Ariel  Bavli from Barel Group
Ariel  Bavli מחברת Barel Group

Ariel Bavli

Owner & Founder

Year of Birth: 1966
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Management of execution of civil engineering project; residential construction; public construction; marine construction; infrastructure and factories.
Position: Owner & Founder
Past positions: 15 years tenure in the sector, as a projects manager in some of Israel's largest construction companies.
Seniority in position: 12 years.
Education: B.Sc., Civil Engineering (with merit).
Languages: Hebrew and English.
Military Rank: Captain (res.)

Which significant move did you recently lead?
A reorganization and system-wide transformation of the company with an alignment of the organization to the work scopes and goals.

What are the company’s strengths?

  • Professionalism
  • Service-orientation
  • Reliability and a full cooperation with the work orderers

Which recent major moves would strengthen the company over the next few years?

  • Reorganization – establishing dedicated departments and hiring professionals for key positions.
  • Implementation of management and enterprise software
  • Stabilization and improvement of the company’s middle management and site management.


What would be the company’s main challenges in the next few years?

  • An annual works scope of about NIS 250,000,000
  • Maintaining the company’s uniqueness in parallel with the growth
  • Including initiation projects in order to reach equal shares of contracting and initiating works

What would you recommend a manager at the beginning of their path?

  • Grow in small and measured steps
  • Set achievable annual goals
  • Employ a skilled, professional, experienced and reliable workforce

What should one remember also in difficult periods?

  • Optimism
  • Persistence
  • Belief in your way