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Established: 1958
Line of Business: Law Firm and Notary
Address: 146 Menachem Begin Rd., Tel Aviv 6492103, Israel
Phone: 972-3-6944111
Fax: 972-3-6091116
Email: [email protected]
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    Adam Kadesh
    Adi Ron
    Alex Berman
    Amit Bechler
    Amit Dat
    Amit Pines
    Amir Chen
    Amir Varon
    Anat Shavit
    Anat Shinar
    Anat Molkho
    Ariel Mazer
    Avishay Sahar
    Avraham Well
    Asaf Gabay
    Aya Reich-Mina
    Barak Glickman
    Ben Levi Tsedek
    Boaz Noiman
    Boaz Tavor
    Debbie Goodman
    Dikla Lavy-Fischer
    Doron Kol
    Dror Matatyahu
    Efrat Sharon
    Efraim Levy
    Eli Blechman
    Eran Yaniv
    Eldad Koresh
    Etti Dolev
    Eyal Konyak
    Dr. Gil Orion
    Galai Sharir
    Galit Shitzer
    Gilad Winkler
    Hadar Sive
    Hagar Keren-Hackim
    Hezi Kattan
    Inbal Gaon Evgi
    Itay Zemel
    Itay Brafman
    Itiel Ben Haim
    Jana Rabinovich
    Jonathan Libchik
    Jonathan Tessone
    Judy Amidor
    Liat Halperin
    Lihi Blumenfeld
    Liron Cohen
    Liron-Levy Lev
    Liron Usherovich
    Meital Ben-Basat
    Michael Zellermayer
    Michael Yavin
    Michal Faktor
    Michal Nissani Josefson
    Michal Sela
    Miri Kimhi
    Moran Friedman
    Moran Rabbia-Perera
    Natali Askira Lorch
    Nataly Davidai
    Nir Ben-Zion Naftali
    Noa Barhum
    Noa Lev Goldstein
    Noa Zakin
    Oded Revivo
    Ofir Fartuk
    Omri Shilo
    Dr. Omri Rachum-Twaig
    Orit Israeli
    Orit Malka
    Raz Tepper
    Reut Maor Kartowsky
    Reuven Behar
    Roi Warhaftig
    Ron Sitton
    Ronald Lehmann
    Ronit Aizen Etgar
    Roy Lieber
    Royi Steinmetz
    Sagi Hammer
    Sagit Avital-Assaf
    Sarit Perlmutter-Sugarman
    Shai Zadik
    Shalom Hershkovitz
    Sharon Gazit
    Sharon Klein-Manbar
    Sharon Madel-Artzy
    Sharon Rosen
    Shalom Simon
    Sharona Haim Pour-Abramovich
    Shay Teken
    Shilo Hershkovits
    Shirly Kazir
    Shmuel Hamou
    Shmulik Fried
    Shoney Albeck
    Sivan Omer
    Tal Eyal-Boger
    Tal Wiesengrun
    Tamar Turjeman-Kedem
    Tali Salton-Yeshua
    Uri Zichor
    Ute Klose-Goldstein
    Vered Oren
    Vered Pilichovski Czyzyk
    Vered Tzror Jerasi
    Warren Wienburg
    Yael Riemer
    Yaron Mehulal
    Yoram Bonen
    Yoram Shiv
    Yuval Peled
    Zeev Holender
    Ziv Schwartz
    Zohar Liss
    Zofnat Drori

    The Late
    Isachar Fischer
    Founder; 1929-2013
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About FISCHER (FBC & Co.)

FISCHER (FBC & Co.) founded in 1958 is one of Israel’s largest law firms, providing high-quality, diverse and multidisciplinary legal services in a wide range of practice areas, as a one-stop-shop. Over more than half a century, the firm has acquired a distinguished reputation, while championing its core values of excellence, professionalism and integrity.
The firm includes over 340 lawyers, of which more than 120 are partners, who provide legal services customized to their clients’ business environment.
FISCHER recruits high-quality and experienced human capital. The firm’s lawyers have in-depth familiarity with the full range of the Israeli economy and have far-reaching work relationships and a wide global presence. The firm is regularly involved in a broad range of transactions and litigation at the center of Israel’s legal, economic and public agenda, and represents local and international clients in a long list of practice areas.
The firm has a vast and longstanding network of professional relationships with some of the world’s largest and leading law and accounting firms; and it benefits from a significant reputation among leading legal professionals in numerous countries.
FISCHER represents a long list of domestic and international clients, who operate in a variety of sectors and industries. The firm’s clientele is a showcase of some of the largest local and international public and private companies, executive officers, entrepreneurs, senior officials in the public sector, high-net-worth individuals, and others.
The firm regularly leads the legal ranking tables, and consecutively receives recognition and esteem from local and international ranking guides, including Chambers and Partners, Legal 500, IFLR 1000, GCR, WWL, Dun’s 100 and BdiCode.

