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Tax issues, Commercial Law

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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Tax issues, Commercial Law
Address: Menachem Begin rd. 52, Sonol Tower, 18th floor, Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-7788666
Fax: 972-3-7788667
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.zeevilaw.com
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  • Yaron Zeevi, Yaron Zeevi Law Office

    Adv. Yaron Zeevi

    Founding Partner

    Yaron Zeevi Law Office

  • Sharona Buchnik, Yaron Zeevi Law Office

    Sharona Buchnik


    Yaron Zeevi Law Office

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About Yaron Zeevi Law Office

Yaron Zeevi Law Offices are one of the top boutique law firms in the field of tax and commercial law. Also, the firm offers first-class legal services in the fields of corporate and commercial law. A unique combination of tax law expertise and commercial law expertise provides added value to the firm’s clients in the form of comprehensive legal solutions for business, both tax and commercial, and in addressing all the client’s business needs and taxes, in order to achieve the best results. Dedicated service, in-depth knowledge, the synergy created by combining taxation and commercial law, and professional excellence have helped the firm to be ranked among the top law firms in its field since 2016.

Business, commercial, and tax clients are advised by the firm, which offers them individualized solutions tailored to their needs while applying thorough knowledge of various tax issues on the one hand, and of commercial law on the other. Our firm represents and assists companies and shareholders in a wide range of transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures (JVs), share purchases and sales, and the establishment and management of international investment structures and holdings.

Among the firm’s clients are public companies, industrial firms, leading commercial firms, high-tech companies, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals with international operations.

The firm is often at the crossroads of material decision-making, such as deciding on the best way to conclude a transaction or the holding structure and purchase structure, tax aspects and complex solutions in the commercial world, sometimes related to regulations outside Israel, and how to connect shareholders or a project to an existing framework. The process involves applying in-depth knowledge of taxation and business-commercial considerations.

It is due to this reason that the firm’s staff has a close and lasting relationship with its clients.

A key strength of this firm stems from the combination of a wealth of experience in taxation and broad knowledge of the commercial world, including finance, gaming, and crypto investments. Boutique firm’s clients benefit from its extensive knowledge of these areas while interacting with a small, specially selected, and professional staff.

Yaron Zeevi Law Offices is specialized in optimizing the activities of its clients, both from a tax perspective and in a broader view of their business activities. A large part of the firm’s involvement in the projects is its systematic and integrated approach to supporting a client’s business, as well as its commitment to optimizing taxes in conjunction with its commercial goals and not strictly as a separate activity.

Areas of Expertise


Yaron Zeevi Law Offices specializes in a wide range of taxation issues and offers creative solutions to its clients. The firm provides a wide range of top-notch legal services, including voluntary disclosure, counseling, and tax planning in local and international commercial transactions. Tax consulting, tax planning, and legal opinions are provided by the firm in a variety of tax areas, including income tax, value-added tax, and real estate taxation, as well as international taxation issues (such as control and management, Controlled Foreign Company, residency, and more).

Also available are tax consultations and legal opinions that pertain to tax planning within the family unit, severance of residency (individuals/companies), returning residents, new immigrants, and foreign residents.

Besides representing clients in civil litigation proceedings (hearings, disputes, and tax appeals), the firm also provides advice and guidance, as well as representation in criminal tax law matters.

Commercial Law

The firm assists its clients by providing professional, broad, and thorough legal advice regarding their commercial activities while including a variety of aspects such as taxation, litigation, company law, labor law, and more. The synergy formed by the firm’s tax knowledge and expertise in commercial law provides added value to its clients.

The firm provides a wide range of services in the area of commercial law, including accompanying transactions, ongoing consulting for corporations, drafting agreements such as sales agreements, founding agreements, distribution and marketing agreements, investment agreements, and partnership agreements.

Yaron Zeevi Law Offices also provides comprehensive legal services to its clients in the fields of retail and wholesale, industry, construction, communications, technology, cosmetics, food, and finance.

Team Members

Adv. Yaron Zeevi

Advocate Zeevi, the founder of the firm, has years of experience in tax law at all levels, including income tax, international taxation, real estate taxation, and VAT. In addition to legal opinions, Adv. Zeevi conducts tax planning while adapting the process to the client’s needs. Also, Advocate Zeevi represents clients before the tax authorities in assessment proceedings, in preliminary approval proceedings, in voluntary disclosure proceedings, in court in civil tax proceedings, and in criminal proceedings and pre-investigation proceedings.

Adv. Zeevi also advises and handles a variety of commercial law matters, including accompanying and drafting commercial contracts and managing negotiations, establishing business ventures, and resolving disputes between shareholders and/or partners. Also, he serves as a consultant to various companies both locally and internationally.

Adv. Sharona Buchnik

Adv. Buchnik specializes in tax consulting for individuals and corporations in a wide range of tax fields, including Israeli and international taxation. In addition, Adv. Buchnik specializes in providing legal opinions on a variety of complex tax issues at various levels, represents clients in assessment and litigation proceedings before the various tax authorities, and defends taxpayers before courts.


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