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Established: 1977
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: 11 Menachem Begin Rd., Rogozin-Tidhar Tower,
21st Floor, Ramat Gan 5268104
Phone: 972-3-7556900
Fax: 972-3-7556909
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  • Shaul Bergerson, Bergerson & Co. Law Offices & Notary

    Shaul Bergerson


    Bergerson & Co. Law Offices & Notary

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    Shaul Bergerson
  • Irit Elkin, Bergerson & Co. Law Offices & Notary

    Irit Elkin


    Bergerson & Co. Law Offices & Notary

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    Irit Elkin


    Shaul Bergerson
    Irit Elkin
    Keren Bergerson–Ram
    Moran Mines-Hillel
    Yoni Polak
    Tomer Neiditz
    Adi Sayag-Neiditz
    Avihai Porat
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About Bergerson & Co. Law Offices & Notary

Our firm specializes in civil-commercial law. We practice in numerous areas, and enable our clients to receive a complete solution, all with uncompromising professionalism, personal attention, innovative thinking, and utilization of the accumulated knowledge and capabilities of the firm’s lawyers in various legal fields.
The firm is headed by the firm’s founder, attorney Shaul Bergerson, a prominent and esteemed lawyer in the fields of insolvency, real estate, and litigation. During his decades of experience, Attorney Bergerson has handled significant, complex, and demanding cases that require a high level of skill and professionalism. Very often, the handling of these cases establishes precedents that are landmarks in commercial law in general and insolvency law in particular.

Attorney Bergerson lectures frequently at seminars and conferences in this field held by the Bar Association and the Chamber of Accountants, as well as the Chamber of Appraisers. Our firm has a great reputation thanks to a thorough and professional approach and the ability to provide solutions even in the most complex cases and transactions while ensuring that each client receives quality service along with individualized guidance from the firm’s staff through all phases of the procedure.


Our firm is an expert in all aspects of insolvency law, creditors arrangement and liquidations. The department’s lawyers serve as court-appointed-officers and act as receivers, trustees and special managers in various cases. Our firm was the driving force behind several precedent in this field, and is regularly ranked among the leading boutique offices in Israel, dealing in the field of insolvency and company rehabilitation.
Our insolvency attorneys are experienced in reviving companies in difficulties, finding solutions, and drafting complex creditor agreements.
Our firm is also unique in that we specialize in real estate and the restructuring of companies and the legal aspects associated with them.
Several cases and matters our firm handled in this practice area:

K. Psagot: About 400 buyers purchased offices in Ashdod from this company, which had to be delivered to them bui,lt and finished. The company collapsed before completing the project, while selling more offices than actually exist. Attorney Bergerson was appointed as a trustee for the company and related companies and worked to formulate a financial rehabilitation plan.

Ortam Sahar and Malibu Real Estate: A group of development and construction companies that were traded on the TASE and became distressed due to more than NIS 1.5B in debt. Adv. Bergerson and CPA. Yizhar Kanne were appointed as the group’s trustees. The companies had been handling the construction of around 5,000 apartments in various projects. The trustees operated the companies for several months, during which they handled the completion of construction of around 1,000 apartments in separate projects. The trustees formulated a creditors arrangement for the companies under which the latter were sold to new buyers while continuing construction of some of the projects and the provision of post-construction checks for the completed projects.
The buyers of the companies operated the group of companies for about three years, but at the end of 2019 the companies they purchased ran into difficulties. Adv. Bergerson and CPA Kanne were appointed as trustees. The trustees worked to formulate a plan for economic rehabilitation which enabled the sale of the companies and the completion of the apartments by the purchasers and by those who ordered in the unpurchased projects. The rehabilitation plan prevented the breakdown of the creditor arrangement made for the companies prior to their sale to the purchasers.

Real-Estate Purchase and Sale Transactions and Businesses Relating to Insolvency Proceedings
The firm’s expertise in insolvency proceedings and real estate provides it with an advantage in counseling and handling these transactions that are related to companies in rehabilitation, liquidation and receivership proceedings, and in particular in complex real estate transactions in such cases.

Real Estate, Urban Renewal, Pinui-Binui

The firm’s real estate department provides all of the necessary legal services for the real estate sector. Attorney Irit Elkin heads the real estate department. Having handled some of the largest and most complex real estate transactions in the economy, she has extensive experience and expertise in the area.

Real Estate, Urban Renewal and Pinui-Binui Transactions: The department headed by Attorney Irit Elkin provides comprehensive services in properties transactions, including sale, combination-deals, Pinui-Binui transactions, etc. The facilitation is provided from the project initiation stage to its completion, including contracting with contractors, finance, and the project’s construction and marketing. The real estate department places special emphasis on urban renewal real estate transactions, such as Pinui Binui and TMA 38, starting from the phase of obtaining the signatures of the apartment owners, up to the approval of plans and the execution of the project. Lawyers in the real estate department also provide close support to tenants and they representatives seeking to carry out TMA 38, Pinui Binui, or urban renewal projects. The support includes locating a developer, conducting negotiations on behalf of the tenants and coordinating with him, and accompanying the tenants throughout the process. The firm also ranks among the leading firms specializing in urban renewal and real estate every year.

Counsel and Facilitation of Real Estate Betterment - The real estate department of our office represents and accompanies developers, private real estate owners, and public companies in real estate development and betterment, as well as the construction process, which starts with planning, goes through local and district committees, and culminates with hiring contractors, arranging financing, building on the land and selling it.

Court Appearances and Representation

The firm provides litigation services for most of the civil-commercial and administrative issues, with an expertise in insolvency, real estate, public tenders law, and more. The firm also specializes in and handles complex liquidations of real-estate partnerships, and numerous eviction claims against protected tenants and intruders. The firm’s attorneys appear in all Israeli courts, including the Supreme Court, as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings in a wide range of cases. A full range of legal services is provided, starting from legal strategy formulation through the entire legal process, offering individualized assistance throughout all the stages of the procedure.

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