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Tort, traffic accidents, bodily harm and medical malpractice; along-side a commercial department

Zeltzer & Co. - Law Firm
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Established: 1969
Line of Business: Tort, traffic accidents, bodily harm and medical malpractice; along-side a commercial department
Address: Zeltzer House, 9 Marmorek St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6855959
Fax: 972-3-6855638
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://zeltzerlaw.com/
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  • Galia Zeltzer Lipszyc, Zeltzer & Co. - Law Firm

    Adv. Galia Zeltzer Lipszyc

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    Zeltzer & Co. - Law Firm

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    Galia Zeltzer Lipszyc
  • Dor Lipszyc, Zeltzer & Co. - Law Firm

    Adv. Dor Lipszyc


    Zeltzer & Co. - Law Firm

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About Zeltzer & Co. - Law Firm

Zeltzer & Co. – Law Firm was founded in 1969 by the Late Adv. Dr. Pinhas Zeltzer and since then and to this very day it has been a leading boutique firm with first-class reputation, which specializes in handling the most difficult and complex tort cases, including road accidents, negligence and medical malpractice lawsuits.
The firm represents severe casualties (plaintiffs only) with 100% disability, quadriplegic, paraplegic, mechanically ventilated patients, brain injury victims etc., and gained reputation as an expert in handling complex claims, creating legal precedents and achieving unprecedented damages.

Personal and Devoted Care for Every Client

In Israel, which has thousands of law firms, the firm’s uniqueness and pride is in the personal service that it provides for every client, from A to Z at every detail. The firm’s clients benefit from support, counsel and personal and accessible service throughout all of the proceeding handling process, from the initial meeting and up to the conclusion of the legal proceedings. The firm often continues to accompany its clients through their lifecycle also many years after the legal proceedings conclude, like a family.
Adv. Galia Zeltzer Lipszyc and Adv. Dor Lipszyc not only supervise but also execute by themselves all of the legal actions from the beginning of the treatment to the end of the legal proceedings. In order to provide such comprehensive legal services on a personal basis, the firm’s clients are selected carefully, from both the injury severity aspect (100% disability) and the limit on the maximal number of clients at any given moment aspect.

Groundbreaking Legal Achievements

Important court decisions and precedents in which the firm was involved are quoted in the courts and even studied in law faculties.
For example, a precedential ruling that set an increased compensation for a victim who didn’t manage to buy an apartment before the accident, the preference of the home over an institution also in the case of a solitary victim, determining that reliance on customary practices doesn’t provide an exemption from tort liability and responsibility, damage sums which are based on the costs of Israeli caretakers rather than foreign ones, and more. Many of the rulings and the cases that the firm handled received broad media coverage (such as the case of Sasha Alterman, the most severe casualty of the “Maccabiah Bridge Disaster”, the families of the 11 terror victims of the Munich Massacre, road accidents victims, workplace accidents victims, medical malpractice victims and more, for whom damages in sums on NIS millions were ruled).

Creativity and Out-of-the-Box Thinking Create Optimal Solutions for the Clients

Since the tort field is very dynamic, thorough and deep knowledge and understanding of the provisions of the law and the rulings is not enough. The firm is distinct in its creativity, “out-of-the-box” thinking, the ability to study each and every case to its finest details as to enable to connect all of the details into a full and complete picture in order to achieve the best results, as part of a strategic and creative approach for creating optimal solutions that serve the clients’ goals.

Galia Zeltzer Lipszyc, Managing Partner

Lawyer, notary, arbitrator and mediator, started working in the firm already in 1988, and as a lawyer since 1997. Her main practice areas are civil litigations, tort, road accidents, medical malpractice and more. Galia is a member of the Israel Bar Association and is Acting Chairman of the National Tort and Insurance Forum, member of the Tort Forum near the Central Committee of the Tel Aviv District and of the Tort Committee of the Tel Aviv District. She is also a member of Medicine and Law Committee of the Central District and of the Insurance Committee, and lectures in conventions to lawyers and physicians. She practices mediation and is also appointed as an arbitrator. Galia lectures in training courses and conferences organized by the Israeli Bar Association which aim to enrich the professional knowledge of the next generation and those who practice the Law of Torts. She believes that volunteering is extremely important. She was active for many years in Women’s Circle – an international apolitical and voluntary organization which is aimed at promoting knowledge and progress, an organization which she continues to support. She is also a licensed skipper and a member of the Tel Aviv Museum Board of Trustees. She is admitted to the Israel Bar Association since 1997, and speaks Hebrew, English and French..

Dor Lipszyc, Partner

Dor has an LL.B. with a specialization in international business law and a B.A., Business Administration from IDC Herzliya, since 2017. Dor started his professional career in the family-owned firm as a pre-intern in 2015 and learned the secrets of the profession from the expert, the firm’s founder. During his internship, he took a significant part of the management of the ongoing work of the firm, including participating in negotiation meetings, drafting legal documents and preparing pleadings. His main practice areas are tort, medical malpractice and civil litigation. Dor believes in community service, and takes the time to volunteer in various organizations, particularly in hospitals. He is very passionate about basketball and snowboarding. Speaks Hebrew and English.

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