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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Civil Law, Real Estate and Property Law, Planning and Construction, Real Estate Taxation and Civil Litigation
Address: Main Office - 16 Horev St., Haifa
Tel Aviv Branch - 3 Daniel Frisch St.
Phone: 972-77-5432170
Fax: 972-77-5432160
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.lotanlaw.com
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  • Ziv Lotan, Ziv Lotan Law Firm

    Adv. Ziv Lotan

    Founder and Owner

    Ziv Lotan Law Firm

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    Ziv Lotan
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    Adv. Tzachi Fistel

    Ziv Lotan Law Firm

  • Maya Grinholz, Ziv Lotan Law Firm

    Adv. Maya Grinholz

    Ziv Lotan Law Firm

  • Meir Hazut, Ziv Lotan Law Firm

    Adv. Meir Hazut

    Ziv Lotan Law Firm

  • Adi Shalom, Ziv Lotan Law Firm

    Adv. Adi Shalom

    Ziv Lotan Law Firm

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    Adv. Galit Houri

    Ziv Lotan Law Firm

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    Adv. May Rippel

    Ziv Lotan Law Firm

  • Yamen Massalha, Ziv Lotan Law Firm

    Adv. Yamen Massalha

    External Consultant

    Ziv Lotan Law Firm

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About Ziv Lotan Law Firm

Ziv Lotan Law Firm is a leading boutique firm in Haifa that specializes in real estate, urban renewal, property law, planning and zoning, real estate taxation, class actions, and civil litigation. Established in 2008, the firm made it its mission to provide clients with legal counsel in a professional, personalized, efficient, and creative manner that is tailored to its clients’ specific needs. All of which is backed up by an understanding of law and business, practical experience in the world of business and real estate, as well as a broad economic and financial knowledge base. Over the years, the firm has consistently led in professionalism and innovation, while personally and reliably accompanying its clients and understanding their needs. The channels of communication with the firm are always available for consultation, support, and proper representation. The firm strongly believes in teamwork and brainstorming, and that is why it employs experienced lawyers in various fields, who can provide quality solutions whenever needed.

Adv. Ziv Lotan, Founder and Owner

Adv. Lotan is a notary and real estate appraiser. He specializes in planning and zoning laws, real estate, real estate taxation, betterment levies, commercial law, real estate financing, civil litigation, and representation. His education is both broad and diverse, and includes a notary certificate, he is a graduate of real estate appraisal studies, holds an LL.B. and LL.M. from Haifa University, an MBA from Haifa University with an expertise in real estate appraisal, a BA in Economics from Haifa University, and a certification as a mediator from Haifa University as well. Adv. Lotan also serves as a lecturer at Haifa University and is a member of the admissions committee for students in the Real Estate program of the Faculty of Business Administration. Additionally, he is a graduate of a director training program for private and public companies, a graduate of real estate appraisal studies, a member of the boards of directors of companies in the commercial and real estate sectors, and a member of the boards of directors of public funds for real estate financing, as well as chairman and legal adviser of NPOs.

Areas of Activity

Real Estate - The firm represents buyers and sellers, developers, and individuals in various real estate transactions - sales transactions, combination transactions, real estate options, purchase groups, etc.

Planning and Zoning - The firm has a great deal of experience in this field and frequently appears before local committees, district appeal committees, the district court in its capacity as a court for administrative matters, and even in the Supreme Court in various planning proceedings. Additionally, the firm accompanies initiators/applicants of new development projects in front of the planning commissions, as well as in the context of objections, appeals, etc.

Urban Renewal - The firm provides legal support for dozens of urban renewal projects, both for apartment owners and developers. It was also appointed a member of the WealthStone investment fund committee, which raises hundreds of millions of NIS to finance large-scale urban renewal projects.

Real Estate Taxation - The firm accompanies real estate companies and rights’ holders in representation and tax planning regarding combination transactions, building rights trade, purchase groups, dealings with appraisers, etc.

Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution - The firm accompanied many legal proceedings over the years in various civil fields. The firm’s staff is highly skilled in appearing before various courts, which results in optimal results for its clients.

Class Action - Class actions received much attention in recent years, mainly due to the passing and implementation of the Class Action Law. A class action is a civil platform that allows a specific person (class plaintiff), who has been harmed by a certain wrongdoing of a commercial company or public entity, to submit a claim on behalf of a large group of people who have been similarly harmed for a similar act. Typically, class actions make it financially viable to file and manage a claim within them when it would be ineffective or incorrect for each group member to do so on their own. Managing a class action, which usually involves millions of NIS, exposes the parties to risks and therefore requires relevant expertise. Due to its powerful nature, the choice of the lawyer has a great deal of significance. Adv. Tzachi Pistel, after gaining decades of successful experience in representing plaintiffs and defendants, leads the field in our firm.

The Firm’s Clients

The firm’s clients are very diverse and include, among others, developers, contractors, and investors who need legal support during their transactions, companies that require regular legal counsel, and private clients who need representation in the firm’s areas of expertise. Among our clients are leading companies, including Tidhar, Shatit, Shoval, Mivnim Group, Sami Noufi and Sons, Abada, and others.

Prominent Cases

Planning and Zoning - Representation of a developer in an administrative petition on the principal issue of a possible loss of eligibility for NOP 38 of a building that underwent expansion per the Shatil rule – thanks to the firm’s efforts, the project was approved. Representation of a developer in the appeals of opponents in the Supreme Court alleging damage - under the firm’s leadership, the objections were rejected. Representation before the District Committee for Planning and Construction in planning procedures for Haifa housing complexes - early planning, deposit meetings, responding to objections, etc., for a project that includes about 55 housing units and commercial areas. In addition to classic planning issues, the plan included a unique legal planning issue concerning the inclusion of Section 23 of NOP 38 in the program’s statutes - The firm won a legal battle that has impacted not only the debated project, but the future of Haifa’s projects as well. Filing an appeal on issues of entitlement to an apartment - protected space in a dimensional tower that the rest of the apartments cannot use in a terraced building - a common issue in Haifa, like other issues concerning plans, because the ground surface is sloping.

Urban Renewal

As part of its activities in the field of urban renewal, the firm represents development companies.

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