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Comprehensive Solutions in the Fields of Construction and Infrastructure Contracting, Electromechanical Contracting, Operation & Maintenance, Real Estate Development and Concessions

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Established: 1945
Line of Business: Comprehensive Solutions in the Fields of Construction and Infrastructure Contracting, Electromechanical Contracting, Operation & Maintenance, Real Estate Development and Concessions
Address: 7 Jabotinsky St., Aviv Towers, Ramat Gan 5252007
Phone: 972-3-7535666
Fax: 972-3-7535601
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.electra.co.il
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    Shai Amsalem CFO
    Moshe Litwak V.P., Commercial & Business Development
    Eyal Tuchman V.P., Operations & Control
    Gadi Agmon V.P., Human Resources & Administration
    Ronit Barzilay V.P., Legal Counsel
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About Electra Ltd.

Electra Ltd. subsidiary of Elco Ltd., was founded in 1945. It is traded on the TASE and included in the TA-35 Index, and specializes in four core fields: construction, infrastructure, and electromechanical contracting; operation & maintenance of industrial, infrastructural, commercial, and real estate projects and facilities; initiation and development of real estate projects; and concessions relating to infrastructure and national projects. Turnover: Approx. US$ 2.97 billion. Backlog: Approx. US$7.7 billion. Employees: Approx. 15,000.

Global Perspective, Worldwide Presence

Electra’s constant growth and diversification are driven by its dedicated lifecycle approach - a unique business model that encompasses every stage of the construction and development process. The Group continues to take strategic steps, consolidating its presence in significant fields and territories while also exploring emerging markets and innovative technologies. Electra USA has positioned the Electra Group at the forefront of a major electromechanical contracting market with projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Through Electra Afikim, Electra has expanded into transportation, operating public, private, and institutional services in Israel, including electric vehicles. Meanwhile, Electra subsidiaries are leveraging AI and ML technology to deliver enhanced performance and customer experience.

Total Service Synergy

Electra manages thousands of large-scale turnkey construction and infrastructure projects from concept to completion, including M&E system installation, as well as long-term management and operational services. By harnessing the strategic synergy between its comprehensive, complementary areas of activity, the Group delivers an optimal service portfolio customized to each customer’s needs, with complete quality control, budgetary, and scheduling oversight.

Spearheading an Evolving Industry

As traditional construction enters a new era, Electra reliably rises to the challenge in competitive markets thanks to its unique activity matrix, alongside the Group’s commitment to continual reinvention. Building on extensive M&A experience and an outside-the-box perspective, Electra pushes the boundaries of innovation by investing in emerging sectors, such as smart technology. This bold approach has defined Electra’s industry-leading position for over 75 years.

Contracting, Construction, Infrastructure,
Energy & Electromechanical Systems - Trusted Expertise from A to Z

