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Established: 2005
Line of Business: Commercial and Civil Litigation
Address: 28 Ha'Aarbaa St, Ha'Aarbaa Towers
(North Tower), Tel Aviv 6473925
Phone: 972-3-7155000
Fax: 972-3-7155001
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  • Boaz Ben Zur, Boaz Ben Zur & Co., Law Office

    Boaz Ben Zur

    Founding Partner

    Boaz Ben Zur & Co., Law Office

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    Boaz Ben Zur

    Hagai Halevy
    Dikla Sirkis
    Elad Peleg
    Tomer Shikarchy
    Avraham Avrahamof
    Ori Shneller
    Carmel Ben Zur
    Guy Raveh
    Osnat Goldshmidt-Shrier
    Inbal Borosh

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About Boaz Ben Zur & Co., Law Office

Boaz Ben Zur & Co. is one of Israel’s prominent litigation firms. The firm, founded by Boaz Ben Zur, is known for its distinguished expertise in litigation in a range of legal areas: commercial and civil law, white collar, securities, insurance, class actions, banking, administrative and constitutional law, labor law and libel cases.

The firm represents clients in all legal forums, as well as in arbitration and mediation procedures, national commissions of inquiry, and disciplinary courts.

The firm’s uniqueness is in managing complex and exceptional cases and representing clients through a deep understanding of their goals. The client’s cases are undertaken with the application of interdisciplinary aspects and comprehensive research, creativity, and initiative, while adhering strictly to the highest standards as well as quality eloquent writing. The firm’s cases are managed by a team spearheaded by Boaz Ben Zur, which stresses personal attention while building legal strategies.

Among the Firm’s Clients

The firm has many clients from the top of the Israeli economy, among them public corporations, large insurance companies, workers organizations and unions, energy, real estate and infrastructures companies, private businesspeople, capital market investors, insurance agencies, government ministers and parliament members, well known media personalities, as well as dozens of lawyers and accountants.

Areas of Expertise

Complex Commercial Litigation – The firm handles complex cases and arbitration proceedings involving business and commercial disputes, control struggles, shareholder disputes, and investors in the capital market. The firm also handles derivative actions, directors’ and officers’ liability, complex real estate disputes, banking suits, complex insurance disputes and liquidation disputes in partnerships in law firms and accounting firms.

White Collar – The firm represents public figures, executives in public service and businessmen in white-collar cases, from counseling during investigations and hearings to conducting the defense and obtaining precedent-setting results. The firm also has unique experience in appearing before national committees of inquiry and classified cases.

Litigation in the Insurance Sector – Mr. Ben Zur has unique expertise with insurance law and was active in formulating the regulatory pension arrangements. Most of the large insurance companies in Israel are represented by the firm in a large number of complex commercial disputes, arbitrations and class actions, and in regulative matters in the Ministry of Finance.

Class Actions – The firm defends large entities in class actions, including the four large insurance companies. It also represents defendants in class actions in the consumer field and capital markets.

Litigation in Administrative and Constitutional Law – The firm represents various entities in administrative and constitutional law procedures before the High Court of Justice, and in procedures which are administrated by the State Comptroller. The firm also specializes in Election Laws and Political Party Laws and giving legal counsel to senior officials.

Litigation in Labor Law – The firm represents leading workers’ organizations and unions including collective disputes. The firm also represents employees and employers in hearings and claims regarding labor relations, and disciplinary proceedings of state employees before the Civil Service Commissioner.

Libel Law – Representing public figures and senior media personalities in unique libel suits.

Community Outreach

The firm voluntarily represents the workers foreign voluntary association, “Kav LaOved’ and the Movement for Freedom of Information. The firm is also a member of the False Conviction Forum.

Additional Activities

Adv. Ben Zur is a member of the Israel Bar’s Courts Committee and a lecturer for the Israel Bar’s training courses, while also serving as an arbitrator in commercial cases. In addition, in the last two years he led the Israeli Bar’s team in matters relating to the civil law agenda, and took an active part in forming the reform vis-à-vis the Minister of Justice.


Boaz Ben Zur – Head of the firm with about 30 years of experience, is one of Israel’s leading and highly esteemed litigators and is consistently ranked at the top of the professional ranking tables. Graduated from Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Law (magna cum laude) and has an LL.M. degree. Began his legal career at S. Horowitz & Co. and was a partner at Dr. J. Weinroth & Co. for 15 years. In 2005 Adv. Ben Zur founded the firm.

Hagai Halevy – LL.B., Bar Ilan University’s Faculty of Law. Clerked at the Supreme Court with the hon. Justice (retired) Theodor Or, worked as an associate at S. Horowitz & Co., and was a partner at Zeev Scharf before joining the firm as a partner in 2005.

Dikla Sirkis Graduated from Hebrew University Law Faculty with an LL.B. and from Tel Aviv University Law Faculty with an LL.M. Interned at the State Prosecutor, and worked at Dr. Weinroth & Co. office and at Spiegelman, Koren, Zamir Joined the office in 2011. Specializes in civil litigation, commercial litigation, and white collar cases.

Elad Peleg – Graduated from The Hebrew University, interned at Meitar Liquornik Brandwein & Co. Later worked at Gilat, Knoller, before joining the firm in 2008. Specializes in commercial litigation, with emphasis on representing defendants in class actions, particularly major insurance companies.

Tomer Shikarchy – Graduated from Tel-Aviv University Law Faculty with L.L.B. and B.A. in Economics (2003). Adv. Shikarchy interned at Chet-Doron Law Office and thereafter worked as an associate at Dr. Yosef Segev. Joined the firm in 2012. Specializes in complex commercial civil litigation and arbitration.

Avraham Avrahamof - Graduated from the College of Management Academic Studies with LL.B. Worked as in intern at the firm and thereafter continued working as an associate. Specializes in complex commercial civil litigation and large scope cases.

Ori Shneller: LL.B.; B.A., Economics; College of Management. Started as an intern in the firm and continued as an associate from 2013. Specializes in civil-commercial Litigation in various fields.

Carmel Ben Zur: LL.B.; LL.M., Tel Aviv University. Interned in the Supreme Court under the Hon. Judge Uzi Fogelman and later served as a legal assistant there. Joined the firm in 2017. Specializes in civil and commercial litigation, administrative law and white-collar offenses.

Guy Raveh: LL.B., IDC Herzliya. Interned in the Supreme Court under the Hon. Judge (ret.) Salim Jubran. Joined the firm as an associate in 2014. Specializes in civil-commercial litigation in large-scope cases.

Osnat Goldschmidt-Shrier: LL.B.; B.A., Business Administration; IDC Herzliya; LL.M.; IDC Herzliya. Started as an intern in the firm and became an associate in 2015. Specializes in civil-commercial litigation, complex real estate cases and extradition law.

Inbal Borosh: LL.B.; LL.M.; M.A., International Relations, Haifa University. Interned in S. Horowitz & Co. Worked as an associate in Fischer Behar Chen Well Orion & Co. and in Nir Cohen Leshem & Co. Joined the firm in 2018. Specializes in diverse civil-commercial litigation in a variety of fields as well as in class and derivative actions.

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