Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

Leasing and Trading Luxury Vehicles

Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.
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Established: 2009
Line of Business: Leasing and Trading Luxury Vehicles
Address: Jerusalem - Ramallah Rd. -
In front of the Pikud Merkaz Square
Phone: 972-76-5455555
Fax: 153-546666669
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.ae-motors.com
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Company Executives

  • Hajj Yosef Abu Eisheh, Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

    Hajj Yosef Abu Eisheh

    The Late

    Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

  • Hajj Rawhi Abu Eisheh, Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

    Hajj Rawhi Abu Eisheh


    Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

  • Ra’id Abu Eisheh, Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

    Ra’id Abu Eisheh

    CEO and Owner

    Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

  • Rawhi Abu Eisheh, Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

    Rawhi Abu Eisheh


    Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

  • Rami Abu Eisheh, Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

    Rami Abu Eisheh

    Sales Manager

    Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

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About Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd.

Abu Eisheh Motors Ltd. is a luxury cars and leasing dealership which has been operating for 70 years. The company is owned by the businessman Ra’id Abu Eisheh and it markets luxury vehicles from the brands Mercedes, Jeep, BMW, Maserati and more. The company, which is considered to be the industry-leader in the East Jerusalem area, currently has two branches: a main branch on the Ramallah Rd., in front of the Pikud Merkaz Square, and a secondary branch which is located at the top floor of the Atarot Mall. The firm’s clientele includes both Arabs and Jews, who arrive to it from all across Israel and benefit from an excellent service experience with attention to high standards, and the presentation of all of the relevant information about the car that they choose to buy.

The Best Prices

The company aims to offer the best prices for every person who enters its showroom, from the belief of the market competition principle. The company provides comprehensive service and a warranty for all of the new cars that it markets and offers in addition maintenance and licensing services for its clients.

Special Order Vehicles, New Vehicles, and Used Vehicles

Abu Eisheh Motors specializes in providing special luxury cars, from leading brands, in according with the requirements of the clients. Such requirements may include, for example, special engine volumes, unique colors and hues, internal and external designs which are customized to the client’s personal taste and also special accessories. In the secondhand vehicles category, the clients benefit from well-kept and reliable cars which underwent a close, ongoing and comprehensive service. The principles that lead the company are integrity, reliability and excellent service for its business and private clients.

Vast Experience in the Auto Market

Abu Eisheh Motors currently employs a team of 13 professional and service-oriented employees, and over the years it underwent a series of business transformations. The story of this family-owned company began with the great-grandfather, Hajj Yusef who was selling buses and trucks already in the 1950s. His successor,  the grandfather Hajj Ruhi Abu Eisheh expanded the dealership’s business operations also into private cars sale. The company specialized in this segment until the early 1990s, when it began focusing on luxury cars. The first brand that the company worked with was BMW, and later on the operations also expanded to Mercedes and Maserati cars. Over the years, the company worked only with the official importers, such as SMLT, Colmobil and Delek Motors.

Multiple Convenient Payment Options

The company offers its clients a variety of payment options, from trade-in transactions, through installments of up to 36 months and up to full or partial financing through banks or well-known finance companies. The company’s professional agents provide guidance for selecting the optimal finance and payment options for the clients – in accordance with their personal requirements and their financial situation.

Client Service of a Whole Different Level

The company’s mission is to create a different service experience for its clients and accordingly its employees try to fulfill the clients’ needs as much as possible with a courteous, warm and pleasant attitude. The dedicated service goes beyond a transparent and sympathetic buying process, and is also expressed in the responsibility that the company feels towards its clients and the 24/7 after-sale service that includes fixing failures or defects even late at night, as required.

Expertise in Accompanying Businesspeople

Abu Eisheh Motors has extensive experience in supplying luxury cars to businesspersons and high-net-worth individual who are interested in a the most convenient and easy buying process. The company provides a complete umbrella of service for such end clients, including all of the preliminary checks, the licensing, the ownership transfer and regular maintenance etc. In light of the special service experience that the place offers, many of the clients become personal friends of the agency’s managers. It should be noted that a significant share of the company’s clients consists of returning clients or clients who arrive following recommendations from longstanding satisfied clients.

Website and App

Abu Eisheh Motors operates a website and a smartphone app in Hebrew and in Arabic and the clients can get a first impression of the variety of high-quality vehicles that the dealership offers, including as aforementioned special vehicles which are not offered by ordinary auto dealerships. The app and the website enable clients to set an appointment for visiting the dealership, to order a license, to set a car maintenance date or to order a car, all easily through the click of a button. The company also provides updates for its clients and followers on new models that become available through the dealership, on its Facebook page.

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