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Eitan  Kohali מחברת Eitan Kohali - Law Firm

Eitan Kohali

Founder & Owner

Year of Birth: 1968
Email: [email protected]
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Fields: divorce, wills and inheritance, personal status and family law, mediation and arbitration
Position: Founder & Owner
Seniority in position: 18 years
Education: LL.B., Sheffield University, England; Business Administration and Capital Market studies in the US; Certified Mediator
Languages: Hebrew, English

Which significant move did you recently lead?
Cancellation of injunctions which were given by the Rabbinical Court and severely harmed the basic rights of the client, through a Bagatz.
Cancelation of rulings which were made in Israel without authority and returning the case’s jurisdiction to the US court. 

What are the company’s strengths?
The core principles that guide the firm’s staff in their work are the values of justice, truth and good faith, through which the firm reaches achievements in various courts in Israel and abroad. 

Which recent major moves would strengthen the company over the next few years?
The cracking of complex, intricate and challenging family law cases, which create legal precedents in the field.

What would be the company’s main challenges in the next few years?
To return the public faith in the legal profession and the courts, especially in the field of family law.

What would you recommend a manager at the beginning of their path?
Build a customized legal strategy and tactic for each case, while establishing goals and limits. 

What should one remember also in difficult periods?
Adhering to the truth throughout the entire path would bring the justice to light.