the various authorities. The firm specializes in obtaining pre-rulings from the Encouragement Laws Department of the Tax Authority, represents before tax authorities and inspectors in assessment meetings and encouragement laws proceedings, counsels and files applications for rental buildings, obtains pre-rulings from the Center of Innovation and provides legal opinions.

Corporate Restructurings - Proficiency in the tax law that handle organizational structure changes and understanding of the basic principles are required for enabling flexibility in organizing the corporation’s operations without creating tax exposures and while relying on long term planning, while some of the restructurings require pre-approvals from the tax authorities. The firm is active, inter alia, in counseling, preparing and planning corporate structure changes and in legal and tax support for such changes.

Real Estate Tax - The firm accumulated vast knowledge and deep experience in real estate, and expertise in their taxation and VAT aspects, and it specializes in property taxes and all of the tax implications of real estate transactions, including taxation in selling residential apartments, asset-swap or joint ventures, Pinui-Binui, Tama 38, property exchange, selling properties in liquidations and tax implications of special circumstances. The firm provides its clients with professional services, including tax consulting and transaction planning, transaction support, legal opinions, pre-ruling applications and representation in assessment and appeal sessions.

Indirect Taxes - The firm provides clients with tax planning and consulting, transaction support, legal opinions, pre-ruling applications and representation in assessment sessions vis-à-vis the VAT authorities, with expertise in solutions for the unique taxation issues of financial institutes and their affiliated companies, including issues of salary tax and profits tax.


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