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Established: 1995
Line of Business: Litigation
Address: Amot Investments Tower, 2 Weitzman St., Tel Aviv
Phone: 972-3-6932090
Fax: 972-3-6932091
Email: [email protected]
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    Ilan Bombach
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About Ilan Bombach & Co. Law Firm

Ilan Bombach & Co. Law Firm specializes in the litigation field and is amongst the most esteemed law firms in Israel. The firm is ranked as one of the leading law firms for 2020 in D&B’s ranking of Law Firms by Area of Practice.

The firm’s various fields of expertise include civil disputes, administrative law, libel law, white collar, tender law, planning and constructions and more. In addition, the firm specializes in rendering legal service in times of crisis, which requires urgent efficient work, such as urgent petitions, submitting requests for restraining orders and preventing hurtful publicity in the media, as libel law.

The head of the firm, Adv. Ilan Bombach maintains 28 years of experience in litigation and commercial law and personally leads the professional team in each and every case.

Adv. Bombach, one of Israel’s leading lawyers appeared before the Supreme Court hundreds of times while representing his clients. Adv. Bombach played a role in creating many legal precedents in various legal fields.

Adv. Bombach believes in unrelenting commitment to the client’s interest while rendering personal legal services. Adv. Bombach emphasizes professional excellence and provides his clients with creative legal solutions while thinking outside the box. The firm’s clients include ministers, mayors, political parties, local authorities, commercial corporations, urban corporations, contractors, senior public figures, international businessmen, public companies, voluntary associations, workers’ committees, leading commercial companies and more. Adv. Bombach also represents many clients overseas, vis-à-vis their business in Israel.

Practice Areas

The Administrative Field
For years, the firm has been renowned as one of the leading firms in the administrative field by various rankings, and has been boasting an exceptional reputation for creating many precedents and representation in various instances (at the Supreme Court and in various courts, including administrative courts, appeal committees and other judiciary tribunals, pertaining the most complex delicate matters). Adv. Bombach has unique expertise in the representation of physicians and paramedical professionals in licensing procedures and professional supreme appeal committees and has rendered many precedents and granted his clients many licenses.

Criminal Law (White Collar offenses)
Our firm has extensive experience in the representation of suspects and defendants (such as public figures, shareholders in companies and corporations, board members, and senior executives in the business community) in white-collar cases. The representation and support are provided from early stages of the investigation, through the hearing proceedings, and to the conclusion of the criminal procedure. The firm handles complex, high-profile public procedures and is responsible for many acquittals as well as other significant achievements in this field.

Commercial Litigation
The firm is one of the leading firms in the litigation field in general, and specifically regarding commercial litigation, and maintains distinct expertise pertaining to complex business disputes. Adv. Bombach is an arbitrator in large-scale intricate arbitrations. His vast experience regarding contract law, family and inheritance law, banking and dissolutions and bankruptcy brings forth integrative solutions for his clients, while optimally exhausting their rights.

Libel law
The firm is one of the leading libel law firms, representing public figures, including ministers, mayors, and businessmen, and has won many precedents in this field, including at the Supreme Court in extended nine judges’ procedures. The firm is uniquely proficient in preventing or moderating publications, thereby attaining an effective achievement for the client without approaching the court. Nevertheless, Adv. Bombach won many libel law cases in various courts.

Tender Law
Adv. Bombach has profound experience in large-scale composite tender representation. Adv. Bombach successfully represented his clients in many administrative appeals pertaining to tender law.

Planning and Construction
The firm handles various matters in regard to planning and construction law, including judicial and administrative orders of the planning and construction law. Adv. Bombach frequently represents his clients in local committees, in appeal committees and in the various courts. The firm maintains a special expertise regarding construction exceptions, objections, and requests to approve construction plans in licensing and planning committees and protecting clients who are charged with criminal planning offenses.

Local Authorities
Adv. Bombach has accumulated unique expertise and has won many legal precedents in this field. The firm has vast experience pertaining to negotiation management with the authorities and to representation in court in various instances, including courts, administrative law court, planning institutes, local authorities and various government ministries.

The firm specializes in supporting inheritance proceedings, divorce cases, adoption cases and managing family capital. Over the years, the firm and its director have represented a wide range of complex, long-standing and well-known cases. In recent years, Mr. Bombach has won numerous family lawsuits, including an important precedent in interpreting the term “remarriage.”

Labor Law
Adv. Bombach is experienced in labor law and represents clients and matters that are often in the public eye. Over the years, the firm has accumulated abundant experience and won many precedents regarding traditional aspects of labor law.

Adv. Ilan Bombach

Adv. Bombach serves as a member of the National Council and as the Head of the Courts Forum of the Israeli Bar. He also served as the Chairman of the Israel Association of Medicine and Law, Chairman of the Toll Highways Law Appeals Committee and as deputy chairman and chairman of the National Authority for Road Safety. In addition, he served as chairman of the Tel Aviv and Central District Committee of the Israel Bar, chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Tel Aviv District of the Israel Bar, chairman of the Netanya appeal committee according to Property Tax law and Compensation Fund, and was a member of the advisory committee for appointing judges at the Tel Aviv district of the Israeli Bar. Adv. Bombach lectured at Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, the College of Management, Ono Academic College, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, the Israeli Bar, the Institute for lawyers continuing education and in disciplinary courts.


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