Main Practice Areas (in alphabetical order)

Arbitration & Mediation; Litigation; Dispute Resolution: The practice provides clients with holistic legal counsel and has represented some of the largest and most significant cases in Israel. The practice has expertise in diverse litigation fields and in managing complex mediation and arbitration proceedings, that yield efficient and creative solutions. In addition, our lawyers have vast experience in representing clients before tribunals of all levels and types.
Aviation & Maritime: Our firm has extensive experience representing major airlines and low-cost carriers, shipping companies, insurers, importers and exporters, freight forwarders, and online travel service providers in the full range of subject-matter encompassed by aviation and maritime law, with an emphasis on commercial litigation, class actions, corporate and regulatory matters, leasing and commercial transactions, competition, labor relations and taxation.
Banking & Finance: One of the leading practices in Israel, representing Israel’s most prominent bank and non-bank finance transactions. The legal team regularly counsels clients, including foreign banks and financial institutions in banking and financial regulatory matters vis-à-vis the Bank of Israel.
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Advice to entrepreneurs, companies and investors on legal aspects related to the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, including regulation and opinion, taxation, corporate law, commercial law, privacy protection, intellectual property and more. The legal team has extensive experience in leading and advising companies in the field on a variety of issues, including initial coin offerings, accompanying prospectuses, accompanying M&A transactions, assistance in reporting and planning an effective tax structure, and more.
Capital Markets: The Capital Markets practice is one of the leading and most experienced practices in Israel, offering clients comprehensive legal counsel and support in all aspects of the capital markets, including representation on international and local public offerings, M&A transactions of public companies and reporting corporations, controlling shareholder transactions, corporate governance, and ongoing reporting and filing requirements under Israeli and foreign securities laws. Our firm also takes part in representations before the Israel Securities Authority and in administrative enforcement proceedings. The practice also has a leading reputation among major players in the capital markets sector, including underwriters, institutional investors, regulators and more.
Class Actions & Derivative Suits: Israel’s leading firm in class actions and derivative suits. The firm’s lawyers represent the largest corporations in Israel and globally in complex class actions and derivative suits, some of which have significant implications on corporate operations. The practice manages these proceedings as they relate to other fields and industries, including corporate and securities implications, banking, insurance and antitrust laws, consumer goods, communications and environment, energy and labor law, and derivative suits against corporations.
Competition & Antitrust: Israel’s leading and largest Competition & Antitrust practice counsels on a broad range of criminal, administrative and civil matters, including merger control, abuse of dominant position, restrictive arrangements, and the regulation of cartels, monopolies and oligopolies. The firm is regularly ranked by GCR as one of the Top 100 global antitrust law firms and as the leading Israeli firm, in this practice area.
Cyber & Information Technologies: One of the leading and most exceptional practices in its field in Israel. Legal advice in the field of information technology, information security, privacy and data protection and in the field of commercial cyber, including computer law, export of dual-use technologies, artificial intelligence, fintech, information security regulation and technology regulation. The legal team has a deep understanding of technology, professional expertise, and rich experience in a wide variety of legal issues concerning the use of digital assets.
Defamation: FISCHER is highly proficient in handling issues such as libel, invasion of privacy, copyright matters, gag orders, and statutory advertisement prohibitions.
East Asia Desk: Our firm offers legal services to businesses operating in East Asian markets, and to East Asian entities and individuals operating in Israel or seeking strategic partnerships and investment opportunities in the Israeli market. The legal team is experienced in advising on matters and transactions with entities and individuals from a broad range of East Asian markets.
Environmental: Our firm’s Environmental practice offers comprehensive advice on environmental matters, from representation in administrative and criminal enforcement proceedings, to the preparation of internal enforcement programs designed to reduce the exposure of officeholders to potential criminal liability for environmental matters. FISCHER is also a leader in Circular Economy initiatives.
Hi-Tech, Technology and VC; Investment Funds and Life Sciences: One of the leading Hi-Tech practices in Israel. Our firm’s Hi-Tech practice represents start-ups, corporations, strategic investors, VCs and private equity funds in all their commercial activities, including initial structuring, investment transactions, license agreements, M&As, PIPE transactions, fund formation, operations acquisitions, private placements and public offerings on securities exchanges in Israel and abroad.
Hotels & Tourism: Providing counsel to all the sector’s players, including owners, operators, developers, investors, lenders, franchisors and franchisees, service providers, and other stakeholders. Providing representation and counsel on development; acquisition and divestment; operations and management; corporate and JVs; finance and restructuring; franchise, licensing and outsourcing; commercial agreements; labor, employment and immigration; data privacy; dispute resolution; IP, advertising and branding.
Insolvency & Restructuring; Liquidations & Receiverships: The firm is one of Israel’s leading insolvency and debt restructuring law firms. The firm’s practice represents companies, owners of controlling interests, financial creditors and bondholders within the framework of complex and intricate debt restructurings, including local and international aspects. In addition, the practice represents creditors, including financial institutions, banks and insurance companies, in insolvency, debt restructuring, liquidation and receivership proceedings. The practice also advises clients throughout all stages of proceedings, often becoming court-appointed officers - fiduciaries, receivers, special managers and liquidators.
