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Established: 2003
Line of Business: Real Estate, Litigation, Commercial, Mediation and Dispute Resolution
Address: 94 Yigal Alon St., Alon Tower 2, Tel Aviv 6789156
Phone: 972-3-6430301
Fax: 972-3-6430302
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.lz-law.com
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  • Ziv Lev, Ziv Lev & Co. Law Office

    Ziv Lev

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    Ziv Lev & Co. Law Office

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    Ziv Lev
  • Moshe Merdler, Ziv Lev & Co. Law Office

    Moshe Merdler


    Ziv Lev & Co. Law Office

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    Ziv Lev & Co. Law Office

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About Ziv Lev & Co. Law Office

Ziv Lev & Co. is a leading boutique law firm, specializing in real estate, litigation, commercial law, mediation and dispute resolution. Having implemented uncompromising standards of professionalism, quality, creativity, and integrity, the firm stands out amongst law firms and is involved in many transactions, projects and litigation cases. The firm was founded in 2003 by Adv. Ziv Lev, giving rise to his desire to implement his ”credo”. Adv. Lev’s integrity and loyalty to his truth stand out along the way and the firm’s clients trust him fully, delegate to him and entrust him with authorities and discretion, as to finalizing and closing transactions, and to resolve disputes on their behalf. The firm represents commercial clients, developers, corporations (private and public), NPOs, institutional bodies, startups and private clients. The firm is highly experienced in dealing with leading financial entities and corporations in Israel and it provides legal services of the highest quality to its clients. The firm highlights devotion as a benchmark standard in order to provide their clients with personal and professional services while maintaining availability and providing real-time and creative solutions, 24/7. The firm consists of ca. 17 employees specifically selected, while all the partners have “grown” from within the firm, a testimony to the belief that its employees are assets of the highest degree, and a result of the ongoing professional and personal development all go through. The firm’s vision is to keep its place as a leading boutique law firm, to maintain an ongoing professional development and keep on representing our clients in all matters and issues in which we are able to contribute and to create a real and substantial impact on and in their lives.

Professional Excellence and Uncompromising Service

The firm is committed to excellence and to providing uncompromising professional service and constantly strives to uphold the highest standards, while finding creative solutions and successfully managing complex business and legal challenges. The firm views the involvement of its partners in all cases and transactions as a fundamental core value. Many of the firm’s current clients have formerly been the counter-party in cases and transactions and chose to obtain its services after recognizing its professionalism and unique advantages.
Adv. Ziv Lev – Founding Partner and Manager
Adv. Lev specializes in real estate law, finance, civil and commercial law, with an emphasis on complex real-estate transactions and projects, evictions settlements, planning and construction law. Adv. Lev is highly regarded by his clients, who see in him as a trusted confidant. Adv. Lev is also vastly experienced in dispute resolution, including between close or related parties.

Areas of Expertise

Real Estate - The firm’s core activity, and includes, inter alia, representing and advising on complex real estate transactions including yielding assets (by developers and various retailers), acquisition groups, urban renewal (both landlords and entrepreneurs), hotels, planning and construction, logistics and industry, etc.
In addition, the real estate department specializes in representing clients in sale and purchase and/or allocation of shares in real estate associations, combination transactions, including within the urban renewal framework, etc. Moreover, the firm represents its clients in proceedings vis-à-vis the Israel Land Authority, local authorities, and planning institutes.
Furthermore, the firm has unique areas of specialization, as for example in the area of “Hekdeshot” (similar in essence to endowment funds) including tracing/selling real estate assets thereof, registration and sale of its assets, in the area of allocation of land without a tender, which requires work vis a vis the Ministry of Economy and Industry and the Israel Land Authority and accompanying industrial and logistic center projects, including the establishment and/or expansion and/or relocation of factories and facilities thereof. In addition, the firm possesses substantial expertise in municipal taxation and it is highly experienced in representing both municipal and public bodies/entities in collecting taxation as well as in representing individuals and corporations in objecting payment demands for levies and projections and/or the reduction thereof.
Litigation and Dispute Resolution - The firm represents private clients and corporations and municipalities and public/administrative entities. The firm also provides legal services to NPOs, dealing with public welfare, and represents its clients in high-profile cases, which involve fundamental questions of law, ranging throughout the entire scope of civil, public and commercial law. Considering the firm’s experience in real estate, it maintains unique expertise in representing its clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation cases in this field. Furthermore, the firm is also highly experienced in conducting mediation and taking part in procedures thereof, with more than 20 years of experience. The firm also provides E.N.E. and others legal opinion papers, aimed at enabling parties to optimally assess the chances and risks involved in a given dispute.
Commercial Law - The firm provides services pertaining to all areas of commercial law, including corporate law, contract law, antitrust, IP, labor law, the law relating to senior citizens’ homes, urban and governmental tenders, energy and infrastructure law, marine and marine security and more. The firm maintains unique expertise in representing its clients (both corporations and individuals) in high worth complex finance and re-finance transactions and projects, attachment (of collateral) and various loan agreements, and regularly represents them in their discussions and negotiations vis-à-vis the banking system and financial bodies.


The firm’s clients includes public and private firms, public and quasi-public bodies, including associations and charities, and private clients, including: Elco/Electra Group, including Electra Real-Estate, Electra Investments, Electra Construction, Elco Alfa, Hot Cinema (previously known as “Globus Max”), Electra Consumer Products, Machseny Chashmal, Shekem Electric and more, Na’amat, Giron Group, Israel Canada, Reality Fund, Ya`acobi Brothers Group (YSB), Lahav Group, Om Brothers, Iscur Group, Avogl Industries, Kashtan Group, Halilit Group, M.S. Security Group, Alum Eshet, Naaman-Eitan, “Queen of Sheba” mall, Bar Yaacov Properties and Investments, real estate entrepreneurs and corporations, and many more.

International Publications

The firm has been part of the contributors to the various chapters pertaining to real estate law in “ICLG –The International Comparative Legal Guide” book series, for over a decade. This publication is aimed at providing a professional tool for lawyers worldwide via practical comparative legal information on a range of practice areas, following a question and answer format. In addition, the firm was in charge of writing the chapter regarding Israeli arbitration law in the international arbitration magazine “International Legal Insight”.

Contribution to the Community

The firm contributes to hospitals, researches, charities and represents needy individuals on a pro-bono basis. The firm also contributes to the community in other manners, including via involving its clientele in different projects such as “kamcha de-pascha”.

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