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Established: 2020
Line of Business: Real Estate, Contracts and Projects, Planning and Zoning
Address: 40 Tuval St., Ramat Gan, Sapir Tower
Phone: 074-7244444
Fax: 074-70500005
Email: [email protected]
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    Ariel Yunger, Law Offices

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About Ariel Yunger, Law Offices

Ariel Yunger, Law Offices is a leading boutique law firm with expertise in the full spectrum of real estate maters and particularly in planning and zoning and projects.

The firm was founded in 2020 by Adv. Yunger, a legal expert with 23 years of experience, who interned in the firm of Hartavi – Bornstein – Basson & Co. and afterwards served as an associate in it for 7 years. He served during this period, inter alia, as the legal counselor of the Hadarim Planning and Zoning Local Commission, nowadays the Hod HaSharon Local Commission.

Following this period, Adv. Yunger opened his own firm, which specialized in real estate, and in 2010, his firm merged with the firm of Ron Gazit Rotenberg. Since 2020, Adv. Yunger returned to being the owner of a private firm, and his team includes five lawyers with vast experience in every aspect of planning and zoning and real estate law, who provide a comprehensive solution that includes the complete facilitation of real estate projects, from counseling and accompanying during purchasing, reporting to the relevant authorities, bank finance agreements, agreements with local authorities, sale agreements with residents, agreements with consultants, registration of multioccupancy houses, easements etc., registering rights in the records of the ILA and Land Registry Offices.

Boutique Firm with the Knowledge and Capabilities of a Large Firm

In light of Adv. Yunger’s vast experience and proficiency, and his former experience in working in large law firms, the firm provides its clients with all aspects of real estate law as a one-stop-shop. Thus the firm provides the best and most comprehensive legal coverage of planning and zoning, real estate, contracts, litigation and administrative law, alongside with a unique and devoted attitude and personal attention.

Representing Planning Commissions and Authorities Alongside with Developers and Land Owners

Adv. Yunger’s main practice area has been planning and zoning, since 2006, and he represents, inter alia, the Bnei Brak Local Planning and Zoning Commission and the Bnei Brak Municipality, and government-owned companies on matters of planning and zoning, lands, betterment charges, city master plans, permits and licenses, real estate redevelopment, appropriations, appeals, administrative litigation and real estate litigation.

In addition, the firm accompanies some of Israel’s leading public development companies, leading private entrepreneurs and land owners across Israel in projects spanning thousands of apartments. The firm’s services include supporting these companies both in planning and zoning, starting from legal and other checks before purchasing the properties, reviewing the planning options and economic feasibility, through to the representation in various contracts (agreements concerning sharing, asset-swaps (“combination”), sale and numerous other topics), accompanying the properties’ redevelopment and beneficial utilization of the rights and up to selling the right to apartment owners.

The firm has vast experience also in facilitating real estate rights (ownership, easements, pledges etc.), representation in dissolution of partnerships in real estate, supporting various contracts and transactions, liquidation of real estate cooperatives, development charges, accompanying initiators in Tama 38 urban renewal and Pinui-Binui.

Over the past years, the firm accumulated vast experience in representing apartment owners on the one hand and leading initiators on the other hand, in numerous and diverse Pinui-Binui and Tama 38 projects, all while responding to and solving complex issues that arise during the contractual relationships.

Expertise in Representing Developers and Landowners from the Ultra-Orthodox Sector

The firm has a unique specialization in representing developers and landowners from the ultra-orthodox sector, as well as purchasing groups and building associations from this sector (Ahisamakh Neighborhood, Beit Shemesh, Givat Ze’ev, Gilo). Adv. Yunger’s close familiarity with the Ultra-Orthodox sector, its sub-segments and the specific needs of each group, provides him with a great advantages in every aspect of real estate transactions and planning and zoning in this specific sector.

The knowledge and experience that he accumulated during his 23 years of experience in this field enable the firm to conduct an alignment of expectations for real estate developers who wish to build for the ultra-orthodox sector.

In-Depth Familiarity with Both Sides

The firm’s great advantage stems from Adv. Yunger’s extensive knowledge and experience in representing municipal and government authorities and planning and zoning commissions with an understanding of their perspective and of unique public aspects; receiving the Minister of Interior’s approvals for real estate transactions, accompanying proceedings of land allocation and zoning and contracting vis-à-vis the various authorities, while on the other hand, the firm represents private developers and landowners and has comprehensive understanding of the needs of the entrepreneurs and the individuals and how to properly present them to the authorities, until the right balance between the interests of the parties is achieved.

This combined experienced of representing public and private entities from various places provides a deep understanding and familiarity with the modus operandi and the interests of both parties and enables the provision of creative solutions to everyone’s satisfaction. This is also supported by the tremendous knowledge that he acquired over the years in the planning and zoning world. This helps Adv. Yunger to assist his clients in understanding the required proceedings and selecting the best planning path.

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