Insurance: Legal counsel and representation in a wide variety of insurance matters for Israeli and international clients (including officers and directors), providing legal counsel in transactions, litigation proceedings, regulatory matters, capital markets matters, and more. The legal team has vast experience in representing international purchasers of Israeli insurance companies, as well as providers of representation and warranty insurance in the context of M&A transactions.
Intellectual Property: Our firm’s IP practice has significant experience in the various branches of IP, including patents, trademarks, registered designs, copyrights and commercial secrets, as well as matters involving television (including productions and TV formats), entertainment media, Internet, Hi-Tech and Life sciences. The firm’s practice has expertise in IP litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings (including as arbitrators), and in proceedings before the Registrar of Patents, Designs and Trademarks.
International Commercial Law: Representing Israeli and foreign clients in some of the most complex cross-border M&A transactions executed in Israel, in public offerings, private placements, international finance transactions and critical infrastructure projects in Israel and abroad, as well as leading global multinationals from various sectors.
Labor Relations; Immigration: The practice has a considerable reputation in the field of labor relations in Israel. The practice represents clients through the full scope of individual and collective labor relations and provides Israel bound immigration law guidance and assistance (preparing applications, obtaining work and immigration permits, and drafting work agreements for foreign workers, etc.).
Mergers & Acquisitions: The firm’s M&As practice has extensive experience representing Israeli and international companies in a wide range of commercial matters and in facilitating large-scale M&A transactions. Throughout the years, the practice has represented private and public corporations in a substantial share of Israel’s largest and most significant transactions. The firm provides clients with experienced legal teams in a broad range of areas, including labor law, antitrust, real estate and more - providing holistic legal support for every transaction. The practice’s clientele includes multinationals, Israeli and foreign corporations, institutional investors and VCs.
Municipal Taxes: providing legal counsel and representation in the field of municipal taxes, including reducing municipal tax and development charges, and recovering overpayments paid to various authorities.
Philanthropy: The practice’s legal team provides comprehensive advice in the full spectrum of legal needs unique to this field, including strategic planning, donor tax planning and tax credits (compliant with Israeli, European and/or U.S. law), establishment and accompaniment of associations, family foundations, public benefit societies, dedications and charitable trusts, initiating a family legacy, proper execution of intergenerational philanthropic transfers, and more.
Private Clients, Intergenerational Transfers and Family Wealth Management: The practice provides legal support, while managing a variety of aspects and challenges that are typical in family wealth management. Within this framework, the practice assists in planning wealth transferences through family mediations, agreements, wills, trusts, etc. The practice also advises clients with respect to family dispute resolution and managing family and inheritance disputes.
Projects, Infrastructures & Energy: The practice represents leading domestic and international companies and entities in a wide range of complex projects and transactions in the energy and infrastructures markets, including facilitating transactions in the transportation, natural gas, energy, water and infrastructure sectors. Within this framework the legal practice provides clients, including government corporations, private and public companies and entrepreneurs, with comprehensive services and ongoing counsel for their day-to-day operations throughout all the project’s execution stages.
Real Estate, Planning & Zoning, and Urban Renewal: Israel’s largest and leading Real Estate, Planning & Zoning and Urban Renewal practice, handling a considerable share of the most significant real estate transactions in Israel. FISCHER’s lawyers have extensive experience in representing public and private real estate companies, entrepreneurs, developers, property owners, and buyers. The practice is also experienced in executing and implementing complex real estate projects and large-scale transactions, including planning proceedings, and represents a considerable share of substantial projects in the Israeli market, including construction of residential neighborhoods, offices, commercial and residential towers, and more.
Regulatory; Administrative Law: Our firm’s practice represents Israel’s largest entities in some of the most significant regulatory moves implemented in the economy. The practice has extensive expertise and familiarity with public sector procedures and decision-making processes and was involved in Israel’s recent large economic reform.
Sports Law: The practice provides its clients with comprehensive legal services including representation in various domestic and international courts and tribunals, team sale and purchase transactions, rights transfers, liquidations, and other commercial and corporate business matters.
Tax: Expertise in a wide range of fields that cover every aspect of taxation, including real estate tax, taxation of individuals and trusts, international taxation, VAT, income tax, officers’ remuneration and more. The practice provides comprehensive legal counsel and representation, with personally customized and tailored tax advisory. The legal team has extensive experience regarding Israel’s business arena and a broad network of work relationships with the tax and enforcement authorities, that enable it to operate flexibly and creatively when handling matters of commercial operations, income tax, VAT, land tax and more.
Telecom & Media: The practice represents a considerable share of Israel’s largest telecom and media entities, in every principal segment of these industries. The practice’s clients include fixed line and mobile telecommunications, print media, commercial and cable television, and radio broadcasting. The practice also specializes in advising clients on long-term strategic issues and on regulatory, litigation, corporate, transactional, labor and other matters.
White Collar: The firm has a well-established practice and significant reputation in this area. The firm provides comprehensive legal support for defendants during criminal proceedings on a wide range of criminal offenses including money laundering, tax, computer and internet gambling offenses, ethical offenses by public officials and corporate officers, securities offenses and more. During its years of operations, the practice has led a considerable share of the most complex and sensitive cases in Israel.

Community Outreach

The firm works to promote education of children from low socio-economic backgrounds, and to aid the elderly and holocaust survivors.

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