Haim Kossowsky-Shachor & Co.

Law Firm specializing in Real Estate Law, Planning & Construction Law, and Commercial Law

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Established: 1950
Line of Business: Law Firm specializing in Real Estate Law, Planning & Construction Law, and Commercial Law
Address: Platinum Tower, 21 Ha’arba’a St., P.O.B. 20084, Tel Aviv 6120002
Phone: 972-3-6858080
Fax: 972-3-6859090
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kossowsky.org
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    H. Kossowsky-Shachor (1913-1998), Founder
    Shmuel Bechor (1943-2013)
    A. Kossowsky-Shachor
    Alon Azran
    Gilaad Zerem
    R. Kossowsky-Shachor
    Ofer Vardi
    Aya Cnaan-Hagbi
    Refael Ovaidov
    Dov Sharon
    Alexander Teplitsky
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About Haim Kossowsky-Shachor & Co.

Haim Kossowsky-Shachor & Co., Advocates and Notaries, is one of Israel’s leading law firms specializing in real estate law, planning and construction law as well as commercial, business, and corporate law. The late Haim Kossowsky-Shachor founded the firm in 1950. In 1968, his son, Aminadav Kossowsky-Shachor, joined the firm and until today serves as a managing partner.
The firm is comprised of nine attorneys and is located in the heart of Tel Aviv.
The firm has a cooperation agreement with Doron Shamir & Partners, Attorneys at Law in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Top Firm in Real Estate Law and Planning & Construction Law

The firm is ranked by Dun & Bradstreet, BDI and the Urban Development Index as one of Israel’s leading law firms in real estate law, real estate taxation law, urban development law and planning, and construction law. Additionally, the firm is ranked by BDI as one of Israel’s best bou-tique law firms. Also, Adv. Aminadav Kossowsky-Shachor, our managing partner, was ranked by Chambers & Partners as one of Israel’s leading attorneys in the real estate sector.
The firm’s clients include entrepreneurs, developers and contractors, private and public companies, in their projects and investments in Israel and overseas, as well as individuals, both Israeli and foreign residents, investing in Israel and owning property in the country. 

Areas of Expertise

The firm specializes in various aspects of real estate law, including real estate taxation, urban development law, planning and construction, renting and tenants protection laws, and international real estate. The firm also provides expertise in commercial and business law, contract law, corporate law, litigation and alternative dispute resolution, wills and estates, trusts and foundations.

Real Estate Law
The firm handles all aspects of real estate, from locating and purchasing the land, to financing, re-zoning, planning, construction, marketing, sales, and taxations aspects.
The firm accompanies its clients throughout the largest and most complex transactions, and services include negotiating and drawing up contracts for projects in the residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail and hotel sectors.
The firm has acquired particular expertise in combination deals, construction deals and purchasing groups.

Urban Development
The firm specializes in TAMA 38 projects, as well as in clearing and construction projects for urban renewal. On this latter topic it should be pointed out that the firm is currently handling one of Israel’s largest clearing and construction projects.

Real Estate Taxation
The firm provides expertise in all areas of taxation linked to real estate, including devising strategies and developing alternative structures that minimize the tax burden on clients.

Planning & Construction
The firm specializes in accompanying clients through the complexities of real estate development, including the re-zoning of land from agricultural use to projects in the residential, commercial, office, industrial, retail and hotels sectors, clearing and construction projects for urban renewal and TAMA 38 transactions. The firm represents clients vis-a-vis all relevant authorities, including the Israel Lands Administration, municipal and local authorities, zoning committees, planning committees, the Land Registrar, etc., both in the phase of formulating the optimal planning program and in objections, appeals, and petitions.
Over the years the firm has established close and extensive professional relationships with planning bodies, as well as top architects, engineers and appraisers.

Renting & Tenants Protection Laws
The firm negotiates and draws up rental and leasing agreements on behalf of landlords and tenants, both individuals and companies.
The firm includes a Properties Management Department and specializes in the management of yielding properties for its clients, many of whom are foreign residents. To some of these properties, the Tenant Protection Law applies, and the firm has acquired experience and expertise in that area as well.

International Real Estate
The firm consults and assists clients in their overseas real estate investments in cooperation with local firms worldwide.

Commercial & Business Law
The firm handles all commercial and business matters for a range of companies and high-net-worth individuals.
The firm has extensive expertise in all areas of negotiation and drawing up contracts, including joint ventures, investment, employment, distribution, agency, franchising, and licensing agreements.

Corporate Law
The firm is very well experienced in establishing companies, both in Israel and abroad, and provides day-to-day legal services to companies, their directors and shareholders.

Wills & Estates
The firm specializes in handling all types of wills and estates, including the most complex inheritance cases involving international aspects and the administration of large scale estates.
Trusts & Foundations
The firm has extensive expertise in establishing trusts and foundations in Israel and abroad, including endowments.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution
The firm provides its clients with the highest quality and most effective litigation services in all the aforementioned areas and its attorneys appear before all courts and tribunals in Israel. The firm’s attorneys also appear before arbitrators and mediators in the most complex of cases, and are also appointed to serve as such.

Liaison Office in Amsterdam

The firm has a cooperation agreement with Doron Shamir & Partners, Attorneys at Law in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Doron Shamir & Partners specializes in the representation of major Israeli real estate companies and investors in their international transactions.

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