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Established: 1930
Address: Electra Tower, 98 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv 6789141, Israel
Round Tower, 1 Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv 6701101, Israel
Zurich Office:
Mittelstrasse 14, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland
Tel: +41 44 818 08 00
Fax: +41 44 818 08 01
Phone: +972-3-6089999; 972-3-6074444
Fax: +972-3-6089909; 972-3-6074422
Email: [email protected]
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  • Amir Tzafrir, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

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    Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

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    Amir Tzafrir
  • Esther Koren, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

    Esther Koren


    Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

  • Ayal Shenhav, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

    Dr. Ayal Shenhav


    Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

  • Zvi Bar-Nathen, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

    Zvi Bar-Nathen


    Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

  • Levy Amitay, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

    Levy Amitay

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    Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

  • Aya Yoffe, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

    Aya Yoffe

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    Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

  • Tal Atsmon, Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

    Tal Atsmon

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    Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

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About Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co.

Goldfarb Gross Seligman & Co., Israel’s largest law firm, is among the elite group of firms that deliver top-tier legal services at international standards. We are proud of our professional hallmark of legal excellence, professional creativity and ethical conduct, a legacy that guides us in overcoming challenges and forms the basis to our pristine reputation. Our decades of experience in providing multidisciplinary counsel, alongside our deep understanding and keen insight into the Israeli and global business sector, as well as our presence in landmark commercial and regulatory cases, are the backbone of the firm’s longstanding professional approach. At the heart of our professional philosophy is the belief that every client is unique, with its own issues and considerations. We provide personalized service tailored to each client’s particular needs, combined with the advantages that a large ‘one-stop-shop’ law firm with a global reach can offer.
The firm recruits and employs leading attorneys in each of its practice areas, including attorneys with foreign legal education and practice experience in Europe, US, Brazil and more. This human capital, along with the firm’s commitment to quality, excellence, and integrity, are what make us the firm of choice for the most discerning clients, both in Israel and overseas.
The firm employs more than 500 attorneys, including over 200 partners, who offer clients a wide spectrum of legal services: hi-tech and VC; corporate and capital markets; M&A; real estate, planning and construction; litigation; tax; banking and finance; labor law; intellectual property and privacy; antitrust; industry; energy and infrastructure; regulation; environmental law; administrative law; and more.
Goldfarb Gross Seligman has consistently been ranked among the leading law firms in Israel in various practice areas by international and local ratings such as Chambers, The Legal 500, IFLR1000, BDICode, Dun’s 100 and others.
The firm has a well-established tradition of community engagement and places a strong emphasis on its social mission, expressed by volunteer work in cooperation with various non-profits and educational institutions.

Practice Areas

Corporate M&A - Our firm possesses extensive experience in complex M&As, spinoffs, reorganizations and investment transactions, as well as share and asset transactions, devising business structures and procedures that have become important precedents. In recent years, the firm had the lead role in numerous international M&A transactions worth tens of billions of dollars. We represent leading Israeli companies in international transactions, as well as foreign clients in their Israeli acquisitions, while providing integrated advice on various legal fields such as tax, IP, real estate, reporting obligations, regulatory approvals and more.

Hi-Tech and Venture Capital: Our firm advises a broad range of hi-tech clients, from multinational tech giants and some of the world’s largest VC funds to local start-ups and entrepreneurs. We are proud to be a home to hundreds of start-ups from their early stages through their growth until they become established companies, including commercial agreements, R&D, IP, financing rounds, offerings and M&As. In addition, we offer unique expertise in establishing VC funds and advising on VC investments in Israel and abroad.

Israeli and Foreign Securities and Capital Markets - Goldfarb Gross Seligman has Israel’s leading securities and capital markets practice. The firm is a dominant player in public offerings in the Israeli and in foreign capital markets, providing ongoing securities law advice to dozens of public companies and representing issuers and underwriters in Israel, the U.S., Europe, and Australia. We work closely with foreign underwriters and investment banks and have unparalleled expertise in complex financial transactions, as well as in representing clients before various securities authorities and stock exchanges. In addition, the firm has vast experience in advising public companies, Boards of Directors and independent committees on corporate law, securities law, corporate governance and related transactions and proceedings.

