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Zol Tov – Delicious Supermarkets
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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Supermarkets
Address: 9 Lev Yafe St., Arnona, Jerusalem
Phone: 972-2-6272320
Fax: 972-2-6715007
Email: [email protected]
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Leading Executives

    Lior Shalom Owner
    Meital Shalom Chief HR Manager
    Yisrael Mizrahi CEO
    Oren Bouzaglo COO
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About Zol Tov – Delicious Supermarkets

Zol Tov – Delicious Supermarkets is a private company which was founded in 2005 and is active in the field of neighborhood minimarkets and supermarkets. The company has been demonstrating a growth momentum since its establishment, and it owns real estate properties, ten neighborhood supermarkets and two logistics centers.

In 2015, the company S.L. Bikurei Shalom Ltd. was founded, and it is owned by Lior Shalom. The company is active in wholesale marketing agricultural produce of fruits and vegetables, to Zol Tov – Delicious Supermarkets, and to private customers.

The turnover of Zol Tov – Delicious Supermarkets and Bikurei Shalom amounted to about NIS 81 million in 2020. About 70% of the properties in which Zol Tov operates are real estate properties which are owned by the company’s owners of controlling interests.

Zol Tov’s branches are located in buildings of about 150-400 sq.m., and they provide the customers with a neighborhood shopping experience, while maintaining attractive prices at all times. The company is involved in the neighborhoods where it operates, and has familiarity and vast knowledge of these areas and their inhabitants. The company employs about 150 employees, including about 20 managers, who work across its ten branches. In 2017 the company acquired a logistics center in the commercial center in the neighborhood of Nikanor in the city of Jerusalem, with an area of about 750 sq.m.


The company’s business activity currently spans 10 neighborhood supermarkets across the whole of Jerusalem, and two logistics centers - one in the neighborhood of Nikanor and another which is a private logistics center of Bikurei Shalom in the neighborhood of Nikanor in the Old Katamon area of Jerusalem. Recently, the company acquired a 400 sq.m. branch in Emek Refa’im, The German Colony.

The company’s other branches include the branch in Arnona, with an area of about 150 sq.m. The Har Homa branch, with an area of 200 sq.m, The Bayit VaGan branch, with an area of 200 sq.m., while the branch in Bezalel St. has an area of about 400 sq.m. The branch on Nikanor St. has an area of about 200 sq.m., while the branch on Tsernichovski St. in Rasco has an area of about 125 sq.m. The branch on Shivtei Yisrael St. has an area of about 180 sq.m. The branch in the Jewish Quarter has an area of 170 sq.m., while the branch in Beit HaKerem has an area of 250 sq.m.

Executive Management

Zol Tov’s executive team includes its owner, Lior Shalom, Mr. Yisrael Mizrahi, the company’s CEO, and Meital Shalom, the company’s HR Manager. The company’s COO is Oren Bouzaglo.

Customer Service as the Ultimate Value

The company works in light of the values of customer service, order and cleanliness and attractive pricing. The company works at all times to provide customers with a first-class shopping experience, that includes visiting well-organized branches, that have departments of fresh fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables. Zol Tov’s products offering covers the full range of home and office grocery products, including fish, poultry, vegetables, fruits, cleaning materials, pastries, dairy products, frozen products and more.

Future Operations

Zol Tov works relentlessly to maintain what it achieved and continue to provide customers with the first-class service for which they are used. The company aims to continue and evolve into neighborhoods and areas where it isn’t active yet, in order to provide an optimal shopping experience also to the inhabitants of these places.


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