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Real estate entrepreneurship, urban renewal, preservation of buildings, residential buildings, offices and commerce

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Established: 1965
Line of Business: Real estate entrepreneurship, urban renewal, preservation of buildings, residential buildings, offices and commerce
Address: 21/8 HaOrgim St., Holon
Phone: 972-3-5590512
Fax: 972-3-5582067
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.turgeman-ltd.co.il
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Company Executives

  • Dotan  Turgeman, Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

    Dotan Turgeman

    CEO and Owner

    Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

  • Hezi Rozenbllum, Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

    Hezi Rozenbllum

    Executive V.P

    Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

  • Daniel Tsfania, Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

    Daniel Tsfania

    Company engineer

    Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

  • Zafrir Luninski, Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

    Zafrir Luninski

    Business Development & Marketing Manager

    Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

  • Nurit Yuvali, Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

    Nurit Yuvali


    Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

  • Michal Tetro, Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

    Michal Tetro

    Purchasing Manager

    Turgeman Construction Company Ltd.

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About Turgeman Meir & Sons Ltd.

Turgeman Meir & Sons is part of the Turgeman Group, one of Israel’s leading companies in the field of developing, marketing and building residential complex, public buildings and architectural preservation. The group was founded about 60 years ago by the Late Meir Turgeman the company’s founder and Honored Citizen of Holon, with the aim of providing a focused solution for the group’s property development operations. The company works with cutting-edge technologies and meets strict international standards, has the highest contractor classification in Israel – C5, is a recognized government works contractor and ISO 9000 certified, and benefits from financial strength and long-term relationships with Israeli banks. The company is guided by the values of integrity, professionalism, reliability and quality. It integrates development with execution and builds large-scale projects across Israel. Its specialization in industrialized construction and integrating various construction methods enhances its capability to successfully handle complex and diverse projects, meet tight schedules and achieve optimal results. The company believes in comprehensive service, transparency and a perfect customer experience

The Executive Team

The company is managed by Dotan Turgeman, who has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and an M.Sc. in construction management from the Technion. As CEO, he brings to the table comprehensive knowledge, professional experience and innovative and rigorous methodologies. The company’s skilled team of managers and workers includes the best experts in the industry, who lead together advanced and accurate construction, with uncompromising responsibility and reliability.
A Unique Specialization in Architectural Conservation
Turgeman is one of the top companies in Israel in architectural conservation – a unique real estate segment. Its work model integrates construction innovation with the conservation of historic elements, while using special materials and designs. Some of the projects include: Conservation of Beit HaIr Museum in Tel Aviv, Bank Rothschild, Beit HaIkarim, HaTahana Complex, The Antiquity Authority House in Jerusalem, The Be’er in Yafo and more.

Building Green – Building Smart

Green building is more than a slogan, it’s a way of living that offers quality, health and cost-saving. The company integrates methods, technologies and solutions that promote sustainability, protect the environment and create considerate living environments, including: Thermal insulation, minimizing energy, water and power costs, ventilation and air quality, and recycling and waste separation systems.

Notable Residential Projects

Turgeman Holon H370: An 11-story building with 37 apartments.
Turgeman Kiryat Ono, Ariel Sharon Neighborhood: An 8-story building with 26 apartments.
Turgeman Raanana, Neve Zemer: A 7-story building with 18 apartments.
Holon, 9 Yom HaKippurim - Tama, A 7-story building with 28 apartments.
Kfar Saba, Ehud Manor - A 6-story building with 15 apartments
Kfar Saba, Yair Rosenblum - An 8-story building with 19 apartments
Holon, 8 Nehemia Tamari - A 12-story building with 41 apartments
Holon, 2 Molocho - A 5-story boutique building with 10 apartments
Nes Ziona, Green Valley - 3 setback houses with 35 apartments
Tel Aviv, 65 King Solomon St. - A conservation building with 12 apartments.
Tel Aviv, 64 Herzl - A conservation building with 12 apartments, and more.

Public Projects

Beit HaIr, Tel Aviv - Expansion, renovation and conservation of the museum (Bialik Sq.)
Beit HaAtzmaut Museum - Restoring and preserving Beit HaAtzmaut and a building a museum in it.
The National Archeology Quarter, Jerusalem - Building a museum and the Antiquity Authority House, Exterior and interior finishing for the Museums City in Givat Ram. The Rehabilitation Village Aleh Negev, Nachalat Eran - Building a therapy pool, employment building, clinic, wards dormitories, therapeutic horse stable and zoo.
The Academic College Beit Berl - Building two classroom buildings and an auditorium.
Tel Aviv University - The Lorry I. Lokey Management Faculty Building and the Nazarian Visitor Center.
Beit HaLohem, Ashdod - For The Disabled IDF Veterans Organization, seven 2-story buildings.
The “HaTzel, The Heart of a Child” NGO, Holon - A center for heart surgery recovery.
Jerusalem Antiquities Authority - Establishment of the National Campus for Archaeology in the Givat Ram Museums Campus.

Commercial Projects

T1, An Offices and Commerce Project, Holon - 10 Stories, 4 Basement stories.
T2, An Offices and Commerce Project, Holon - 8 Stories, 3 Basement stories.
Ropmart Ltd. Israel - An office building in Kfar Saba with an area of 15,000 sq.m.
Willi-Food Yavne - A logistics center with an area of about 14,000 sq.m.
Rothschild Bank - Office Buildings and conservation for two existing buildings.

Turgeman Urban renewal

Turgeman Meir & Sons Ltd. has been operating, over the past few years, also a separate urban renewal division. As a company that both initiates and executes the projects, it provides a significant advantage to the residents who benefit from complete service through a single point of contact.
The company executes complex large-scale urban renewal projects and was one of the first companies in Israel to adopt green building methodologies, and thus it provides a pleasant high-quality environment for the residents at the highest standards.

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