Itamar Deutscher from Electra Ltd.
Itamar Deutscher מחברת Electra Ltd.

Itamar Deutscher


Electra Ltd.
Comprehensive Solutions in the Fields of Construction and Infrastructure Contracting, Electromechanical Contracting, Facilities Management, Real Estate Development and Concessions
Year of Birth: 1964
Position: CEO
Additional Positions: Chairman – Electra Construction, Ariel Properties, Elco Constructing & Services, Kedar Air-Condition Systems, Electra Investments, Electra Infrastructures Hofrey Hasharon Ltd.
Past positions: CEO & Director, Danya Cebus (94-04).
Education: M.B.A., Bar-Ilan University (88); B.A., Economics & Business Management, Bar-Ilan University (85).
Military rank: Major (Res.).