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Established: 2020
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 7 Mesada St. (BSR Tower 4, 19th floor), Bnei Brak 5126112
Phone: 972-3-7177700
Fax: 972-3-7177711
Email: [email protected]
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  • Navot  Tel-Zur, Tel-Zur & Co.

    Navot Tel-Zur

    Senior Partner

    Tel-Zur & Co.

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    Navot Tel-Zur
  • Meirav Bar-Zik, Tel-Zur & Co.

    Meirav Bar-Zik

    Senior Partner

    Tel-Zur & Co.

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    Meirav Bar-Zik
  • Tal Shapira, Tel-Zur & Co.

    Tal Shapira

    Senior Partner

    Tel-Zur & Co.

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    Tal Shapira
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About Tel-Zur & Co.

Tel-Zur & Co. is a boutique law firm that specializes in civil-commercial litigation and white-collar offences. The firm was established by Advocates Navot Tel Zur, Tal Shapira and Meirav Bar-Zik and is constantly ranked as one of Israel’s leading law firms in these fields.
Tel-Zur & Co. has vast and unique experience in complex dispute resolution, while offering overall solutions for all of the client’s needs, from both of the civil and the criminal aspects (white-collar). The firm provides professional, through and in-depth counsel, with an emphasis on creative and strategic thinking, which takes into consideration the whole of the client’s short- and long-term needs. The firm aims to provide its clients with high-quality and accessible legal service, while meticulously maintaining the high professional standards and the close and personal relationship with the client and paying attention to the finest details.
The firm represents clients in Israel and globally. Its clientele includes mega-corporations, public companies, leading businesspersons and senior elected officials including prime ministers, ministers, PMs and mayors. The firm handles complex litigation cases, including monetary lawsuits in sums of tens of millions of Shekels and in complex commercial disputes, and also in some of Israel’s most significant and prominent white-collar cases, which are at the center of Israel’s public discourse.
Alongside these activities, the firm also conducts pro-bono activities which correspond to its ideals and values.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Tel-Zur & Co. handles all types of complex litigations, including monetary and contractual claims, complex legal disputes, and lawsuits in matters of companies’ law, administrative petitions, Bagatz petitions, libel and more.
The firm has vast experience in managing legal disputes before all of the judiciaries, including the Supreme Court, The Economic Court, the administrative courts and the various tribunals. Furthermore, the firm has vast experience in managing complex and intricate arbitration proceedings, including before foreign tribunals.
The firm represents both plaintiffs and defendants, and its clientele includes both corporations and private clients.
The firm provides comprehensive and complete legal support, in and out of the courts, in order to reach a creative, fast and efficient resolution of the dispute, including preliminary counsel which is aimed at making appropriate preliminary preparations and even help, under the right circumstances, to prevent the emergence of legal disputes.

Vast and Diverse Experience in Representing in Legal Disputes in a Variety of Fields

Corporate Law: The firm specializes in corporate law litigation, including shareholders’ disputes, control struggles, minority oppression claims, derivative actions and more. In this framework, the firm provides legal support and preliminary counsel from the very first stages of the conflict, while formulating a crisis management strategy that is customized to the individual circumstances of the case.
Business Disputes: The firm handles complex business-commercial disputes in numerous and diverse fields, including contractual disputes, real estate disputes, disputes between family members concerning properties or commercial matters and more.
Arbitrations: the firm has vast experience in managing lengthy and complex arbitration proceedings in various legal areas including various interim proceedings in arbitrations, such as requests for the appointment of an arbitrator, motions for temporary reliefs, applications for canceling arbitration rulings and more. In addition, the firm also manages express arbitrations in short timeframes.
Mediation and Dispute Resolution: The firm’s partners are very experienced in managing negotiations in crises, with the aim of resolving legal disputes outside of the courts quickly and efficiently when appropriate.
Administrative Law: The firm specializes in administrative law with an emphasis on administrative petitions in public tenders law. In this framework, the firm represents companies, political parties and private clients in administrative petitions to the administrative courts and Bagatz.
Libel: The firm specializes in representing in defamation claims and handles some of Israel’s major cases in this practice area. This includes the representation of public officials, businesspersons, journalists, private entities and more. The firm specializes, inter alia, in the provision of an initial and immediate response in order to prevent the publication in advance.

White Collar Offences

Tel-Zur & Co. handles Israel’s most prominent and significant white collar cases.
The firm specializes in offences concerning securities, antitrust, AML, bribery, bribery of foreign officials, fraud and breach of trust, tax offences and negligence manslaughter offences.
The firm has vast experience in responding to civil lawsuits that follow criminal proceedings, including in embezzlement cases, civil lawsuits following criminal indictments, derivative lawsuits following criminal proceedings and more.
The firm has vast experience in representing before commissions and judiciary and quasi-judiciary tribunals, such as the State Comptroller, commissions of inquiry, the Public Service Commissioner Office and Disciplinary Courts, the Administrative Enforcement Department of The Securities Authorities, sanctions committees and more.
In addition, the firm provides ongoing consulting to banks and financial institutes on all aspects of the implementation of the Money Laundering Prohibition Law’s provisions, including handling audit reports of the Supervision of Banks and representation before sanctions committees, and provides ongoing counsel to companies on all aspects of the implementation of the Competition Law, including the preparation of internal enforcement programs and ongoing counsel of on antitrust.

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