Real Estate, Planning and Construction - The firm handles the most significant transactions in the Israeli real estate sector, including large-scale projects, innovative real estate ventures, planning and construction proceedings and more. We provide our clients, leading holding groups, large real estate companies and developers, with a complete set of services throughout all stages of the purchase, planning, development and construction of the project, including related financing aspects. We advise on large residential, commercial and office projects and specialize, among others, in combination transactions, representing purchasing groups, handling tenders, urban renewal, expansions in the agricultural sector, registering condominiums and parcellation. In the planning and construction field, our firm has extensive experience in promoting infrastructure projects and real estate ventures. We represent both private and government entities in all statutory procedures in the field, and are experienced in representing clients in procedures for betterment levies, property taxes, development levies, expropriation procedures, expropriation claims, value decrease claims and more.

Commercial and Corporate Litigation; Dispute Resolution - The firm handles the most complex commercial and corporate litigation. Our litigation partners are among the leading trial lawyers in Israel and represent Israeli and international companies, as well as key businesspeople and senior officials from the public sector. Our attorneys’ legal understanding, together with their business insight, enables us to strive to resolve disputes in the shortest amount of time, while utilizing the most advanced and creative legal tools. We advise on a wide range of legal issues, including complex commercial litigation; corporate and securities litigation; class actions and derivatives; international litigation and arbitration; administrative litigation; internet litigation; real estate litigation; and more. In addition, our firm has extensive expertise in arbitration and mediation, with several partners serving as mediators and arbitrators in complex business and personal disputes.

Tax - Our Tax Department is one of Israel’s most prominent and experienced tax departments. The firm’s attorneys, based in our offices in Israel and our Zurich Branch, advise local and international clients on various tax matters, including the taxation of domestic and international transactions; property; M&As; local and international tax planning for corporations and HNW private clients; import, export and international trade law; VAT; executive compensation (including stock options and bonus plans); and more.

Banking and Finance - The firm has extensive experience in advising local and multinational banks, financial institutions and investment houses, as well as handling various large-scale domestic and international financing transactions. We advise on ongoing banking activity and activities in all financial services fields, such as securities (custody and brokerage), credit cards and financial derivatives. We specialize in corporate governance; credit and guarantees; transactions to acquire control of banks and assets owned by banks; and in regulatory and legal support of Israeli institutional entities.

Intellectual Property - The firm is experienced in a variety of intellectual property matters, in Israel and abroad. We advise clients on all intellectual property aspects of their activity, from trademark and design registration to building copyright and intellectual property asset protection strategies, as well as licensing agreements (OEM, VAR and others), commercial transactions and protecting intellectual property assets in litigatory proceedings. We also specialize in complex advertising, media and entertainment matters, from talent agreements, event production and TV series production to advertisement regulation and distribution agreements.

Class Actions and Derivative Actions - The firm represents leading Israeli and multinational corporations in class actions on securities, antitrust, insurance, banking, consumer protection and more. Our expertise is based on representing hundreds of corporate defendants in class actions, enabling us to utilize creative tools to prevent the certification of claims and resolve disputes through alternative measures, reducing clients’ exposure to both financial and reputational damage. Our attorneys are renowned experts in derivative actions, representing companies, shareholders, directors, and senior executives.

Energy - The firm provides comprehensive professional counsel integrating legal, professional and commercial aspects, from the early development stages of energy projects, throughout their construction and to financial closure and ongoing operation. In addition, the firm possesses extensive experience in complex tenders and advising on financing models and agreements tailored to the needs of the energy market, including PPA, EPC and O&M agreements. The firm advises entrepreneurs and corporations regarding the establishment of natural gas power plants, renewable energy projects, natural gas distribution and consumption, and more.

Infrastructure - The firm handles a significant portion of the largest infrastructure projects in the Israeli market, particularly in the transportation and energy fields. The firm advises government agencies and private sector entities from the formation stages, through statutory and legislative proceedings, to expropriations, tenders, and financing.

