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Established: 1999
Address: 5 Rashi St. Ramat Gan 5256005
Phone: 972-3-6127767
Fax: 972-3-6128131
Email: kohali@zahav.net.il
Website: http://www.kohali.co.il
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    Eitan Kohali
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About Eitan Kohali - Law Firm

Eitan Kohali – Law Firm is a boutique firm which was established by Adv. Kohali in 1999 and is considered to be one of the leading firms in the field of family law, personal status, divorce, wills and inheritance, mediation and arbitration. The firm has a reputation as a cracker of the toughest and most complex cases, while being a justice fighter specializing in investigating the truth. The firm practices all aspects of divorce cases, including common-law marriage cases, child support and alimony including common-law marriage cases, custody cases, inheritance cases including inheritance of common-law spouses, wills and testaments cases including the preparation of wills that would guarantee the fulfillment of the deceased’s wishes at due time, mutual wills and objections to wills, preparation of agreements: marital harmony agreements, divorce agreements, pre-nuptial agreements, joint living and parenting agreements, complex high-worth property cases in Israel and abroad, monetary-torts lawsuits on family matters including mental damage, international child abduction cases under the Hague Convention, guardianship, fatherhood, injunctions for the prevention of domestic violence and the prevention of threatening harassment, civil marriages,  execution and compensation under a Ktuba, mediation, arbitration, specific execution of judgments and the collection of child support through the Execution Chamber.

Investigation of the truth, justice and devotion

The firm’s staff operates out of a sense of mission and commitment to provide the best and most professional service to its clients, who arrive at a critical turning point in their lives, with maximal sensitivity to the subjective family nucleus in each case and the provision of an effective solution which is personally customized for the client, with the wellness of the children being the ultimate goal at all times. Adv. Kohali is a fighter for justice who aims to find a fair solution while establishing goals and targets, and he determinedly strives to reach the goal until justice is brought to light. In order to restore the public faith in the legal profession and the judicial system, Adv. Kohali leads unique strategic moves with the value of truth as a guiding light.

The firm’s clients benefit from a personal attitude and professional support throughout the entire process, including accompaniment to meetings in the assistance unit of the courts or the rabbinical courts. Each client receives legal service of the highest quality from Adv. Kohali, who has never lost a case, and a comprehensive response until the optimal result is achieved for them. The firm envelops the clients with support and understanding, extreme sensitivity for the circumstances and supreme professionalism.

Adv. Eitan Kohali

Adv. Eitan Kohali graduated with honors from his legal studies in 1993. At the beginning of his career, he accumulated knowledge and expertise in the field of corporate and capital markets in the USA, which provided him with unique and essential tools for the management of cases with financial aspects, including proprietary claims in the personal status field and some of the most complex wills and inheritance cases in Israel and abroad.

Throughout all of his long years in the profession he is led by the principles of justice and good faith, through which he even won judgments and precedents in the family law field in the highest courts.

Adv. Kohali believes in solving family disputes through negotiation and mediation in order to minimize the negative impact on the parties and particularly on their children. The formulation of a fair agreement through a mediation procedure or negotiations, while protecting the rights of the parties, providing appropriate legal solution for the disagreements between the parties and setting mechanisms for guaranteeing the proper conduct of the parties in the future as well, is a reliable and important tool, in Adv. Kohali’s professional opinion.

The mediation procedure is a cornerstone of Adv. Kohali’s approach since its very nature reduces the hostility between the parties, enables them to actively participate in the decision making and constitutes an efficient alternative for the parties from the economic and emotional aspects, and with the shortest timeframe. Through the mediation process, Adv. Kohali enables the parties to reach a closure of their joint path with respect and understanding and to continue their separate lives, while cooperating in the necessary times and places. This approach also matches the current laws and rulings in family law.

In cases where the circumstances do not enable negotiations, Adv. Kohali acts with skill and professionalism in order to achieve the best results for the benefit of the client, while understanding all of the components of the legal issue, building a legal strategy and tactic, and establishing goals and targets in accordance with the client’s wishes and the subjective family nucleus, with an emphasis on the benefit of the children.

Adv. Kohali manages family law cases in the various courts, including all levels of civil courts, including the Supreme Court, both as an appeal court and as The High Court of Justice, all levels of rabbinical courts and the Execution Chamber.

He is reputed mainly due to his numerous successes in extremely complex cases, with a difficult fact arrangement and nontrivial legal issues which even arrived to the Supreme Court. In addition, international personal status claims, including representation in front of jurisdictions outside of Israel. Cases which were unsuccessful in other firms were revived through the devoted and professional treatment of Adv. Kohali. Adv. Kohali is target-oriented with the aim of reaching the truth in each and every case, while applying to any required court in order to protect the rights of his clients, appeals when necessary and even turning to the High Court of Justice in cases of a material breach of the client’s basic rights.

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