Hamas can no longer claim to be a political organization, from the moment that it, just like ISIS, kidnapped minors, babies, children, and women in violation of international (and Islamic) law. 

The International Rights of the Child Convention (IRCC), dictates unequivocally numerous rules that all have one absolute basis: If a child was moved from his place of residence against the will of one or both of his/her parents, this is an act of kidnapping that no country may allow, and in such a case every country must immediately activate every possible resource to return the child to the place where he/she grew up before the day of the kidnapping. 

Like international law, Islamic law also unequivocally prohibits causing any harm to children and women. This also seemed to have been forgotten by Hamas. 

The Muslim world is ashamed of Hamas, I receive messages from all over the world, even from prominent Muslim parties, who are ashamed and feel the Israeli pain. 

Hamas made a terrible mistake when it kidnapped minors under the age of 18 to Gaza. They kidnapped babies, toddlers, girls ages 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10, and in the entire age range under 18. And this is exactly where they crossed the line that always somehow received the backing of the United Nations and the backing of other countries. When they drugged the murderers and sent them to murder children and women indiscriminately, they did not consider that this would mean the end of Hamas, because this is exactly where it became ISIS, a murderous terrorist organization in the eyes of the entire world. 

Our hearts skip a beat when we view the horrific images of murder and burning of children, babies, women and men, parents in front of their children and children in front of their parents and siblings. These photos and videos of the atrocities on babies, children, and parents, including unbearable physical abuse, murder and abuse of corpses, were published by the Hamas terrorists who carried cameras on their bodies and spread the documentation of their actions on the Internet. 

No country can call this a “war of freedom”. They can no longer pretend that this is a war for the benefit of their citizens who are under occupation or use the rest of the excuses that allowed them for years to massacre, blow up, and shoot at innocent people in Israel while the UN remained silent. The war crimes Hamas terrorists committed against Israeli children, babies, women and men, cannot be accepted by the UN, even with its continuous hypocrisy and the double standards that ran there for years. It's a veto. Abduction of children and women is a veto. 

We are familiar with Child abductions from third world countries for the purposes of human trafficking or family states or war crimes. In all of these cases there is one clear international convention: kidnapping minors under the age of 18 is a clear DON'T and most of the countries of the world have signed the Hague Convention with the UN at the head of its enforcement. 

There is no doubt that we will win this war, I believe and hope that the pressure on Hamas will lead to the release of the minors soon, they made a huge mistake with arrogance and achievements that they also never dreamed of reaching. We will bleed and feel the pain of the murdered and wounded and this will accompany us forever as a nation, which learned this lesson in its flesh and with the support of the UN and the whole world. 

Adv. Eva Steinmetz - expert in international law, protection of minors' rights and management of negotiations. Founding partner in the firm A. Alto Steinmetz Klein & Co., lawyers.