In the forum, industry executives discussed issues on the professional agenda, including the main trends that will characterize the high-tech industry in 2022, the fall in shares of Israeli companies on Wall Street, the reasons for lawyers fleeing the high-tech industry, investment trends in the industry and more.

Ami Applebaum, Chairman of the Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Economy: "It should be understood that in the high-tech field as well - resilience is never strong. Today, only about 10% of Israel's population work in the high-tech industry and we have another ability to grow and developWe as a country, need to reach a state where we can adapt to all the changes and technological innovations in the best and fastest way but at the same time maintain humanity even among the most advanced industries. As for the workers' crisis and the lack of diversity in the human capital in the industry, I call on the academic institutions to work to combine internships and experience as part of their studies to provide a real opportunity for a good starting point for all students in the field. "There are populations from all over the country that can fit into this industry and unfortunately we sometimes miss them."