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Established: 1999
Line of Business: Law Firm – Family Law
Address: BSR Tower 3, Masada 9 St., Bnei Brak
Phone: 972-6-113995
Fax: 972-6-113996
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.avivitmoskovich.co.il
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  • Avivit Moskovich, Avivit Moskovich, Law Firm

    Avivit Moskovich

    Lawyer, Founder and Head of the firm

    Avivit Moskovich, Law Firm

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    Avivit Moskovich
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About Avivit Moskovich, Law Firm

Avivit Moskovich, Law Firm is one of the most prominent and leading law firms in the field of family law. The firm operates since 1999 and handles all kinds of family files for clients in Israel, the USA and Europe. The firm’s offices are located in Bnei Brak and it is headed by owner Adv. Avivit Moskovich. The firm includes a highly professional and senior team of first rate attorneys practicing family law.


The Added Value of the Firm

This strong and quality firm of lawyers possesses legal know how and expertise combined with supreme sensitivity and business wisdom. The firm is aware that it deals in human lives and at the same time it is determined to lead the client to his objective according to his circumstances and personality. The firm’s experienced and professional team customizes the appropriate procedure of each case. The firm exclusively specializes in solving family related problems in Israel and worldwide, as well as economically prominent files, including cases related to owners of large and recognized companies in the Israeli economy. The firm has a unique working method, consisting of a consortium of relevant professionals, to find the most suitable solutions. The quality boutique firm, known for its efficient handling of its clients, has vast experience in contending with the most sensitive matters in divorce cases and offers appropriate strategies to complete each case to the satisfaction of the clients.


The Values of the Firm

Reliability, honesty and integrity – The firm believes in honest and reliable reporting and operates with full transparency towards the client throughout the entire process. At the beginning of the case, the client is shown a professional and responsible forecast regarding the chances of success in the file, including risks and probabilities. Throughout the whole process, control mechanisms are applied ensuring that the firm acts based on honesty and integrity.

Professionalism – The firm undertakes to bring each case to a successful conclusion for its clients. Its expertise is reflected in the planning of an appropriate strategy to conduct the case, representation in Family Affairs Courts and Rabbinical Tribunals and handling negotiations until the desired objectives are achieved.

Excellence – As a firm expert in family law, aspiring to lead the field from the professional aspect and outstanding handling of the client, while ensuring speed, efficiency and effectiveness leading to proven success, the firm’s.excellence is reflected at the professional, business and personal relationship levels.


Areas of Expertise

Divorce – The firm specializes in intricate and complex divorce cases and is known for salvaging lost cases. The firm has developed excellent tactics and strategies in order to obtain the most beneficial results for the clients. The firm strives to shorten the processes for divorce case clients as much as possible and assist them to achieve a divorce agreement or a domestic harmony agreement as an alternative to divorce.

Distribution of Property – The firm specializes in creative solutions and is considered to be an expert in all matters of goodwill (which is a liquidable asset). Furthermore, the Firm is proficient in the field of corporations and has great success in divorce cases in which one of the parties is the owner of a company or companies.

Alimony and Child Support –The firm files and defends claims for alimony and child support at the highest possible levels, specializing in all matters of alimony related to Jewish couples married under civil law and mixed religion couples and couples where one of the parties lives overseas.

Child Custody – The past decade has brought about an impressive development in child custody judgments. The firm tracks every innovation and also innovates in the field. The firm handles the subject of child custody very sensitively as the children are the future generation and the firm feels responsible for their wellbeing.

Domestic Violence – The firm handles all matters of domestic violence, including minors in need. The cases involving domestic violence are particularly sensitive and demand careful and skilled handling to assist in preventing the perpetuation of their dire consequences.

Common Law Marriage / Civil Marriage –There are relevant rulings for these categories and the firm specializes in handling such divorces/separations.

Child Abduction – Child abduction, according to the rules of the Hague Convention, requires immediate actions to return the minor. The firm has extensive experience in the complexity of child abduction cases including the specific professional know how required to successfully handle abduction cases.

Emigration – Filing relevant migration motions where one parent wishes to move from his domicile with his children and the other parent refuses to do so. The firm files in such cases migration suits on behalf of its clients, in the wake of which the issue is settled to the benefit of the child, his relationship with his parents, expert opinions, etc.

Wills and Inheritance – Considerable expertise is required in the field of wills and inheritance and also acute attention in order to avoid undesirable results for people in the throes of family disputes, as well as for those who aspire that their property be distributed pursuant to their wishes after their demise.

Same Sex Couples – The Firm handles many files of same sex couples and is highly proficient in all the innovative rulings at the relevant fields for same sex couples.

Financial Agreements – Financial and prenuptial agreements became common among couples who wish to marry or arrange their relationship. The firm leads to these agreements in a professional and sensitive manner.

Sperm Theft - The firm handles in a professional and efficient manner cases requiring to rule on custody, visitation, alimony and in some cases claims of sperm theft.

Divorce Refused and Agunot – The firm has a center for Jews worldwide and in Israel, focusing on divorce refusal and “agunot”, offering unique and creative solutions for the problem.

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