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Established: 2014
Line of Business: Planning and Construction, Business Licensing
Address: 4 Bar Kochva St., Bnei Brak,
MY TOWER, 9th floor
Phone: 972-3-6544418 Mobile: 972-50-7418886
Fax: 153-3-6544419
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.hpk-law.co.il
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  • Hili Praiss Kaveh, Hili Praiss Kaveh, Law Offices

    Adv. Hili Praiss Kaveh

    Founder and Owner

    Hili Praiss Kaveh, Law Offices

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About Hili Praiss Kaveh, Law Offices

Hili Praiss Kaveh Law Offices is a boutique firm specializing in the field of planning, construction and business licensing, while having special expertise in criminal law. The office, founded in 2014 by Attorney Hili Praiss Kaveh, provides its customers with a personal, available and quality legal service.
Of those in the field of planning and building, the office’s uniqueness and strength are the occupation in criminal law, as the office represents normative companies and private people that construction anomalies were attributed to them and deals intensively in enforcement procedures of the building and construction law, by indictments, administrative fines, termination of use orders and demolition orders.
In addition, the office practices in business licensing, in legal and administrative aspects of obtaining a business license and criminal aspects of not getting it. This unique expertise of the office, combined with its knowledge in field of building and construction, constitutes a combination of fields, yielding an added value for its clients.
The firm represents leading corporations in diverse fields in Israeli economy, construction and entrepreneurial companies and properties owners, landlords of big factories, alongside hundreds of private individuals. The office takes care of all legal issues bound with planning procedures and licensing processes, and among the rest, the office handled the metro project, in which it succeeded in getting a movement and shortage of the metro.
Attorney Praiss Kaveh also deals with conservation, urban renewal, in objections to planning procedures, to licensing procedures, improvement levies, and also handles Kibuttzim, Moshavim and Israeli settlements beyond the green line, where the Jordanian law of planning and construction exists.

Attorney Hili Praiss Kaveh

Attorney Hili Praiss Kaveh has over 20 years of professional experience in the field of planning and construction, business licensing and administrative, civil and criminal litigations in those subjects.
Attorney Praiss was appointed as Chairman of the Tel Aviv District Planning and Construction Committee of the Bar Association (joint) and is a member of Business Licensing Committee of the Bar Association.
Attorney Praiss has a bachelor’s Law degree from Tel-Aviv University (1996), and a master’s degree in Law from Bar-Ilan University (2001). She finished Certificate studies at the Technion Continuing Studies Unit on construction plans (2017), and Mediation studies at the Bar Association (2020).
Attorney Praiss lectures in academic institutions such as Reichman University and Rupin College, and professional forums such as the Bar Association, Israel Construction Center, Kibbutz land management course, Business registration course – Business rights and reducing the regulatory burden, School of Petroleum and Energy Studies and The School of Business Entrepreneurship. Additionally, Attorney Praiss served as a teaching assistant in the Department of Business Administration at Ono Academic College (2010-2012).
Attorney Praiss published many articles in the prestigious magazine “Real Estate”, among them, Bicycle and scooter paths - legal analysis, The battle for parking - The planning and construction regulations (installation of parking spaces), The consequences of the amendment from 2016 on the quality of our lives, The long way is the short way - property must be pre-licensed, and the bill of amendment 116 to the Planning and Construction Law regarding the severity of the punishment.

Areas of Expertise

Local and Detailed Plans

The office represents entrepreneurs, contractors and private individuals in projects initiations, planning procedures, objections to urban building schemes, licensing procedures, objections to issuing permits, construction matters and in infrastructure transfer matters, before planning institutions, appeal committees and courts.
Among others, Attorney Praiss served two different oppositions on behalf of two different clients in the matter of national infrastructure plan 101/a – Metro line M1S – A Detailed plan for national infrastructure, North South Metro line, connecting Herzliya and Rehovot through Tel-Aviv, accepted by the Committee for National Infrastructures, and brought a change of plan – in harmony with clients’ needs.
Another project represented by the firm is national infrastructure plan 102 – M2 Metro line - A Detailed plan for national infrastructure, East South Metro line, connecting North Holon and Petah-Tikva through Tel-Aviv, Ramat-Gan and Giv’atayim.

Representation in Indictments and Administrative Procedures – Planning and Construction

The office represents defendants in criminal procedures originating from planning and construction laws, hearing and investigation procedures before filing an indictment, administrative procedures like demolition orders, termination of use orders etc., and procedures of cancellation of administrative fines. In addition, Attorney Praiss represented a cellular company in dozens of legal procedures.

Representation in Indictments and Administrative Procedures – Business Registration

The firm represents defendants in criminal procedures originating from business licensing laws, hearing and investigation procedures before filing an indictment, administrative procedures including petitions against cancellation of a business license etc.

General Litigation Concerning Planning and Licensing Procedures

Attorney Praiss represents in front of various courts in commercial and civil disputes originating from planning and licensing procedures such as disputes between properties owners and purchasers and renters, disputes among neighbors concerning building rights, etc., and in negligence claim against a local committee and a surveyor for not marking an expropriation strip.

Improvement Levy and Claims for Diminution in Value

The office represents landowners in all matters regarding to the requirement to pay improvement levy and claims for diminution in value (article 197 to the planning and construction law), including the demand of Tel-Aviv municipality for improvement levy by virtue of quarter 3 and quarter 4 plans.

TAMA 38 (NOP 38)

The office has handled and is dealing with projects in Ramat-Gan and Tel-Aviv.

Accompanying Legislative Procedures

The firm accompanies legislative procedures, including representation in front of Knesset committees, drafting reservations and comments for proposals and memorandums of law.

Accompanying National Infrastructures Planning Procedures

Prior to establishing office, Attorney Praiss has taken part in representing in legal procedures in matter of the water and electricity infrastructures (a power plant fired with natural gas) and in matter of South Menachem Begin Road, in Jerusalem.

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