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AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.
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Established: 2010
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Champion Tower floors 28, 32, 39-40, 30 Sheshet Hayamim Rd., Bnei Brak 5120261, Israel
Phone: 972-3-6019601
Fax: 972-3-6019602
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ayr.co.il
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  • Amir Amar, AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.

    Amir Amar

    Partner and Head of the Firm

    AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.

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    Amir Amar
  • Yaron  Reiter, AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.

    Yaron Reiter

    Partner and Head of Class Actions

    AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.

  • Ram  Jeanne, AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.

    Ram Jeanne

    Managing Partner and Head of Litigation

    AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.


    Amir Amar
    Yaron Reiter
    Ram Jeanne
    Yacov Cohen
    Ehud Shochatovitch
    Eyal Roy Sage
    Yoav Caspi
    Sharon Kohane
    Omer Gadish
    Amit Lederman
    Daniel Chinn
    Igal Doron
    Ohad Zalevsky
    Gadiel Blusztein
    Shlomi Bardugo
    Vered Halperin
    Michal Efrat Alperin
    Helit Simchoni
    Alon Edelman
    Einav Cohen
    Eli Eshel
    Aharon Barda
    Dana Amir Fried
    Oded Gross
    Assaf Lapid
    Ariella Ablov
    Dana Battat
    Yaniv Dekel
    Ruthy Wysenbeek-Shauli
    Elad Cohen
    Liat Volanovsky-Neuman
    Amnon Kolback
    Dorit Zoldan
    Yael Launer
    Moran Baruch-Gelbort
    Yael Shoham
    Gidon Even-Or
    Saar Binyamin
    Yonit Gove
    Roey Dotan
    Gali Friedhof
    Sariel Cohen
    Orly Vidan
    Naftali Fridman
    Shlomi Schneider
    Dorit Karny
    Ronen Apt
    Nir Shafran
    Anat Kerner
    Mati Rosenbaum
    Maria Bruk
    Refael Soferman
    Tal Hertz
    Shir Shoshany-Katz

    Rami Zalko RIP
    1957 - 2016
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About AYR – Amar Reiter Jeanne Shochatovitch & Co.

AYR is one of the largest law firms in Israel, with the highest growth rate over the past decade.
The firm is at the forefront of legal activities and is ranked as a leader in all indexes of quality and size, both local and international.
Our clients include international and local corporations, including software and communications giants; leading real-estate, transport, telecommunications, technology and high-tech companies, companies in the field of insurance and finance, heavy industry, aviation, food and fashion; as well as private clients from Israel and abroad, including entrepreneurs, businesspeople and artists; clients in the public sector including government authorities and local authorities.

Principal Practice Areas:

Litigation and Dispute Resolution – The department successfully represents a vast number of private and public companies and individuals in complex litigation proceedings, in different courts and tribunals. AYR’s lawyers represent the firm’s clients, inter alia, in disputes between shareholders, derivative claims, claims for shareholders discrimination, contractual disputes, administrative petitions, and real estate related disputes.
Class Actions – A dedicated department in the field of class actions, which has been ranked highly in all the professional legal guides, as a leading department in this field in Israel. The department has unique experience, expertise and unprecedented success in managing class actions. The firm’s clients include international communications corporations, food corporations, import and rental companies, public transportation companies, software corporations, retail chains, electronics companies, asset management companies and more.
Real Estate – The firm represents key participants in the Israeli real estate market, including entrepreneurs, developers and construction and investment companies. Furthermore, the firm advised on many of the largest and most complex real estate transactions in Israel in recent years, inter alia, with respect to residential projects of thousands of units, commercial projects and hotels.
Planning and Construction – The practice has vast experience, acquaintance with and expertise in dealing vis a vis the applicable authorities and planning committees. The firm advises leading corporations in the telecommunications, transportation, energy, food and beverage and real estate industries.
Hi-Tech, Accelerators and VC – The team has experience and deep knowledge in planning and executing complex transactions and represents prominent participants in both Israeli and international markets, including software and hardware corporations, private investors (“angels”), incubators and start-up accelerators, inter alia, in the fields of communications, media, mobile, cyber and online trade.
Telecommunications and Media – The firm’s clients include cellular and telecommunication supplier companies, internet service providers, international technology corporations, traditional and new media broadcasters and producers, including public broadcasters and cable companies. The firm provides ongoing services in the aforesaid fields, both regulatory and commercial, including with respect to the establishment of communications infrastructures.
White-Collar Crime – Specializes in the field of criminal law and deals mainly with white-collar offenses in the fields of tax, securities, anti-trust, money laundering, bribery, fraud and breach of fiduciary duties.
Corporate Law – The department assists and accompanies its clients, which consist of developers, local and international corporations, partnerships and private and public companies, in all aspects of their commercial activities, including corporate governance, joint ventures, current legal advice to the management and office holders of the company, tenders and other competitive proceedings, various sorts of agreements, including with customers, suppliers, service providers, franchisees and distributors.
Banking and Finance – The team has advised on some of the largest financing transactions in the Israeli market, including transactions of billions of shekels in the fields of construction, infrastructure and transportation.
Infrastructures – Our team holds knowledge and expertise in providing legal support for both systems and civil engineering contractors during the stages of planning, construction, installation, testing and commissioning, as well as in preparing in advance the strategies and foundation for future disputes.
Specialized in represent in governmental tenders, contracts, international taxation, local litigation and arbitration – as well as international – corporate and competition law.
Mergers and Acquisitions – The team assists clients in the planning and implementation of mergers and acquisitions, including complex international transactions, which include working with law firms abroad. The practice is team is well experienced in overcoming obstacles and executing transactions and closing deals. The firm has a clear advantage due to its ability to provide a comprehensive professional response regarding various aspects of transactions, including anti-trust and taxation.
Capital Markets and Securities – The team counsels issuers, underwriters and investors, in Israel and abroad regarding securities law and corporate law while collaborating with leading offices in the issuing country.
Privacy, Data Processing and Cyber – The practice is one of Israel’s most experienced ones. providing advise to IT companies (including cloud service providers), telecommunication entities, financial institutions and insurance companies, among many others.
Intellectual Property – The practice provides legal and strategic assistance to local and international, and possesses many years of experience in handling intellectual property rights and moral rights, trademarks and matters involving IP, technology and anti-trust.
Insolvency and Corporate Recovery – With many years of experience in the liquidation and receivership of companies, as well as rehabilitation of distressed companies. the team acts administrator of corporations in liquidation and receivership, formulates rehabilitation plans and creditor arrangements for the companies and also represents creditors and officers of the companies as well as investors in insolvency proceedings and realization of assets.
Labor Law – The team has extensive experience in managing complex cases and disputes as well as collective disputes, and specializes in representing local and international employers in private and public sectors, and employee commit-tees in all fields of labor law - private and collective.
Sports Law – The practice deals, inter alia, with the provision of legal services to sportsmen, football clubs and agents, in large-scale transactions, both local and international, and with the representation in legal and arbitration proceedings vis a vis local and international tribunals.

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