Calculation and modeling services for construction projects, steel constructions and complex concrete structures

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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Calculation and modeling services for construction projects, steel constructions and complex concrete structures
Address: 8 Goren St., Omer Industrial Area
Phone: 972-73-3669-704
Email: [email protected]
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Company Executives

  • Gil Azaria, BIM TEAM

    Gil Azaria

    Managing Partner and Company Engineer


  • Eliran Avigezer, BIM TEAM

    Eliran Avigezer

    Managing Partner and CEO


  • Shai Bucris, BIM TEAM

    Shai Bucris

    Managing Partner


  • Boris Sola, BIM TEAM

    Boris Sola

    Managing Partner


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Technology meets engineering. Essentially, this is the principle underlying the activities of BIM TEAM, a leading and growing management and engineering group that provides management, elaborate multidisciplinary planning, supervision, and establishment services for various projects in the field of public and commercial construction, BIM managed projects, construction modeling, and complex engineering structures.
Accordingly, the group utilizes the best possible innovative technologies and tools for management, planning, production, and establishment in the conservative world of construction and engages in modeling based on 3D programming using the BIM method, one of the most advanced of its kind in the world.
BIM TEAM is headed by partners Eliran Avigezer, Gil Azaria, Boris Sola, and Shai Buchris, who bring together many years of experience in projects management and planning in the fields of industry and construction.

Innovation, Expertise, and Efficiency

BIM TEAM believes in advanced technologies based on an actual need, one that emerges from the real world. In the fast-paced world of engineering, innovation, knowledge, and collaborations are essential to the success of any project and those that make it accurate, efficient, and profitable. High service orientation alongside skilled and professional TEAMs that accompany the projects are the main reasons customers have been returning to work with the group for many years. BIM TEAM successfully integrates different fields’ insights together, for example insights from the field of steel to the world of concrete, and specializes in all kinds of projects including industry, public structure, and dense areas construction.

The use of advanced software for the modeling and analytics, system coordination, professional assistance, and the provision of practical tools, allow a comprehensive and holistic view of the project at hand, as well as complete control over the flow of information, engineering documents, project resources, and human capital.


BIM TEAM’s professional worldview is based on the quality of its product. The group has a professional and high-quality alignment embedded in its systems, from the initiation stage to completion, while adhering to various control processes throughout the life of the project in order to ensure accurate implementation of the standards, requirements, budgets, and schedules.

The group has an ISO 9001 certification in the field of project management, planning and supervision of multidisciplinary projects.

A “Living and Breathing” Model

BIM TEAM’s solutions are not design solutions, but rather “living and breathing” smart models that take an active role in the project and accompanies it through all its stages, starting with management, planning, and all the way to completion. The group has a young nature and high service awareness. Good evidence to this awareness is the fact that the CEO’s private cell number is available on the group’s website. In fact, BIM TEAM Group currently manages over 300 projects, and its clients hold direct contact information of the relevant partners and owners, an unusual fact in this field in Israel. The profound familiarity with the project industry, 3D methodology, and BIM with operational and engineering excellence in hundreds of projects, technology, innovation, and creativity, allow BIM TEAM to offer its clients holistic view, quality products, and advanced solutions.

Management, Support, Import, Supervision, and Quality Control of Steel Constructions for Industrial Buildings

The group manufactures and imports steel constructions mainly from Turkey, the Czech Republic, China, and Greece, and has completed dozens of projects in this unique field in recent years. In addition, the group holds local production abilities in one of the most well-known steel plants in the south, in which it is a partner. The group intends to increase the volume of its activity in this field and make it one of BIM TEAM’s main activities.

Tekla’s Exclusive Distributor in Israel

The BIM TEAM Group is the exclusive marketer in Israel of Tekla solutions, the world’s most advanced software and platforms in the field of civil engineering for building modeling and calculation. These solutions include Tekla Structures for building accurate 3D models, and Tekla Model Sharing - the only construction sharing technology that allows TEAMs to create in the cloud and work offline as well. These solutions also include Tekla PowerFab, a comprehensive software package that provides a systematic and collaborative approach to production management that was developed specifically for steel manufacturers. The software provides a smooth, continuous, and real-time flow of information on a project from start to finish. Another solution is the design and analysis software Tekla Structural Designer that assists engineers in providing fast and effective planning to customers, no matter what materials are used.

Company Management

Eliran Avigezer, Managing Partner and CEO
has over 20 years of experience in planning and project management in the field of steel. Eliran manages a high-quality and advanced production factory, and has developed efficient production processes from the top in the field through the use of advanced technological means. Additionally, he leads the field of steel structure modeling and the preparation of production plans, and the establishment of Shop Drawings throughout the country as well as accompanies complex projects, while promoting the field and Israeli standardization, delivering training and courses, and implementing international management methodologies.

Gil Azaria, Managing Partner, and Company Engineer
certified civil engineer by the structural engineering section in the Ministry of Economy and Industry. Gil manages the entire professional field in the group and specializes in the design of industrial buildings, production facilities, public buildings, and dense area construction.

Boris Sola, Managing Partner
partner and manager of multi-systems project planning, from the initiation phase to the execution and delivery phases. Boris is a mechanical engineer with over 18 years of experience in managing project planning in various industries, including chemical industry, defense industry, recycling industries, etc.

Shai Buchris, Managing Partner
partner and manages the group’s projects, including management, support, and establishment of civil projects and facilities. The management of the project is carried out while performing value engineering using advanced methodologies and systems, customed to the client’s needs. Shai is a Chemical Engineer and a Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

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