Electra Building - The Electra Group’s contracting and construction arm, covering Electra Construction, Electra Danko, Electra M&E, Electra Elco C&S, and Electra Elevators, among others, giving real estate developers direct access to world-class capabilities under one roof.
Electra Construction - One of the largest and most advanced construction companies, with a longstanding engineering tradition, meticulous planning, and creative project execution. The company’s uncompromising service, quality, and safety standards are central to its success, alongside strict adherence to design, performance standards, and scheduling. Its financial strength, coupled with the Electra Group’s capabilities, enables the supply of all-inclusive, high-quality solutions within the defined timeframe.
Electra Danko - Undertakes complex finishing work in all sectors, including steelwork and engineering, integration of electromechanical and low-voltage systems, and more. It specializes in import and installation of prefabricated elements, including floating floors and anechoic chambers.
Electra Infrastructure - One of Israel’s leading civil engineering and contracting companies, specializing in large-scale infrastructure projects throughout the country. The company is active in five core sectors: roads and infrastructure, bridges, tunneling, pipe jacking, and construction, and is the local representative of the German company Max Bögl, having worked with its subsidiary Wuwa Bau on pipe jacking projects.
Electra Elco C&S - The largest electrical works contractor company in Israel: high, medium, and low voltage, construction of power stations, substations, and energy centers, including installation of transformers, switchboards, busbars, lighting systems and UPS, as well as energy-saving ESCO projects, PV solar power systems, the construction of pumped storage power stations, and state-of-the-art turnkey medical projects. Electra Elco C&S is a major supplier of Pressure Regulating & Metering Systems, including infrastructure work, and has 25-year concessions for natural gas distribution. Its mechanical division plans and performs mechanical works, pipes and pumps, and valves, installs industrial equipment, and constructs wastewater treatment plants, water purification facilities, water filtration facilities, and pumping stations.
Electra M&E Electromechanical Systems - Israel’s leading HVAC, electricity, and plumbing company, offering the management, integration, servicing, maintenance, and supply of unique energy solutions nationwide, with dedicated divisions for luxury residences and advanced VRF systems, energy solutions, and facility upgrading. The company specializes in industrial projects, particularly in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microelectronics, and cooling fields, as well as turnkey projects such as constructing clean rooms and specialized systems. In the mechanical field, the company provides solutions for air conditioning, advanced VRF systems, ventilation, industrial cooling, sanitary and industrial plumbing, and clean room systems for the hi-tech and pharmaceutical industries: heating, compressed air and steam, fire extinguishing systems including sprinklers and foam, water supply, sewage and rainwater, pump rooms, and more. Electra M&E is a leading supplier of high voltage transformers and electrical panels, low voltage systems, electrical piping, light fittings, UPS systems, generators and electrical boards. The company offers fire detection control systems, PA systems, CCTV systems, computer communications systems and control panels, infrastructure systems, street lighting and underground piping for electricity, telephones, and cable television.
Aclimatic - Supplies refrigeration and cooling systems to retailers including Israel’s largest supermarket chains. Aclimatic is the exclusive Israeli importer of the Carrier, Ziegra, and Schweyer brands, and also specializes in eco-friendly CO2 cooling technology.
Electra Elevators - The largest elevator company in Israel and the sole local representative of Otis and Alimak (industrial elevators). The company assembles and installs its own state-of-the-art elevators, escalators, and travelators in hundreds of commercial and residential complexes.
Electra Taamal - Provides advanced home elevator solutions, including customized wheelchair elevators, accessibility lifts, industrial conveyors, lifts, and hoists, as well as cargo lifts and hydraulic compressors.
Electra Parking Solutions - Klaus Multiparking’s exclusive representative of in Israel. Designs, assembles and installs multiparking systems, stack parkers, turntables, pallets, semi-automatic parking facilities, and fully-automatic parking facilities, with 24/7 servicing and maintenance.
F. K. Electra Generators - A leading global provider of comprehensive power solutions for industrial, public, and governmental projects. The company is active in the rental, sale, installation, operation, and maintenance of all types of generators and temporary power plants, including related equipment and ancillary devices.
Etco Nigeria - Offers comprehensive electromechanical systems and solutions: viability, planning, performing, and maintenance. The company undertakes large-scale electromechanical engineering contracting projects throughout Nigeria, including commercial and industrial facilities.
Electra M&E Europe - Specializes in the design, installation, and operation of turnkey M&E systems throughout the UK, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Germany, and Belgium. Its clientele includes shopping malls, hotels, office complexes, residential buildings, petrochemical plants, energy and utility plants, transportation infrastructures, and more.
Electra USA - This wholly-owned subsidiary coordinates Electra’s operations in the USA and is the controlling shareholder of three electromechanical contractors in the New York area with more than 700 employees.
Hellman Electric - This electrical contractor specializes in heavy construction, transit, control systems, renovations, and supplementary work for educational institutions, as well as datacom infrastructure planning, installation, and maintenance.
Gilston Electrical - Engaged in electrical contracting for various New York City and New York State agencies, including infrastructure projects, building maintenance and renovation for public housing, and electrical services for hospitals.
F.W. Sims - Performs mechanical/HVAC contracting work, specializing in large, complex projects in the residential, commercial, and infrastructure fields. It includes planning and installation teams, a workshop, and a dedicated service division.

