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Established: 1977
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 11 Menachem Begin Rd., Rogozin-Tidhar Tower,
21st Floor, Ramat Gan 5268104
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    Shaul Bergerson
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About Bergerson & Co. Law Offices & Notary

Our firm specializes in civil-commercial law. We practice in numerous areas, and enable our clients to receive a complete solution, all with uncompromising professionalism, personal attention, innovative thinking, and utilization of the accumulated knowledge and capabilities of the firm’s lawyers in various legal fields.


Our firm is an expert in all aspects of insolvency law, creditors arrangement and liquidations. The department’s lawyers serve as court-appointed-officers and act as receivers, trustees and special managers in various cases. Our firm was the driving force behind several precedent in this field. Several cases and matters our firm handled in this practice area:

K.Psagot: A company that acquired several floors in a building in Ashdod, sold its offices’ rights to about 400 buyers, and committed to do all the necessary work, so that each buyer will receive an office for their use. The company, and other companies associated with it, have become insolvent and accumulated considerable debts. Adv. Bergerson was appointed as a trustee for the companies and was asked to examine possible solutions to the situation at hand.

Ortam Sahar and Malibu Real Estate: A group of development and construction companies that were traded on the TASE and became distressed due to more than NIS 1B in debt. Adv. Bergerson and CPA. Yizhar Kanne were appointed as the group’s trustees. The companies had been handling the construction of around 5,000 apartments in various projects. The trustees operated the companies for several months, during which they handled the completion of construction of around 1,000 apartments in separate projects. The trustees formulated a creditors arrangement for the companies under which the latter were sold to new buyers while committing to the operation and continued construction of some of the projects and the provision of post-construction checks for the completed projects.

Malibu and Ortam Sahar 2019: The companies, which were sold in 2017, executed large scale contract work and projects, but had difficulties and filed requests for suspension of proceedings. The companies worked on the construction of 2,000 apartments. As of their difficulties, Adv. Bergerson and CPA. Kanne were appointed as trustees and worked in order to achieve creditor’s arrangements that will enable selling the companies and finalize the apartments by the purchasers and by those who ordered in the unpurchased projects. Two months later, the creditor’s arrangements were achieved, which enabled selling the companies to new buyers.

Sasson Levi Ltd.: The receivership and liquidation proceedings for a group of construction companies from Jerusalem, who were in the midst of active construction, with their main project being a large project on Yafo Street in Jerusalem. Adv. Bergerson, alongside the company’s liquidators and receiver, sold the project’s existing properties for NIS 173M.

N.I.L.I. Real Estate: Following legal proceedings in various courts, Adv. Bergerson, in his role as the receiver, managed to lead the sale of the company’s properties for NIS 235M.

Cost365 Ltd. (in liquidation): Cost is a supermarkets chain that was founded by HaMashbir LaZarchan. Adv. Bergerson and additional lawyers were appointed as liquidators. During the process, they sold the branches for several millions.

Real-Estate Purchase and Sale Transactions and Businesses Relating to Insolvency Proceedings

The firm’s expertise in insolvency proceedings and real estate provide it with an advantage in counseling and handling these transactions and that are related to companies in rehabilitation, liquidation and receivership proceedings, and in particular in complex real estate transactions in such cases. One of many such transactions was for the Dizengoff-Frishman complex in Tel Aviv, in which our firm formulated, the complexity of the matter notwithstanding, a transaction according to which developers purchased real-estate in complex transactions from a real estate company in insolvency proceedings, and built a residential building which was sold and populated.

Real Estate, Planning and Zoning, Pinui-Binui

The firm’s real estate department provides all of the necessary legal services for the real estate sector, while maintaining very high standards of service and professionalism, and a personal and close relationship with the clients.

Real Estate, Urban Renewal and Pinui-Binui Transactions: The department provides comprehensive services in properties transactions: sale, combination-deals, Pinui-Binui transactions, etc. The facilitation is provided from the project initiation stage to its completion, including contracting with contractors, finance, and the project’s construction and marketing. The services encompass all of the required aspects for executing and building a real estate transaction including negotiations with planning authorities, contracting, etc.

Real-Estate-related Legal Proceedings: The firm manages litigation and legal proceedings regarding these matters, including eviction claims, break-up of partnership claims, planning and zoning proceedings pertaining to all relevant entities, including local commissions, appeal commissions, district commissions, administrative courts and in proceedings vis-à-vis the ILA. The firm represents properties-intensive companies such as Clalit and business and private clients.

Counsel and Facilitation of Redevelopment: The firm handles real estate management and betterment, and supports the redevelopment proceedings vis-à-vis the various planning commissions. The department also represents initiators, private properties owners and public companies in development and redevelopment of real estate and construction thereof from the planning stage.

Court Appearances and Representation

The firm provides litigation services for most of the civil-commercial and administrative issues, with an expertise in insolvency, real estate, planning and zoning, public tenders law, class actions, corporations, and more. The firm also specializes in and handles complex liquidations of real-estate partnerships, and numerous eviction claims against protected tenants and intruders. The firm specializes and is highly experienced in appearing before courts of all levels. The representation also includes appearing before various non-court legal tribunals such as appeal committees, state authorities, etc. In this way, the firm provides legal representation in the commercial area: companies receiverships and liquidations, creditors arrangements, bankruptcies, and the Execution Chambers.

Legal Representation in Real Estate Matters: partnerships liquidation claims, eviction claims, representation before local commissions, appeal commissions, district commissions, administrative courts, proceedings vis-à-vis the ILA.

Legal Representation in Various Civil Proceedings, including Class Actions: our firm handles various civil-commercial lawsuits, and it has also been representing in class actions for decades, emphasizing the representation of defendants. Our clientele in this field includes large food companies, HMOs and various commercial companies.

Legal Representation in Public Tenders: the firm accompanies the tender committees of large entities. The legal support includes drafting the public tenders, counsel to tender committees and professional entities, handling procurement and real estate infrastructures tenders, and more.

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