Duns 100 Forum Commercial Litigation 2024

On Monday ,01.29.24, we held the annual Duns 100 forum with the participation of senior officials of the legal branch in the field of commercial litigation in Israel. The forum was held at the David Intercontinental in Tel Aviv, under the guidance of Gidon Uko, a Presenter and editor at News 12.

The forum was led by Ariel Schreiber, VP of Sales and Customer Service at Dun & Bradstreet, with Shila Zavaro Weiss, Director of the Duns 100 Department at Dun & Bradstreet by his side, who presented the current industry review.

The discussion was very authentic and provided a proper platform for professional issues in the field of commercial litigation with topical legal reference under the events of the "Iron Swords" war.

Among the topics that stood out was female representation in the field of commercial litigation, the discussion in The Hague during wartime while one of the forum participants is a partner from a firm that took part in the delegation to The Hague, the effects of the war on legal discussions, the High Court's ruling to change basic laws by the Supreme Court, and also, disputes regarding the committee for the selection of judges.



Among the participants:

Attorney Aharon Schwartz - Partner - Eitan Liraz & Co | Attorney Eyal Bar Eliezer - Managing Partner, Belter Gut Aloni Lawyers | Attorney Ilan Bombach - Owners, Ilan Bombach & Co. Attorney Eli Shimelwitz - Head of Litigation Department Yigal Borochovsky & Co. - Law Firm | Attorney Assaf Hadani - Head of the Commercial Litigation Department - Yossi Levy & Co., Attorneys | Attorney Baruria Lekner - Founding Partner - Ben-Shahar, Lekner & Co. | Attorney Daniel Tabakov Sadan - Litigation Partner - Goldblatt Ginds Yariv - Attorney | Attorney Hila Peleg - Litigation Department Partner - Agmon with Tolchinsky | Attorney Tal Benanson - Founding Partner - Tal Benanson & Co., Law Firm | Attorney Tal Ron - Commercial Litigation Partner - Pearl Cohen Zedek Letzer Bartz | Attorney Dr. Adv. Yael Eridor Bar Ilan - Founder - Dr. Yael Eridor Bar Ilan, Advocacy Office | Attorney Yael Rimer - Partner in the Litigation Department and Head of the Intellectual Property Department (jointly), Fisher (.FBC & Co) | Attorney Yitzhak Junger - Founding Partner - Friedman, Junger & Co., lawyers | Attorney Merav Bar-Zik - founding partner - Tel-Zur & Co., attorneys | Attorney Noam Bar David - partner and board member - Salomon, Lipshitz & Co. | Attorney Nir Kahat - Litigation Partner - Arnon, Tadmor - Levy | Attorney Silvia Gal-Yahv - Partner - Lipa Meir & Co. | Attorney Oded Gross - Partner, Litigation and Dispute Resolution - AYR - Amr Reiter Jean Shuchtovitz & Co | Attorney Ofer Tzur - Partner, Head of the Litigation Department - Gornicki GNY | Attorney Ofer Pirat - Founding Partner - FWMK - Law Office | Attorney Zvi Bar-Nathan - Chairman and Head of Commercial and International Litigation Department - Goldfarb Gross Seligman | Dr. Roy Bar Kahn - Partner - Bar-Kahn Zigenlaub & Co. ' | Attorney Ronan Bromer - Partner - S. Horowitz Adv. Raz Ben-Dor - Partner, Head of Litigation Department - Matri, Meiri, Vecht & Co., lawyers | Attorney Shmuel (Oli) Glinka - Partner - Sheblat | Attorney Sarah Bisser - Partner - Fox Rothschild LLP | Attorney Sharon Lubetzky Hess - Partner - Amit, Polk, Matlon & Co.

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