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Established: 1993
Line of Business: Civil-Commercial Law
Address: Tel Aviv Office
6 Ben-Zakai St., Tel Aviv 6520306
Nazareth Office
3001 Wadi Al-Hajj St., Bypass Nazareth
Tel: 972-4-6709050 Fax: 972-4-6574441
Phone: 972-3- 5666886
Fax: 972-3-5662555
Email: office@sh-ez.com
Website: http://www.sh-ez.com
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  • Eitan Haezrachy, Eitan Haezrachy & Co., Law Office

    Eitan Haezrachy

    Founder and Owner

    Eitan Haezrachy & Co., Law Office

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    Eitan Haezrachy


    Dr. Sharon Finkelstein Ph.D. Senior Partner
    Marianna Novak Mandel LL.M. Senior Partner
    Tal Sych Senior Partner
    Lia Bernat Partner
    Hadas Bar Giora LL.M., B.A. Partner
    Dr. Israel Sherer, D.M.D., B.Sc.
    Shani Kfir LL.M., B.A.
    Israel Schweitzer
    Maya Dvir
    Moranne Faruhi
    Sharif Nakhleh (Nazareth office)
    Boris Leviev
    Noy Margalit
    Dr. Ella Alony M.D.
    Sari Shut
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About Eitan Haezrachy & Co., Law Office

Eitan Haezrachy & Co. is a unique law firm covering various civil law fields, including insurance and torts, as well as administrative, disciplinary, constitutional and commercial law.
The firm, established in 1993, is situated in Tel Aviv’s “City” in a beautiful listed building dating back to the early 20th century. Among its founders is Adv. Eitan Haezrachy who now serves as a Senior Partner. Born in 1961 in Jerusalem, Adv. Haezrachy now lives in Tel Aviv, and is a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s Law School.
The firm believes that there is no such thing as a “small case” or a “small client”. All cases are managed by the firm’s staff equally, while assuring promptness, thoroughness, curiosity and aspiration for victory. The firm views its clients as partners in the long run, and thus, services don’t end with treating a specific case but are extended to a spectrum of legal answers for clients’ needs in various relevant legal fields. A client who requires assistance in an insurance case will also receive complimentary services in commercial or disciplinary law if need be. The firm believes that by staying loyal to its clients, it ensures their loyalty back.

Firm Departments

Insurance, Professional Accountability and Malpractice Department - our longest standing department is the Insurance, Professional Accountability and Malpractice Department. The Department’s lawyers have been representing plaintiffs and defendants in professional accountability and insurance suits for decades, and hold between them thousands of hours’ worth of litigation experience nationwide, and at all instances. The department represents, among others, Clalit Health Services, hospitals, medical centers, professional unions, The Israel Medical Association, The Israel Dental Association, The Israeli Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, alongside the best physicians, surgeons, specialists, dentists, clinics, aesthetics clinics, the Madanes Group, the Kopell Group, the State of Israel, the National Insurance Institute, and more.
While preparing for each case, and especially before evidence hearings, the team leaves no stone unturned, investigating the medical and legal issues in malpractice suits, keeps itself up to date in relevant fields and is in a state of constant learning. The firm employs lawyers with various medical degrees and certifications including physicians, geneticists, and dentists, recognizing the importance of professionalism and seeing the big picture in such a complex field. The firm’s success rate in evidence proceedings is accordingly very high, at all instances. As a part of the department’s ongoing litigation activity and after recognizing client requirements, we established a unique sub-division dealing with risk management and medical risk prevention. Its activities include assistance with establishing a risk management mechanism for new clinics, forming work protocols for new or existing businesses, legal counsel for risk management and lawsuit prevention, training managers to deal with unusual events, conducting internal inquiries and drawing conclusions, and more. The firm believes that its job isn’t just to represent its clients when they are sued and in need of defense, but instead offers to learn from its vast courtroom experience and assist clients in taking preventive measures which eventually lead to a reduction of lawsuits and legal confrontations, saving costs for all parties. 

Administrative Law Department - in the last ten years the firm established an Administrative Department. It is credited with some of the most important rulings in recent administrative law pertaining to medicine, and has represented some of the leading physicians and finest surgeons, leading medical establishments, and individual appellants in a range of administrative appeals and High Court of Justice appeals.
The department was established in accordance with the principle of seeing the whole picture, recognizing the need for a comprehensive answer for each client. Some of the needs identified - beyond the specific services offered by the Professional Accountability Department - included the complimentary treatment of administrative, constitutional or disciplinary law. Among clients represented by the department are the Ein-Tal Advanced Eye Center’s Administrative Division, many aesthetics clinics, leading plastic surgeons, the Israeli Dental Association, JUUL, individual appellants, and more.

Commercial Department - one of the firm’s recent achievements is the impressive activity done by its Commercial Department. Formed by the firm’s founder wishing to offer complimentary services for clients in their commercial dealings, it exemplifies the importance of the firm’s growth, alongside its longtime clients. In recent years, it has grown considerably, involving the firm in fascinating local and global transactions in the fields of bio-genetics, pharmaceuticals, high-tech and startups, and real estate along with class actions.
One of the department’s most fascinating fields of expertise is medical cannabis, one of the most interesting current issues in commercial medical law. The firm takes part in several international projects representing entrepreneurs and clients, establishing farms and co-operation deals in genetics and cannabis agriculture worldwide. The firm is at the forefront of the field and plays a part the in changes in modern medicine, with the introduction of medical cannabis products onto markets across the world.
Alongside its activities with different projects and as part of its overall view of comprehensive service, the firm continues advising its clients in their various business ventures, assists in the technical aspects of clinic establishment, provides legal consulting for new and existing businesses, drafts agreements, consults partnerships and more.
The firm has formed strategic partnerships with leading law firms worldwide so as to assist the Commercial Department in its various dealings, and these co-operations allow it to learn and grow with respect to international changes.

The Firm’s Staff

The firm holds that victory requires a winning team, and therefore nurtures learning and curiosity for law and medicine in its staff, alongside specialization in specific relevant areas. Firm lawyers see the human faces behind casework and clients, and as a result are able to see every necessary perspective for optimal legal conduct. Many of our lawyers have started their career as interns with the firm, climbing up the ladder to becomes attorneys, partners, and senior partners, leading firm departments in different areas. The firm is happy for the privilege to grow alongside its excellent staff and its clients.

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