Antitrust and Competition - The firm specializes in providing ongoing legal counsel to clients regarding complex antitrust and competition matters, including litigation proceedings and administrative, civil and criminal enforcement. The firm regularly provides complex legal opinions on various competition aspects about a wide variety of matters, including monopolies, restrictive agreements, and mergers. In addition, the firm builds internal compliance programs tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Labor Law and Relocation - The firm provides strategic advice to resolve complex human resource management issues, both private and collective, including contentious proceedings. We advise organizations and individuals during reorganization processes; employee recruitment and termination; executive employment; M&As; ownership transfers; due diligence; risk assessment; collective bargaining; organized labor; labor disputes; strikes; collective disputes; and more. The firm also represents clients before labor courts and governmental authorities, as well as in alternative dispute resolution proceedings. In addition, the firm provides comprehensive legal counsel regarding immigration, visa and relocation matters.

Industry - The firm possesses extensive experience in advising and representing Industrial corporations from all segments of the market, and our expert attorneys are familiar with the business environment and complex legal challenges these companies face. Our legal teams provide clients a broad range of high-quality legal services, encompassing all aspects of the client’s activity in Israel and abroad, tailored to the unique challenges faced by industrial corporations.

Environmental Law and Sustainability - The firm advises public, private and government companies on a broad array of environmental regulation issues. We advise clients on environmental law requirements and advise on licensing and enforcement before the governmental authorities; represent clients in administrative, criminal and civil proceedings, including class actions, monetary claims and more; assist in the drafting and implementation of internal enforcement programs; advise on developing sustainable policies for organizations; conduct due diligence; represent financial institutions with respect to environmental risk management; and advise recycling companies, environmental tech start-ups and energy and water companies.

Administrative Law, Tenders and Local Government - The firm has extensive expertise in the administrative field and represents government entities, private corporations and local government entities (municipalities, local councils and municipal corporations) in a broad array of issues. Among others, we advise on tenders for the development of large-scale infrastructure, transport, energy and urban development projects, as well as litigation proceedings. Our attorneys also serve as outside counsel to the tender committees of Israel’s largest entities.

Insurance and Risk Management - The firm possesses professional experience in local and international insurance matters, advising Israel’s largest corporations. We specialize in advising on the quality and scope of comprehensive insurance plans, tailoring unique, innovative solutions for complex risks. In addition, we advise insurance companies in establishment, acquisition and investment agreements, claims, class actions and more. Our firm also possesses significant expertise in the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) domain, providing counsel based on international best practices and methodologies for mapping the client’s exposures and the formation of infrastructure for monitoring, reporting and managing risks.

White-Collar - The firm is one of the market leaders in the white-collar defense field. The firm’s attorneys represent senior members of the business and public sectors in criminal cases involving matters such as securities, money laundering, taxation, defense and national security offenses, international crime, executive offenses, planning and construction offenses and more. In addition, we represent clients before Military and State Commissions of Inquiry. As well as national security hearings.

Regulation - The firm provides comprehensive legal-strategic counsel in the regulation field, advising various business groups and leading corporations operating in a wide variety of fields, including telecommunications and media, cybersecurity, infrastructure, healthcare, food, economic regulation and more. We provide both immediate counsel regarding isolated matters and advice on developing long-term regulatory strategies, based on the extensive knowledge and experience accumulated by the firm in this field.

Telecommunications and Media - The firm advises various leading local and international companies active in the telecommunication, media and broadcasting fields on regulatory issues, licensing, media productions, copyright, M&As, transfers of corporate control, commercial disputes and complex litigation proceedings, including class actions. We represent clients in local and cross border transactions in the field, providing comprehensive counsel ranging from IP and copyright to contract law, tax, privacy, data protection, regulation, competition and more.

Corporate Recovery and Insolvency - The firm handles liquidations, receiverships, creditors’ arrangements and reorganizations under bankruptcy protection. The firm’s attorneys have served as or represented, reorganization trustees, receivers and liquidators in some of the most complex proceedings in Israel. In addition, the firm provides ongoing counsel to corporations and individuals in corporate recovery and economic rehabilitation proceedings.

Libel - The firm has extensive expertise in this field. We represent media outlets and advertising agencies and provide ongoing pre-publication advice on investigative journalism pieces and advertising campaigns. The firm also handles public figures’ libel claims and the defense of media outlets in libel actions.

Global Markets (USA, Europe, China, Singapore, Turkey, Brazil) - Our firm maintains a vast network of contacts in various global markets, developed over decades of activity. We regularly advise and represent Israeli companies seeking to expand to other jurisdictions, as well as foreign corporations entering the Israeli market.

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