Electra Technology Division - Meeting the Needs of the Future

Electra Technologies - Specializes in smart building construction and operation, providing comprehensive technological solutions that span low voltage, process control and building management, multimedia, security, communication, and lightning and over-voltage protection systems, while optimizing advanced technology integration. Emphasizing cost-effective energy use, operational efficiency, and a one-stop-shop experience, the company provides a complete solution for every need, from defining requirements, through implementation and actual execution, to a full-service portfolio that encompasses individual systems as well as an integrative control system incorporating all relevant systems.
Electra Megason - Designs customized security and safety systems for customers in many sectors with unique needs. For over 40 years, the company has offered the highest quality hardware and software, alongside expert integration.

Operation & Maintenance - Full-Service Business Solutions

Electra FM (Integrated Facility Management) -
Israel’s leading company in the maintenance and management of buildings and electromechanical systems with a scope of approximately 12,000,000m². The company specializes in maintaining electrical, air conditioning, plumbing, and water treatment systems, as well as pumping stations, hazardous waste management and construction and fire extinguishing systems while offering complementary services through sub-contractors. Its clientele includes defense institutions, real estate companies, government institutions, and industry. Electra FM offers comprehensive management, maintenance, and operation of complex facilities that require professional expertise, extensive experience, adherence to international standards, and a control center providing prompt nationwide service.
Electra FM Field Service Division - Based on a nationwide network of mobile technicians, this service and maintenance company provides its customers with the full spectrum of professional solutions for more than 20 specialist fields.
Ariel Properties Group - Manages thousands of properties around Israel, totaling approximately 5,000,000m², including office buildings, commercial centers, parking garages, hi-tech complexes, residential buildings, government facilities, and approximately 300 properties held in trust for foreign investors.
Tavas - Provides general and specialist cleaning services to some 550 private and public sector customers throughout Israel. The company designs, constructs, and operates cleaning and housekeeping systems on any scale, including high-rise window cleaning, janitorial services, and pest control.
Electra Security - Offers innovative security solutions to customers nationwide, including banks, health organizations, kindergartens, and municipalities. Its unique security model is based on mobile patrol units that provide a rapid professional response to any threat. Cutting-edge technology allows for constant surveillance and immediate mobilization, along with ongoing reporting and complete transparency.
Electra Target - Supplies cutting-edge project management and outsourcing services under the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) model, specializing in managing complex events ranging from COVID testing to the Jerusalem Marathon.
Michlol - Provides comprehensive customized workplace management solutions. Michlol works closely with customers to enhance and streamline their operations over the long term, leveraging advanced tools and work methods such as ServicesApp, a unique maintenance application, to improve service and lower expenses across the board.
Elevator Maintenance - Electra’s technicians provide IS2481 (EN81) certified servicing for approximately 23,000 elevators.
HVAC Servicing - The division has three logistics centers nationwide, serving thousands of customers and sites with a scope of more than 1.1 million refrigeration tons. The centers are staffed by more than 300 licensed HVAC technicians, all of whom undergo intensive training and certification.
Electrical Service & Maintenance - Supplies preventative maintenance and repair of electrical systems with 24/7 availability and nationwide coverage. The company’s mobile laboratory is designed for troubleshooting high-voltage electricity installations on-site.
Electra Greentech - Operates, maintains and manages wastewater treatment facilities throughout Israel in addition to providing monitoring and control tools equipped with mobile communication and internet technologies.
Electra Afikim - Aiming to become Israel’s largest, market-leading transportation company by embarking on large-scale tenders, Electra Afikim owns a fleet of some 1,400 buses, of which 1,200 are employed through its concessions to operate nationwide public transport lines and the rest serve institutional and private transport needs.

Entrepreneurship & Property Development – Where Tomorrow’s Cities Begin

Electra Investments - Performs the Electra Group’s real estate activities, developing residential, office and commercial buildings. The company initiates investments in Russia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia, taking a comprehensive view that includes locating plots, planning, obtaining permits, construction, and marketing.
Electra Residences - This company’s diverse real estate developments reflect its expertise in identifying opportunities, selecting partners, and leading project planning and implementation. It benefits from excellent management, efficient structure, and financial stability.

Concessions - Always Thinking Bigger

Electra Concessions - Responsible for large-scale BOT/BOO projects and technology management, focusing on national infrastructure concessions and applications in power generation and utilization, such as pumped storage and solar thermal power generation, offering one-stop-shop energy solutions.

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