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Established: 1972
Line of Business: Law Firm
Address: Tel Aviv, Herzog Tower, 6 Yitzhak Sadeh St.
Haifa, Israel Tower, 7 Pal Yam Blvd.
Tel: 972-3-6925552
Phone: 972-3-6922020
Fax: 972-3-6966464
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://herzoglaw.co.il/en/
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    Abigail Borowitz
    Adam Eytan
    Adam Salkin
    Adar Bengom (Ortal)
    Adi Rozenfeld
    Adi Yehezkiel
    Adina Rabinowicz
    Adina Rabinowicz Ben-Arie
    Adina Shapira
    Alan Sacks
    Alon Abcasis
    Alon Lederman
    Amir Cooper
    Amir Seraya
    Amir Shmueli
    Amit Edelman
    Amos Naim
    Anna Landau
    Anthony Leibler
    Ariel Flavian
    Ariel Yosefi
    Asaf Beker
    Asaf Nahum
    Asher Dovev
    Asher Sacks
    Aviram Granot
    Aviram Hazak
    Aviv Parienty
    Ayelet Regavim-Kahanov
    Baruch Katzman
    Ben Kanter
    Ben Pask
    Benny Winston
    Chagai Vered
    Chen Luzzatto
    Dafna Amster-Kahn
    Dan Madelbaum
    Dan Shalev
    Dan Sharot
    Dana Baranes-Eshed
    Dana Kashi
    Daniel Lipman Lowbeer
    Daniel Reisner
    David Preyl
    David Zailer
    Dudu Hillel
    Eden Lang
    Efrat Kesler Kadmon
    Efrat Tzur
    Efri Barkovich
    Ehab Farah
    Einat Steiner
    Eitan Ella
    Elad Elazar
    Elad Pinchas
    Eldad Chamam
    Elina Shechter
    Eliran Doyev
    Eran Shacham Shavit
    Eran Wagner
    Erez Abu
    Esther Sternbach
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    Eyal Bar-Zvi
    Gabriel Cohen
    Gal Sasson
    Gal Schwartz
    Galia Kleinman
    Gil White
    Gilad Eshed
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    Gilad Yacubovich
    Grigory Danovich
    Guy Katz
    Guy Neeman
    Guy Yekutiel
    Haim Machluf
    Hanan Haviv
    Hanna Bilavsky
    Harriet Finn
    Haya Ehrman
    Hofit Cahana-Ruach
    Idan Yehuda
    Ido Manor
    Inbal Elkayam
    Iris Achmon
    Iris Weinberger
    Irit Roth
    Irma Tschernia
    Israel (Ruly) Ber
    Itai Sarfaty
    Itamar Gur
    Itay Lavi
    Itzhak Shragay
    Janet Levy Pahima
    Joseph Ashkenazi
    Joshua Ravitz
    Karen Elburg
    Karin Fried
    Keren Porter-Geffen
    Lev Zigman
    Liat Maidler
    Liat Shaked-Katz
    Lilach Keynan
    Limor Hodir
    Lior Katz
    Liran Barak
    Lital Wolfovitz
    Livnat Ein-Shay Wilder
    Maayan Hammer-Zeelon
    Maor Roth
    Mark Phillips
    Meir Linzen
    Meytal Katz Rozenberg
    Michael Dorn-Berger
    Michal Caspi
    Michal Haberfeld
    Michal Herzfeld
    Michal Lavi
    Miri Wang
    Mor Limanovich
    Moran Yemini
    Mordechai Fogel
    Moria Tam-Harshoshanim
    Moshe Minster
    Moshe Yaacov
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    Natan Wiesenberg
    Neta Dorfman-Raviv
    Nimrod Kozlovski
    Nir Dash
    Nir Gal
    Nir Miller
    Nir Raber
    Niv Sivan
    Noa Leon
    Nurit Dagan
    Odelia Offer
    Ofer Granot
    Ofir Segev
    Ohad Elkeslassy
    Ohad Graub
    Olga Perry
    Omer Yaniv
    Orit Hipsher
    Orli Gal
    Orly Gerbi
    Orly Katzir
    Orr Diskin
    Ory Nacht
    Pini Duek
    Raanan Sagi
    Racheli Pery-Reichman
    Ran Hai
    Ran Kedem
    Rani Hirsh
    Raz Ofer
    Reut Alcalay
    Revital Katz
    Roi Hayun
    Ron Ben-Menachem
    Ron Gutman
    Ronen Avner
    Roni Libster
    Roy Nachimzon
    Roy Schöndorf
    Ruth Dagan
    Saar Pauker
    Shachar Porat
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    Sharon Petel
    Shira Margalit-Elbaz
    Shiran Nissenboim
    Tal Dror-Schwimmer
    Tal Hamdi
    Talia Blazer
    Talya Solomon
    Tamar Maoz Knaz
    Tamara Tapoohi-Waldman
    Tom Waltner
    Tomer Farkash
    Tslil Bar Bainvol
    Tsouriel Picard
    Tuvia Erlich
    Tzvika Bernstein
    Uriel Mozes
    Uriya Gehasi
    Vladi Borodovsky
    Yaakov Brandt
    Yael (Neeman) Bar-Shai
    Yael Chervinsky
    Yael Zigel
    Yair Geva
    Yaniv Dinovitch
    Yaniv Grossman
    Yehonatan Ohayon
    Yehuda Aharoni
    Ynon Hashmonay
    Yoav Hertman
    Yoni Frider
    Yotam Blaushild
    Yuval Meidar
    Yuval Navot
    Yuval Zilber
    Zara Gold
    Zeev Kallach
    Zohar Yahalom
    Zvika Friedman
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About Herzog Fox & Neeman

