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Properties Initiation, Management and Redevelopment

The Israel Economic Development Company
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Established: 2013
Line of Business: Properties Initiation, Management and Redevelopment
Address: 24 HaNagar St., Hod HaSharon
Phone: 972-9-8808022
Fax: 972-3-3730045
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Ofir Greenberg, The Israel Economic Development Company

    Ofir Greenberg

    Founder and Partner

    The Israel Economic Development Company

  • Amit Manzur, The Israel Economic Development Company

    Amit Manzur

    Finance and Strategy

    The Israel Economic Development Company

  • Amir  Hamizer, The Israel Economic Development Company

    Amir Hamizer

    Marketing and Sales

    The Israel Economic Development Company

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About The Israel Economic Development Company

The Israel Economic Development Company is active in the initiation, management, betterment and optimal realization of properties, for itself and a variety of companies and individuals in the Israeli market. The company was established in 2013 and its operations are concentrated in the local market, with a significant relative advantage in the Sharon and Central District area. The company’s team is skilled and highly experienced in initiating and developing real-estate projects of all types. The company’s employees specialize in unlocking the potential inherent in the land, customized to the owners and their needs.

Tailored Properties

The company works through a unique model – personally tailored real estate initiation, where it provides property owners with var-ious alternatives for optimal realization of their properties: Initiate and execute an independent redevelopment pro-ject, initiate and execute a planning and zoning project independently, transacting in a full or partial sale transactions with a third party and more. In all alternatives above, the property’s profit or returns potential is clearly dependent upon the management of a structured and professional procedure which requires proper knowledge, experience, and skills. 

The Company’s Services

The company offers its clients an umbrella of services as a one-stop-shop. These services include: strategic consulting to property owners seeking optimal realization of their properties; outsourced management of property development and redevelopment; fully-transparent management of property sales for land owners; advanced real estate finance and customized project and corporation finance, and management of significant events such as: crisis and threat management, one-time opportunities, integrating family members into the business and more.

Executive Management

Ofir Greenberg, Partner and Owner: Ofir has several decades of real estate management and initiation experience. He was formerly CEO of the real estate companies Azorim and Shikun&Pituach, and served in senior roles in the A. Dori Group and Ashdar. He has a B.A., Economics and Accounting and an M.B.A. (cum laude) from Ben Gurion University. He also graduated with honors from the real estate appraising studies in the Technion. Ofir is a CPA and licensed real estate appraiser.

Amit Manzur, Finance and Strategy: Amit has extensive experience in M&A transaction, strategic consulting and complex finance. In his professional past, he served in senior roles in Ampal and Alrov Group. By education, he has a B.A., Economics and Accounting and an M.B.A. (magna cum laude) from Ben Gurion University. Amit is a CPA.

Construction for Businesses

The company initiates and builds business and commerce centers with scopes of hundreds of thousands of square meters. The company emphasizes the construction of such centers near significant population concentrations, to enable local residents to work in a new and pleasant environment near their homes, and improve their life quality.

Residential Construction

The company initiates and builds new residential communities in the Sharon and Central District area, with a significant scale of hundreds of apartments. These communities are carefully planned, in order to lead to a proper integration of the new residents in the existing community, with attention to the unique needs of each and every resident.

Social Initiation

The company promotes the construction of living environments which combine residences, employment and leisure for special populations with mental disabilities and communication challenges (autistic).

Guiding Values

IEDC is guided by four core values: Love of People and Land: A value which expresses the building of Israel, with an emphasis on the individual’s welfare. Professionalism: A value that expresses extensive knowledge, longstanding field experience, structured professional management, flexible thinking and creativity. Fairness and Transparency: A value which expresses teamwork and full cooperation between all of the entities in the construction process, with full transparency and fairness. Community: Synergistic construction integrating family, business, residences, entertainment and leisure. A community which sum of parts exceeds the whole.

Residential Communities

King Solomon, Netanya: A boutique residential complex located in northwest of Netanya, 200 meters from the sea. Three Boutique buildings, a lavish spec, and a diverse apartment mix: 3/4/5/6-rooms, mini-penthouses, garden, and roof apartments.

Revivim, Tel Aviv: A new residential project in the quiet Revivim neighborhood. The project, designed and led by Arch. Gidi Bar Orian, is characterized by a “town house” structure, includes about 100 apartments, and will offer a wide apartment mix with lavish interior designs as well as high levels of finishing.

Business Communities

Kikar HaMoshave, Hod HaSharon: A business, commerce, and entertainment center, currently under advanced construction, in a strategic location near the railway station and the interchange to Road 531. The center includes employment and offices spaces, commerce, entertainment, and leisure areas covering about 27,000 sq.m.

Biet Manzur, Ra’anana: A new business complex at the heart of Ra’anana’s Hi-Tech Park. The complex includes two 11-story office buildings above a commerce floor covering about 26,000 sq.m. The first building is currently being populated.

The AMYC Business Center, Hod HaSharon: A business center in Neve Ne’eman’s renewing industrial zone. The center includes about 15,000 sq.m. of office floors and a 5,000 sq.m. commerce floor. The center is an innovative, new and advanced work environment for about 150 SMEs while creating a fertile business community with pleasant surroundings.

Tailored Real Estate

Neumann Steel, Petach Tikva: Managing the outsourced development of Neumann Steel’s real estate.

Recanati Winery, Dalton: Management and assistance with planning, execution and finance proceedings.

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