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Initiation, Construction, Urban Renewal

H.K.R. Group Ltd.
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Established: 1994
Line of Business: Initiation, Construction, Urban Renewal
Address: 19 Beit HaBad St., Kfar Saba
Phone: 972-52-2499722
Fax: 972-9-9621962
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.hkr.co.il
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  • Zohar  Halperin, H.K.R. Group Ltd.

    Zohar Halperin

    Founder and Owner

    H.K.R. Group Ltd.

  • Eyal  Halperin, H.K.R. Group Ltd.

    Eyal Halperin


    H.K.R. Group Ltd.

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About H.K.R. Group Ltd.

H.K.R. Group Ltd. was founded over 25 years ago, as a boutique familial company that operates exclusively in the residential real-estate sector, providing its customers with various services in that field: Saturated Construction, consulting, planning and home styling, apartment renovation in the company’s urban renewal projects and upgrades of apartments sold to the company’s customers. The company has been specializing in the urban renewal field for over a decade and has populated 5 projects to date, despite the required average long approval time of Tama 38 projects.

Executive Team

Zohar Halperin: Zohar is the company’s founder, and nowadays is responsible for the execution in the field. Zohar entered the real estate sector from a completely different professional realm, the public transport sector. For many years he was a member of Dan bus cooperative and served in various roles in the company, including as manager of the cooperative’s financial department. Over the years, he changed his profession to the construction field, with which he fell in love. Having served five years in senior positions in real estate companies, Zohar decided to embark on an independent journey. He founded H.K.R. in 1994 after having completed the necessary studies and being certified as a registered contractor. Over the past 25 years, Zohar was responsible for numerous private construction, renovation, and urban renewal projects, while H.K.R. gained a reputation and a loyal customer base.

Eyal Halperin: Zohar’s son and H.K.R.’s CEO. He holds an M.B.A. (cum laude) from the University of Manchester. He arrived at the company’s management after serving as VP and manager of business divisions in the fields of customer service, construction, operations and maintenance of leading groups in the Israeli market, such as Electra and Cellcom. In the latter, he served as supply chain executive director for 3 years.

Eyal has been managing H.K.R. while formulating its long-term business strategy.

Prominent Projects

H.K.R. focuses on the geographical area of the high-demand areas of North Tel Aviv and cities in the Sharon region. Its urban renewal construction is characterized by unique finishing levels and a “boutique” construction concept. These projects include, among others:

Kehilat Zion 10, Herzliya: A Tama 38 seismic retrofitting and expanding project in which the company added 2.5 stories with 5 new apartments to a small 3-story building. The project is a unique boutique project with huge 140 sq.m. apartments. The project completed and populated.

19-23 Anilevitz St., Ra’anana: A Tama 38 demolition and reconstruction project, where the company would demolish a 3-story building with three entrances and 18 apartments. In its place, a 7-story building with 45 apartments would be built. The buildings apartments mix would include small and medium apartments with 2.5, 3 and 4 rooms each, that are suitable for young couples, young families and third age couples.

5 Kazan, Ra’anana: A Tama 38 demolition and reconstruction project, where the company would demolish a 3-story building with 9 apartments. In its place, a 7-story building with 23 apartments would be built. Also in this building, the apartments mix would include medium 4-room apartments, that are suitable for young couples, young families and third age couples.

Both a Developer and a Constructor

H.K.R. serves as the main contractor in each of its initiation projects. This combination leads to attention to the finest details in every project and complete involvement of its executives, from the planning stage, through the execution and up to the delivery of the apartments to their residents. H.K.R. executes projects with medium apartments (approx. 30 per project) in order to focus on the apartments’ quality and customer service rather than quantity. This “boutique-ish” uniqueness and service experience have been characterizing H.K.R. from its very first days.

“Taking Care of You All the Way to Your Home”

H.K.R.’s motto is “Taking Care of You all the Way to Your Home”. It expresses its worldview, that it doesn’t build buildings for customers, but rather homes for people. Furthermore, the company believes in emphasizing not only the finished high-quality product, i.e. the apartment, but also the customer experience throughout the entire process. All of the company’s operations are derived from this quality concept thus H.K.R. is employing professional subcontractors which have been accompanying it for many years and were carefully chosen according to its high standards. Therefore, H.K.R. offers a very high finishing level and takes care to offer an apartment mix that suits the environment and the market segment in each of its projects. H.K.R. emphasizes green building principles while taking into account the added value both to the environment and to the ongoing expenses of the building’s residents after the project’s completion.

The Vision: To Expand the Operations

Over the past few years, H.K.R. increased the scope of its activity while executing several projects simultaneously. The company is in planning and construction procedures of dozens of projects located throughout HaSharon area. Nevertheless, the selection of projects and maintaining a small quantity of simultaneous execution of projects (4-5) guarantees that the “boutique” quality and service level which characterize H.K.R. will continue to serve as the main added value that the company is offering its customers.

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