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Real-estate with an emphasis on urban renewal

Groman & Co., Law Firm
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Established: 2016
Line of Business: Real-estate with an emphasis on urban renewal
Address: 9 Jabotinsky St., Bnei Brak
Hakhsharat HaYishuv Tower, 25th floor
Phone: 972-3-7794004
Fax: 972-3-7794005
Email: [email protected]
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  • Ziv Groman, Groman & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. & Notary Ziv Groman

    Founder and Owner

    Groman & Co., Law Firm

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    Ziv Groman
  • Oshra Friedman, Groman & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. & Notary Oshra Friedman

    Notary and Partner

    Groman & Co., Law Firm

  • Noy Orlinsky, Groman & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. Noy Orlinsky


    Groman & Co., Law Firm

  • Assaf Shefi, Groman & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. Assaf Shefi


    Groman & Co., Law Firm

  • Atara Sova Bergman, Groman & Co., Law Firm

    Adv. Atara Sova Bergman


    Groman & Co., Law Firm

  • Niel  Bonfil, Groman & Co., Law Firm

    Niel Bonfil


    Groman & Co., Law Firm

  • Yael Shaulov, Groman & Co., Law Firm

    Yael Shaulov


    Groman & Co., Law Firm

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About Groman & Co., Law Firm

Groman and Co., Law Firm represents and accompanies hundreds of apartment owners in the urban renewal field and provides ongoing legal advice to dozens of leading developers and contracting companies in the urban renewal field through-out Israel. The firm provides legal assistance in combination transactions, sales, and purchase agreements, negotiating financing agreements with banks and corporations, and legal counsel to public bodies and investors in complex real estate transactions.
Our firm is one of the most prominent firms in its field (NOP Strengthening/Demolition and Construction and Pinui Binui), which has undertaken over 300 urban renewal projects in the last 16 years. The company is renowned for its excellence, its unique expertise, its uncompromising professionalism, its personalized approach, and its family-like atmosphere, and thinking outside the box.

Proven Experience, Creativity, and Professionalism

Our firm is comprised of 11 lawyers headed by attorney and notary Ziv Groman (43), father of three children, marathon runner, and iron man, who lectures in various forums and publishes articles regarding urban renewal and real estate financing, and is a regular guest on a professional panel on the show “Real Estate Secrets” airing on Keshet Channel 12. Attorney Groman was selected as one of the 70 influential people in the urban renewal field for four consecutive years. The firm represents both developers, contractors and apartment owners, therefore our clients benefit from the extensive knowledge accumulated from representing both parties, while providing creative solutions and comprehen-sive legal services, including bank and non-bank credit, downpayment, tenders and pricing while maximizing the re-turns for apartment owners.


Our The firm’s litigation and dispute resolution department leads legal and business proceedings in courts and through arbitration and mediation proceedings, including against uncooperative tenants, at the highest and most efficient standards while achieving the client’s objectives.
Representation of NOP 38 projects and Pinui Binui

Projects Developers

The firm represents developers and contracting companies in NOP 38 (strengthening/demolition and construction) and Pinui Binui projects throughout all stages, as of the planning phase of the deal structure, project financing by banking and non-banking institutions, taxation, representation in administrative petitions, objections, appeals, and improve-ment fees, implementation and completing registration, apartment sales to potential buyers and legal consultation before the authorities.

Representation of Apartment Owners in NOP 38 and Pinui Binui Projects

The firm represents apartment owners who partner with a developer for a NOP 38 (strengthening/demolition and con-struction) or Pinui Binui project, and accompanies them personally throughout the project. The firm assists in recruiting all apartment owners, conducting a tender to select a developer, and managing negotiations while maximizing return for the apartment owners, drafting agreements, resolving disputes, holding securities and guarantees, and providing legal advice until the new apartments are completed.

Legal Support for Developers and Tenants in Pinui Binui Projects

Real estate transactions and urban renewal projects
The firm provides comprehensive solutions for all real estate transactions, including development transactions, urban renewal, combination transactions, purchase groups and expansion of settlements.
The firm prepares sales agreements, lease contracts, rental agreements, property management, administrative peti-tions, appeals, objections and improvement levies. Our clients include private and public real estate companies, busi-nessmen, and private companies.

Real Estate Taxation

The firm offers substantial experience in the field of real estate taxation, providing comprehensive professional legal support for developers, contractors, landowners, and investors while striving for optimal results.

Selected projects

144-146 Ibn Gvirol St., Tel Aviv, 26 Shlomo Hamelech St., Tel Aviv, 30 Y.L. Gordon St., Tel Aviv, 81 Y. L. Gordon St., Tel Aviv, 14 HaYarkon St., Tel Aviv, 15 Lisin St., Tel Aviv, 12 Fishman Maimon St., Tel Aviv, 7 Yonatan Hovsi St., Tel Aviv, 23 Bloch St., Tel Aviv, 25 Bloch St., Tel Aviv, 22 Jeremiah St., Tel Aviv, 27-29 Weizman St., Tel Aviv, 16-18 Israel Maslant St., Tel Aviv, 23 Kiryat Sefer St., Tel Aviv, 18 Leah St., Tel Aviv, 42 Shlomzion Hamalka St., Tel Aviv, Yitzhak Sade/ HaPalmach Tel Aviv, 23 Einstein St., Ramat Gan, 4 Neve Yehoshua St., Ramat Gan, 13 Gershom St., Ramat Gan, 7 Abi-gail St., Ramat Gan, 240 Haroe St., Ramat Gan, 5-7 Shualei Shimshon St., Ramat Gan, Raziel/San Martin RG, 44-46 Weizman St., Givatayim, 43 Hagana St., Herzliya, 35 Yigal Alon St., Herzliya, 2 Ibn Gvirol St., Herzliya, 28 Bar Ilan St., Herzliya, 35 Borochov St., Raanana, 3 David Elazar St., Raanana, 20 Maccabi St., Raanana, 22 Maccabi St., Raa-nana, 19 Golomb St., Ramat Hasharon, 8- 6 Halperin St., Netanya, 12 MacDonald St., Netanya, 44-46-48 Arlozorov St., Petah Tikva, 7-9 Pochus St., Petah Tikva, 1-9 Ben Gurion St., Givat Shmuel, 72,74 Eilat St., Holon, 22 Haam Hazarfati, 97-99 Derech Abba Hillel, 4 Shderot Tovim St., Ramat Gan, Yeda Complex with Bialik Bruria Ramat Gan, 8 Poalei Har-akevet St., Givatayim, 52 Geulim St., Holon, 72-74 Eilat St., Holon, 19-23 Golomov St., Holon, 10 Nili St., Holon, 6-8 Masada St., Bat Yam, 2-8 Pierre Koenig St., Bat Yam, 5 Daniel St., Bat Yam, 7 Daniel St., Bat Yam, Jerusalem Complex Bat Yam, Bialik Complex (1-9 odd) Hareshet (12-18 even) Bat Yam, Complex Harduf 1-7, Yekutiel Adam 1-9 Or Yehuda, Or Yehuda, the Atsmaut Complex (Independence 71-83 odd + Yasmin 6-16 even), 10-12 Palmach St., Givat Shmuel, 6 and 6a Hadar St., Herzliya, 49- 55 Borochov St., Jerusalem, 6 Beilinson St., Kfar Saba, 28 Dov Hoz St., Kfar Saba, 26b Remez St., 3 HaGalil St., 1-3 Carmel St., Netanya, Rothschild Ringbloom and Haachim Bachar Petach Tikva.

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