Sharon Frieling from Dr. Frieling, Law Firm
Sharon Frieling מחברת Dr. Frieling, Law Firm

Adv. Sharon Frieling


Year of Birth: 1974
Email: [email protected]
Fields: Family and Inheritance Law, Parental Alienation. Including: Divorce disputes, complex property cases including cases with international elements, parental alienation cases, child custody and contact arrangements, alimony and child support, inheritance disputes, parenting and adoption, immigration and child abduction cases, common law spouses rights, LGBT family rights, domestic violence, wills drafting, nuptial agreements, wills objections, accompanying in negotiations and mediations and more.
Position: Founder
Additional Positions: (Co-)President of the Family Law Committee for the Tel Aviv District of the Israel Bar Association.
Seniority in position: : 24 years of experience as a lawyer and jurist in family and inheritance law, admitted into the bar since 1997
Education: LL.B., Tel Aviv University . LL.M. (with honors), Tel Aviv University. Doctor of Law (cum laude), Bar Ilan University.
Member in: Israel Bar Association (1997)
Community Activity: Volunteering – helping weakened populations through the welfare department of the Tel Aviv Municipality
Languages: Hebrew, English
Books: Published the book "Parental Alienation" (2019) which is aimed at family judges, lawyers, jurists and therapists.

What are the firm’s strongest attributes?
Unique and uncompromising legal expertise alongside with perfectionism in the work processes, determination and resolve and personal management of each and every case.

The high level of expertise, the mastery of foreign laws, the access the precedents across the globe and the contact with the academy enable the creation of a deep and broad knowledge and expertise base for creating precedents and leading moves within the practice area, while leveraging the client's needs.

Alongside all of the above, leading the client to a safe haven in parallel to the legal proceedings, from my sense of mission to be their ally during a challenging and difficult period of their lives and their selection of me to lead them through it, with sensitivity and devotion.

What recent key move did you lead?
Promoting precedents in the family law field in order to increase gender equality and on the other hand, providing a judicial protection in non-egalitarian cases for the weaker part of the family and spousal relationship.

Promoting moves in the parental alienation field in order to formulate formal mechanisms for handling this phenomenon in Israeli law, with a meticulous review of the children's benefit and preventing them from becoming a victim of the judicial system in addition to being victims of the parental dispute.

Hard and uncompromising work for creating meaning and an actual expression of the concepts of justice and fairness in the judicial system.

What are the main challenges facing the firm in the next few years?
To continue and develop the family and inheritance field, to create precedents that would increase the implementation of the principles of justice, equality and fairness in this field, to enhance the implementation of child rights in the judiciary system from the level of rhetoric to the level of practice, to develop mechanisms for effective arrangement of international rights in the cases where a family is being broken apart between two countries in the reality of a global village, to formulate effective legislation in the parental alienation field, which would balance correctly between the substantial considerations in this sensitive field while guaranteeing the welfare of children and minimizing alienation cases through preventive action or early intervention.

What should one remember during hardships?
That the calm always comes after the storm and that there would still be an entire and beautiful lifetime after the challenging process of breaking the family and finding the balance in the new family structure. Every experience can build, empower and evolve us.