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Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices
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Established: 2017
Line of Business: Urban renewal and real estate
Address: 7 Masada St., 4 BSR Tower 22nd floor,
Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-3-5353653
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.z-s-law.com
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  • Elad Zusmanovitch, Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices

    Elad Zusmanovitch

    Founder & Owner

    Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices

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About Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices

Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices is a leading law firm which specializes in real estate and urban renewal. This expert boutique firm represents only apartment owners in a wide variety of urban renewal (Pinui-Binui and Tama 38) projects across Israel. This focused specialization in representing only apartment owners leads to the firm’s unique strength, which is focused on the lack of even the slightest potential that the firm would have a conflict of interests. This strength leads in turn to the added value from which the clients benefit, which is the peace of mind across the entire process. The firm accompanies its clients throughout all of the transaction’s stages, from the initial organization through the execution, the population, the post-construction checkup and up to the registration of a multioccupancy house. Zusmanovitch & Co. has vast experience in negotiating, interacting and working with local authorities, municipalities, planning and zoning committees, public entities including the KKL and Amidar, and administration.

Dynamism, Creativity and Professionalism

Zusmanovitch & Co, Law Office is a young and dynamic, fresh and creative firm, which carefully maintains its professional excellence, the personal attention to every client and the tailormade solutions. The firm serves as a first-class execution force in the promotion of the projects which are entrusted to it. The firm’s team always has the clients in mind, and it prioritizes their interests, with personal support from the firm’s head, Adv. Elad Zusmanovitch, since the firm is geared towards the success of the legal proceeding in which it is involved and the transactions that it accompanies for its clients.

The atmosphere of this young and evolving firm reflects the legal practice that it applies with its clients: the innovation and out-of-the-box thinking which are coupled with extensive practical experience create an added-value for the clients in all of its activities, and the firm’s team dynamism and freshness promote the projects that was entrusted to it with determination and efficient, while constantly applying creative and professional thinking. 

Practice Areas

Urban Renewal

Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices has vast practical experience and deep knowledge in the field of urban renewal – Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui, and it is considered to be one of Israel’s leading firms in this practice area. The firm, which strictly represents only apartments owners, handles a wide variety of big and small urban renewal projects across the whole of Israel and throughout all of the transactions’ stages, from initial organization and agreements to execution, population, post-construction checkup and registration of rights in a multioccupancy house.

The firm has professional experience in negotiating, interacting and working with local authorities, municipalities, planning and zoning committees, public entities including the KKL and Amidar, and administrations . Adv. Zusmanovitch has in-depth experience in managing some of Israel’s largest and most publicized Tama 38 and Pinui-Binui project, which are spread all across the country.

Real Estate

Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices handles diverse real estate activities for its clients, including sales, pre-owned, and asset-swap transactions, purchasing groups, registration and formalization of rights, yielding properties, infrastructures and more. The firm provides ongoing support to numerous property owners, including drafting rent and management agreements. Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices has extensive professional experience, and it has represented a broad variety of clients across all of the transaction’s stages, from the preliminary stages and up to its actual completion, including preliminary checks, consulting on transaction strategy, contractual negotiations, planning and licensing proceedings and registration of rights.


Zusmanovitch & Co., Law Offices represents its clients in courts of all levels in civil-commercial and real estate matters, and also in mediations and arbitrations. The firm specializes in managing and leading complex and highly publicized cases, and recorded several precedents in various legal fields, with an emphasis on real estate. The firm represents on an ongoing and permanent basis leading companies and public agencies in diverse and varied cases.

Adv. Elad Zusmanovitch – Founder & Owner

Adv. Elad Zusmanovitch is one of the leading lawyers in the field of urban renewal – Tama 38 and its amendments and Pinui-Binui. Adv. Zusmanovitch has vast experience in managing some of the largest projects in Israel, located all across the country. Adv. Zusmanovitch specializes in representing apartment owners, working with apartment owners’ delegations, negotiations, drafting agreements, tax proceedings, planning and zoning proceedings, objections, managing resident objectors proceedings and setting strategies. Adv. Zusmanovitch accompanies and represents companies in the commercial field, starting from the incorporation, through the ongoing legal counsel, strategy management and more.

In addition, Adv. Zusmanovitch represents its clients in courts of all levels in civil – commercial matters, real estate matters, arbitrations and mediations, including managing and leading complex and publicized cases, which include, inter alia, precedents in diverse fields. Adv. Zusmanovitch lectures in various forums on real estate development and urban renewal.

Adv. Zusmanovitch is renowned for his professional excellence, his original work, his creative thinking, his innovation and his ability to execute and implement transactions. The firm’s clients benefit from personal attention and handling of their case by Adv. Zusmanovitch, with an emphasis on professionalism and excellence.

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