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Established: 2008
Line of Business: Labor Law
Address: 2 Tidhar St., Millennium House, Ra’anana
Phone: 972-9-7444194
Fax: 972-9-744195
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  • Hadar Aharon-Moallem, Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. Law Office

    Adv. Hadar Aharon-Moallem

    Founding Partner

    Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. Law Office

  • Anna Blau, Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. Law Office

    Adv. Anna Blau

    Managing Partner

    Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. Law Office

  • David Moallem, Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. Law Office

    Adv. David Moallem


    Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. Law Office

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About Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. Law Office

The Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. Law Office is a prominent firm known for representing and counseling employers in matters of Labor Law, legal proceedings in the labor court and enforcing arrangements by the Ministry of Labor and Welfare.

The firm is headed by Advocates Anna Blau and Hadar Aharon-Moallem, senior attorneys with extensive experience in labor law and advising organizations, companies and business owners. The firm’s clients include large organizations, manufacturing and tech companies, supermarket chains and large human resource companies, as well as medium-sized privately owned businesses and companies. The firm provides comprehensive service to employers, including managing proceedings in labor courts and representing them in various proceedings against the Ministry of Labor, such as arrangement and licensing proceedings, administrative and criminal enforcement and advanced salary controls for large organizations.

Unprecedented Results Against the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Economy

In recent years, the firm has had a series of successes and special achievements in dozens of cases, canceling and reducing financial sanctions amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels. On average, the firm reduces 96% for the clients it represents, compared to an average of 20% of the overall amount that was reduced in 2019-2020 according to data from the Ministry of Labor. This is a precedent-setting success rate, thanks to unique work methods developed at the firm that are the result of the partners’ experience, daring to make creative and far-reaching legal claims and willingness to fight until receiving the desired outcome. There are numerous examples: reducing financial sanctions for a repeat offender from NIS 526,000 to only NIS 17,900; reducing a fine for a restaurant from NIS 117,000 to only NIS 17,900; cancelling a NIS 178,000 fine for the CEO of a private company; and canceling dozens of proceedings during the investigation and alleged suspicion stage.

In-house salary control department and certified salary assessment services licensed by the Ministry of Labor

One of the firm’s major advantages is its salary control department and its service for internally certified salary checking, as a complementary service. Thus, the firm offers its clients the full range of services for regulating labor relations and the integrity of payment ethics. The service is also offered on an outsourcing basis to professionals such as lawyers, accountants and tax consultants, including the following: Internal salary control for organizations with many branches and a large workforce; Opinions on liability evaluations, risk management and suitable evaluations of merger, sales and purchase agreements; Salary assessments for workers from manpower agencies, to prevent lawsuits and protect against personal liability to the CEO and other officials; Identifying problems within the salary structures, repairing problems and certifying pay slips and pension deposits.

Zero Plan for Employers

“Zero Plan for Employers” is the firm’s flagship program, and its purpose is to ensure that growing businesses and companies have zero labor disputes, zero fines and sanctions, zero complaints on sexual harassment and abuse, and zero worker lawsuits, while at the same time saving money and growing their business. The program is implemented in a way that provides legal protection to the company and the CEO on the one hand, and security to the employees on the other hand. It creates a stable work environment that promotes productive operations and liberates the management team so that it can invest in the business’s development and economic growth.

Organizational Changes and Intergenerational Transfers of Power

This is a unique service that focuses on replacing older management with a new generation. During these processes, problems related to labor law are often discovered. The firm’s legal team is experienced in identifying and implementing the required changes in order to comply, using tools common in negotiations and mediation to reduce employee objections and implement the changes smoothly. The firm has unique work methods for careful, professional and well-planned management of job terminations, including “sensitive” lay-offs – thereby significantly reducing the risk of lawsuits and over-payment.

Unique Work Methodology

Blau, Aharon-Moallem & Co. promotes an innovative approach to providing legal services in order to facilitate their clients’ growth and success. The approach involves fixed work stages, incorporating professionals from different fields, and management models and technology tools related to salaries, pensions and HR. The legal counsel provides maximal protection from employee lawsuits and from personal and criminal liability for the CEO and other officials.

Winning Team with High Service Orientation

The law firm’s professional, service-oriented team consists of attorneys with extensive experience and academic education, who have undergone additional training in the field of finance and salaries. All have professional experience and offer premium service to the clients. The entire team is committed to the firm’s agenda of representing and defending private employers in Israel.

David Moallem, Partner

Adv. Moallem has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 1998. He holds an LL.B degree from The University Of Wales, and an LL.M (Master of Laws) degree from the University of London, with a specialty in criminal  law, and in the law of evidence. He heads the firm’s Criminal Department. Adv. Moallem began his career in the Tel Aviv District Attorney’s office and for the past 20 years has headed a private practice representing defendents in all types of criminal cases. He counsels and represents the firm’s clients in criminal procedings related to labor law and sexual harassment, etc.

Hadar Aharon-Moallem, Founding Partner

Adv. Aharon-Moallem has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2001. She holds an LL.B. degree and is a certified mediator. During her 20-year career, she has accrued extensive experience representing clients in labor courts and in mediation processes. She served as an outside advisor on labor law for Ben-Gurion University and has a great deal of experience advising business owners, private companies, organizations and NGOs. Adv. Aharon-Moallem specialized in the Civil Law Department of the Haifa District Attorney’s office and for many years worked in the law firm of her late grandfather, Adv. Shlomo Sharon. She founded the legal department of the Organization for Israel’s Terror Victims. Today, she serves as the pro bono legal adviser for an NGO and is on an IBA committee to promote the status of women.  

Anna Blau, Managing Partner

Adv. Blau has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2009 and holds an LL.B. degree. She is one of the first lawyers in Israel to have been certified as a licensed salary assessor and has served in management positions in local and multi-national companies, as a legal adviser, on the management team and as a Board member. Adv. Blau is an expert on counseling businesses in labor law and salaries. Through the years, she has accrued experience counseling businesses, entrepreneurs and senior managers, guiding M&As and organizational changes, negotiating deals and leading various proceedings in courts of law. Adv. Blau lectures at professional forums, was a member of the IBA’s Central District labor law committee, and regularly takes part in panels about labor issues in the media.

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