Pleased and satisfied to be the coordinator of the one days' seminar of shipping and maritime law, titled  "On beyond the Horizon", which took place on Sunday March 3rd 2024  at the  Haifa Bar premises, with the respecting appearance and presence of the vice president of the Haifa District Court, the honorable judge Mr. Ron Sokol, the honorable judge Mr. Alex Kissary, the manager of the Authority of Shipping and Ports Captain Zadok Redker, retired director general of administration of shipping and ports captain Yigal Maor, the editor of the newspaper "The Shipper" Mr. Chanoch Winnykamien, the Chairman of the Haifa District of the Bar association, captains, lawyers, agents, technical mangers, surveyors and freight forwarders.

The honorable Judge Mr. Ron sokol opened the sessions with a lecture on the special authorities of the Haifa Admiralty Court oriented in British legislation which goes back to 1840 and the nature of proceedings handled by the court which are handled under the principle that a vessel is ana asset on moment which can not be detained, especially not for long legal proceedings. Following, Mr. Zvi Shapira, head of the foreign relations at the authority of shipping and ports described the authority's activities and the implementations of the Houthi's attacks on the Israeli trade both on the import from the far east and also on the export of phosphate which is done from Eilat port which has now become port under seizure.

Mr. Hanan Carmeli founder and managing partner of Thedock presented some of the new technolohical developments at the shipping industry  either cameras and devices which will replace the watchman on a ship or an organic powder intended to be spread at sea which will cause carbon consuming algas to sink at sea (the alga itself and the carbon it has consumed) and stay at the buttom for 10,000 years, reducing the carbon emission of the navigating ships.

Adv. Roi Cohen, Adv. Roi Cohen of SFA Law firm went into the different characteristics of the one-year time bar limitation rule set in the Hague Visby rules in favor of the carriers, Adv. Gidi Schreuer  of Schreuer & Co. law firm presented the matter of sea contamination of the MV Moraz from the point of view of opposing to the owners application to set a limitation fund, which led to the first judgment in this topic (rendered by the judge Ron Sokol)  and presented the wide implementations of the judgment, for example on contaminations which will take place else than the port's facilities (as in Moraz matter). As the last spokesman  I was happy to present Harris& Co, lecture on the maritime boarder dispute between Lebanon and Israel and the significance of the agreement achieved and on the piracy activities of the Houth'is at the Bab-al-Mandac straits and the manner in which they should be dealt, according to the "law of the sea"- the UNCLOS which although had not been adopted officially legally by the State of Israel   it has its presence and effects the Israeli economic-marine areas.

The seminar is first of its kind to take place at the Israeli Bar and in fact the first professional gathering in the recent years, and we intend to act in order to make it into a tradition.