Herzog is often the go-to firm for multinationals and start-ups on matters that transform the very core of high-profile businesses, shape entire sectors, contribute to major developments, and push the Israeli economy. Along the years, we have situated ourselves as Israel’s powerhouse law firm by providing the most cutting-edge, commerce-savvy, and innovative legal advice to an unrivalled roster of local and international companies, investors, and entrepreneurs, across all industries. Herzog has become synonymous with the best legal service available in Israel, thanks to our unmatched breadth of experience in cross-border and domestic matters, and our perspicuous understanding of global business.
Widely ranked top tier in many of the most prestigious global platforms, we maintain a reputation of being the foremost premier legal practice in Israel thanks to our integrated legal approach, manifest in roughly 50 specialty departments that collaborate seamlessly to deliver efficient and holistic solutions.

What We Do

“The firm provides high-quality service on every matter that arises.” (Chambers Global) Since its foundation more than 50 years ago, we at Herzog have strived for professional excellence at the forefront of legal practice, which is how we consistently guide our clients to success. In today’s dynamic economic environment, access to agile, sharp, and astute legal advice is more essential than ever. Both international and domestic clients benefit from access to over 450 lawyers, including more than 180 partners, who are committed to offering the kind of timely and dedicated service one would expect of a firm leading the competitive Israeli legal market.We share our clients’ global perspective, ambitions, and dedication to the highest standards, making us trusted advisors on a wide variety of legal issues across all industries and sectors.

Recipient of Tier 1 Rankings and Awards

Our recognition on global rankings platforms is unparalleled in the Israeli legal market, as our domestic and international expertise has won us more major Tier 1 rankings and awards than any other Israeli law firm. The global trade press continues to recognize our striving for excellence with recent outstanding awards that include: ‘Israel Law Firm of the Year’ (IFLR), ‘Israeli Firm of the Year in Tax’ (International Tax Review), ‘Israel’s M&A Legal Adviser of the Year’ (Mergermarket EMEA), and ‘Employment Firm of the Year in Israel’ (Chambers Israel Awards).

Renowned for Shaping and Driving New Sectors

Herzog is ahead of the curve in meeting the challenges posed by technological advances and disruptive emerging industries. We develop and shape specialist practice areas to deliver results in often unchartered territory and were the first firm in Israel to develop departments in novel fields like Cryptocurrency, Crisis Management, Fintech, Urban Renewal, Impact Investment, Insurance-Tech and more. Our clients include a wide array of local and international companies: both private and public, industrial, national, venture and investment funds, hi-tech giants and start-ups, banks and financial institutions, HMOs and hospitals, academic and research organizations, and many more. In addition, our firm specializes in advising large financial institutions located in Israel and abroad on complex and comprehensive deals.
Moreover, in recognition of the booming Israeli technology community in the Bay Area, Herzog is also the first Israeli law firm to establish a Silicon Valley representative office, which provides a direct, real-time line of communication between our Tel Aviv office and the wider Silicon Valley community.

Inbound and Outbound: Renowned for Cross-Border

“Cross-border issues are complex and require a high level of skill and creativity which Herzog never fail to deliver.” (Chambers Global) The firm was originally founded as a boutique operation catering to international clients active in Israel, and is now considered the firm with the most robust international specialty in Israel. Our lawyers are not just the brightest legal minds in the profession, but also possess in-depth understanding of local and global markets rooted in hands-on business experience. Our legal team – the country’s most diverse – includes more than 50 native English speakers who hail from the US, UK, and Australia, hold foreign licenses, and have studied and/or worked abroad.
In keeping with the firm’s global perspective, most of the Herzog’s business is conducted in English, but we are also conversant in German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Portuguese and Arabic. Due to the increased global interest in Israeli companies, we have developed foreign desks for, and financial and professional ties in various geographies, on top of our decades-long representation of clients in Europe, the UK, Australia, and the US. These include China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Singapore, the UAE, and Russia.


The firm was founded in 1972 by three prominent lawyers: the late Chaim Herzog, who later became Israel’s sixth President, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, and Member of Israeli Parliament; the late Michael Fox, known for his corporate work and legal contributions to the development of the infrastructure, energy and natural resource fields in Israel; and the late Dr. Yaakov Neeman, author of numerous books and articles on tax law and respected tax advisor, who served as the former Minister of Finance and Minister of Justice. Their unyielding commitment to professional exceptionalism, customer-service, creativity, innovation, and a broad global perspective are preserved to this day.

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