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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Litigation
Address: Amot Investments Tower, 2 Weitzman St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6932090
Fax: 972-3-6932091
Email: [email protected]
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About Ilan Bombach & Co. Law Firm

Ilan Bombach & Co. Law Firm excels in litigation, cementing its reputation as one of Israel’s elite legal establishments. For consecutive decades, it has held a prominent position on D&B’s Law Firms by Area of Practice list. The firm offers expertise in a diverse range of legal areas including civil disputes, administrative law, libel law, white-collar crimes, tender law, planning and construction, labor law, family and inheritance law, and more. Additionally, the firm is adept at providing timely legal services during crises, such as filing urgent petitions, seeking restraining orders, and managing potentially damaging media publicity under libel law.

Adv. Ilan Bombach, the firm’s principal, boasts 30 years of litigation and commercial law experience. He personally oversees the professional team for every case, ensuring each client receives the best representation. Renowned as one of Israel’s premier lawyers, Adv. Bombach has represented clients before the Supreme Court on hundreds of occasions, playing a pivotal role in establishing numerous legal precedents across various fields. He is the only lawyer in Israel that represented the Government of Israel in a landmark case defining the powers of the High Court regarding the basic legislation of the Knesset, appearing before a full panel of 15 Judges of the Supreme Court. His commitment to the client’s interest is uncompromising, providing both legal and personal care. He offers innovative legal solutions, thinking beyond conventional methods.

The firm’s clientele is diverse and prestigious, comprising Prime Ministers, ministers, mayors, political parties, local authorities, commercial and urban corporations, contractors, senior public figures, international business professionals, public companies, non-profit organizations, workers’ committees, and leading commercial enterprises. Furthermore, Adv. Bombach represents numerous international clients regarding their business ventures in Israel.

The firm represents the prime minister and the government in the biggest case in the history of The Supreme Court, the grounds of reasonableness, in a total composition of 15 judges.

Practice Areas

Administrative and Constitutional Law
The firm stands as a leading authority in administrative law and Constitutional law consistently recognized by various rankings. Ilan Bombach & Co. Law Firm has a notable track record of setting legal precedents and representing clients at the Supreme Court, administrative courts, appeal committees, and other judiciary tribunals for intricate matters. Adv. Bombach’s specialized expertise lies in representing physicians and paramedical professionals during licensing procedures and professional appeal committees. He has set numerous precedents, ensuring many of his clients achieve their licenses.

Criminal Law (White Collar Offenses)
The firm brings comprehensive experience to the table in representing suspects and defendants, including public figures, company shareholders, board members, and senior business executives, in white-collar cases. The firm’s involvement spans from the early investigation stages, through hearing proceedings, to the conclusion of the criminal procedure. The firm has managed numerous high-profile public cases, resulting in multiple acquittals and other remarkable achievements.

Civil and Commercial Litigation
The firm is a frontrunner in litigation, with a particular focus on commercial litigation. The firm possesses specialized expertise in intricate business disputes. Adv. Bombach, an arbitrator for large-scale complex arbitrations, leverages his broad experience in contract law, family and inheritance law, banking, and dissolution and bankruptcy to craft holistic solutions that maximize clients’ rights.

The firm ranked amongst the top libel law firms, while it holds the all-time record for awarding compensation for defamation claims in Israel. Besides that, the firm represents a range of public figures from ministers to businessmen. The firm has achieved numerous precedents, including significant rulings from nine-judge panels at the Supreme Court. The firm excels in preventing or moderating publications, securing optimal results for clients without resorting to court action. Nevertheless, Adv. Bombach has secured many libel law victories across different courts.

Tender Law
Adv. Bombach boasts extensive experience in representing large-scale composite tenders, having successfully advocated for clients in many administrative appeals related to tender law.

Planning and Construction
The firm addresses diverse aspects of planning and construction law, encompassing judicial and administrative orders. Adv. Bombach consistently represents clients in local and appeal committees and various courts. The firm specializes in construction exceptions, objections, requests to approve construction plans, and defending clients against criminal planning offenses.

Local Authorities
Under Adv. Bombach’s guidance, the firm has established a unique expertise in this domain, setting many legal precedents. The firm is well-versed in negotiation management with authorities and court representation, encompassing courts, administrative law courts, planning institutes, local authorities, and various government ministries.

Family Law
The firm provides expert support in inheritance proceedings, divorce, adoption, and family capital management. Over the years, the firm has represented numerous complex, long-standing, and high-profile cases. Recently, Adv. Bombach secured a landmark family lawsuit victory, pivotal in interpreting the term “remarriage.”

Labor Law
Adv. Bombach’s proficiency in labor law shines, especially in representing high-profile cases. Over the years, the firm has amassed extensive experience, achieving many precedents in traditional labor law facets.

Adv. Ilan Bombach

Adv. Bombach holds several esteemed positions within the Israeli legal community. He is a member of the National Council and presides as the Head of the Courts Forum for the Israeli Bar. His past roles include serving as the Chairman of the Israel Association of Medicine and Law, leading the Toll Highways Law Appeals Committee, and holding both deputy chairman and chairman positions at the National Authority for Road Safety. Additionally, he has chaired the Tel Aviv and Central District Committee of the Israel Bar, led the Ethics Committee of the Tel Aviv District for the Israel Bar, and directed the Netanya appeal committee in line with Property Tax law and the Compensation Fund. He also contributed as a member of the advisory committee responsible for appointing judges in the Tel Aviv district for the Israeli Bar. In the realm of academia, Adv. Bombach has shared his expertise as a lecturer at Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, the College of Management, Ono Academic College, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the Israeli Bar, the Institute for Lawyers’ Continuing Education, and in disciplinary courts.

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