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Established: 2001
Line of Business: Family and Inheritance Law
Address: Ha’Arba’a Towers (southern tower, 19th floor), 28 Ha’Arba’a St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6114422, 972-52-3586773
Fax: 972-3-614433
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.lawadvice.co.il
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About Dr. Frieling, Law Firm

Dr. Frieling, Law Firm is one of Israel’s leading and most influential family and inheritance law firm.

The firm specializes in inheritance and family law, including: Divorce disputes, complex property cases, including cases with international elements, parental alienation cases, child custody and contact arrangements, alimony and child support, inheritance disputes, parenting and adoption, immigration and child abduction cases, common law spouses rights, LGBT family rights, domestic violence, drafting of wills, nuptial agreements, will contesting, accompanying in negotiations and mediations, etc.

The firm is a boutique office which provides personal and individual service, as all of the cases are handled personally by Adv. Dr. Sharon Frieling. Dr. Frieling represents her clients in all courts and tribunals, including family courts, the rabbinical courts, the magistrate, district, and the supreme court. Alongside her vast expertise in court litigation, she is also highly experienced in representing her clients in negotiations and in managing and accompanying mediation proceedings, with the aim of reaching a just resolution for the dispute. In the framework of the firm’s high expertise, Dr. Frieling participated over the years in shaping the family and inheritance law field, including through the promotion of bills and legislation amendments, participation in professional committees, researching the parental alienation field in Israel and globally and conducting academic activities alongside her practice. 

Almost 25 Years of Legal Experience

Dr. Frieling is a seasoned and experienced lawyer who was admitted into the Israel Bar Association in 1997 and has been active since, for almost 25 years, in continuously practicing family and inheritance law. Over the years, she managed hundreds of complex cases in the various courts while achieving impressive results for her clients.

In light of her vast expertise and experience, Adv. Dr. Frieling is considered to be a popular family and inheritance law lecturer in lectures for both the general public and in professional seminars for lawyers.

Doctor of Law

On the academic level, Adv. Dr. Frieling has three law degrees from leading Israeli universities: an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University, an LL.M. (with honors) from Tel Aviv University and a Ph.D. in Law from Bar Ilan University, which granted her the title of Doctor of Law. As a renowned authority and figure in the family and inheritance law realm, Dr. Frieling was appointed by the Israel Bar Association as a member of the Committee for Reviewing Intervention Methods in Parental Alienation Cases, headed by Judge (ret.) Hanna Resh Rothschild. The committee delivered its written recommendations to the Israel Bar Association in 2019. In Addition, Dr. Frieling serves as (co-)President of the Family Law Committee of the Israel Bar Association, Tel Aviv District.

Dr. Frieling holds a Unique Sub-Specialization in the Parents-Children Relations Field in Light of her Many Years of Research and the Publication of her Book “Parental Alienation” which is Aimed for Jurists and Therapists.

Dr. Frieling has a unique sub-specialization in the parents-children relations field, in continuance of her research work in the framework of her doctorate. This doctorate thesis served as a basis for a voluminous, first-of-its-kind in Israel textbook that covers parental alienation. The book “Parental Alienation” reviews the alienation phenomenon from both the psychological and legal angles, reviews and analyzes methods of intervention and treatment and also offers legal models for a comprehensive framework for confronting this phenomenon.

Clear Advantage in Establishing Legal Precedents

Dr. Frieling’s vast practical experience, in combination with her deep and direct link to the academy including innovations and developments in family and inheritance law, and with her mastery of foreign law systems, provides a clear advantage for the firm when establishing precedents in the courts and their rulings and constructing complex strategies for managing legal proceedings and advancing the clients’ interests. This prominent advantage turns the firm into a leader in its practice area.

Handling Every Client with Sensitivity

Dr. Frieling “creed” is to pay all of her attention to the clients and their needs in the most sensitive issues of their lives while using the vast experience that she accumulated over the years in order to enable the fulfillment of all of the wishes and desires of every client. Dr. Frieling personally handles all of the firm’s cases and the clients contact her directly. Hiring the firm’s services means, de facto, hiring Dr. Frieling herself thus providing every case with the full legal attention and high professional expertise that she has, owing to her many years of experience.

Dr. Frieling is aware of the personal situation of her clients, who arrive to her during a highly challenging and destabilizing period of their lives, and accordingly maintains ongoing relationships with certified psychology professionals in order to provide supportive counsel where appropriate and required. As part of this concept, the firm’s legal assistance process also includes personal empowerment and the provision of emotional support and strengthening.

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